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Topic Suggestions: When you create a new topic, use the action you want, followed by the most prominent symbol or theme of your request, like the following examples:

For the meanings of symbols – “Meaning of”, and then the symbol. (Ex: Meaning of elephant)

For a general question about dreams – “Question”, and then followed by a symbol or the theme of the thing you want answers of. (Ex: Question about restoration dreams, or Question where dream dictionary)

For a dream interpretation request – “Interpretation”, followed by a symbol or theme of the dream or vision you need to be interpreted. (Ex: Interpretation  dream about snow, or, Interpretation vision about horse on hill)

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    • Hi Kathy
      Yes, you can. I will unlock the feature where you can edit and update your profile. In the right sidebar of Forum pages (or at the top of all pages), click on “Profile” and then click on edit, change your name and save your changes. It is only a limited feature but Participants can change their “display” name and they can change their passwords if they want to. Do not use the Gravatar Profile photo feature. We want Participants to stay anonymous.

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