Paid Dream Interpretations

ASR Martins paid dream interpretations
Paid Dream Interpretations

Paid Dream Interpretations

2 x dreams or visions interpretations through emails: Send your dreams and visions to ASR Martins for interpretation.

Although we prefer to interpret dreams and visions free of charge, we do prefer to do it on the Dream Interpretation Community Forum.

Dream interpretations on the Community Forum benefit our Dream Interpretation Course students who develop and evaluate their own interpretation skills (by interpreting dreams and visions themselves before they check the official interpretations).

Dream interpretation “in private” (through emails) has no benefits for anyone except the person the dream is interpreted for. However, there seems to be a need for this. Many people have requested the implementation of a paid (private) dream interpretation service through emails. We have decided to grant them their request and as a result, this service is now available.

Peace of mind agreement!

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