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(This week I am including two dreams by the same person at different times in her life. I did this because both dreams were very interesting)

This week’s PRACTICAL DREAM ANALYSIS report is about a lady who received a serious warning and then a wonderful gift of authority and power.

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Remember the analysis reports are part of our “Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course” program. These reports will be of tremendous value as it will slowly but surely train you and prepare you to master the gift of the “interpretation of dreams and visions”. You will eventually interpret dreams and visions correctly and according to Biblical principles. Of course it will get easier and quicker as you get more familiar with the different principles that govern dream and vision interpretation.

Although it is a gift, it is a gift that God gave all his children.

Although it is a gift, it does take time and practice. Apart from getting more and more familiar with all the different symbols, the principles and the different fundamental principles that govern dream analysis, it also cultivates a closer and more intimate relationship with Christ our Lord.

So, read all the reports as faithful as you can and stand up and be counted!

Dream 1:

I saw God sitting on a great and beautiful throne and Jesus stood to the right of him and there was a huge angel standing off to the left of God and a massive opening in the ground. All I could see was black billowing smoke and  red glow coming from below.

There was people of every color and tongue as far as the eye could see north, south, west and east. They were all walking toward the throne and you could see a conversation going on but I could not hear what was being said. Then you would see the huge angel casting people into this opening in the ground were there was smoke billowing out and a red glow. People were walking toward the throne but I was moving away from it…I was moving backward while everyone else was moving forward.

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I did not sleep for two days after this dream. Would you be able to interpret this one?

Dream 2:

My dream started with me seeing the body of Christ all fellowshipping together. We were in a place that had no beginning or end. There was one door in and out.

In dwelling in this place I saw myself and two other women standing together, at this point God wanted us to do something but it was not disclosed in the dream what it was. The other two women did not want to do what was being asked. One of them was carried out on a stretcher and the other in a wheelchair to a room that was off to the left of me. 

In the dream I did not know what was being asked of me, but I knew in my spirit that I did not know how to do what was being asked of me but I was willing to do it.

When I turned to proceed to go back to fellowshipping I saw satan raising his head from a ladder position to look upon us. He had a pale complexion and black eyes. At this juncture I heard a voice say to me here comes Jesus. Jesus was coming through the door on my right and he was dressed in a beautiful white robe…it was like nothing I had ever seen in my life. He proceeded over to me…but he was not flesh he was spirit. I reached out to hug him…but he stopped me and explained that I could not handle him this way. 

At this point Jesus turned into a beautiful rod of iron. This iron rod did not look like iron you see everyday…it did not have a bland pewter color but glowed with radiance. In the middle of the rod it was the color white from top to bottom but it had a language inscription upon it. I could not make out the symbols written thereon. At this point I was holding on to the rod tightly in my hand. I felt such a comforting feeling holding onto the rod.

When I looked for Jesus he was entering into the room where the other two women were taken and I awoke from my dream.

Dream Analysis:

I am briefly referring to different symbols in this analysis. It is important for you to check them out in the Dreams Dictionary as well so that you have a better understanding of these symbols. It is also important to remember that certain circumstances leading up to a dream or certain questions asked before a dream or a person pondering on something specific before a dream really helps a lot in terms of interpreting the dream. In most cases such information ensures that the interpretation is totally accurate.

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Dream 1:

This dream is self-explanatory. It is about the plan and purpose of God, salvation and eternity (heaven and hell). This dream is about the church of Christ and does not include unsaved people. There is the suggestion that not everybody who claims to be saved are in fact saved. This is symbolized by people walking to the throne like the others but who are cast in hell although they are moving towards the throne. This symbolizes people serving God on their own terms and their own way. They will be saying, “Did I not cast out demons in your Name?”

You are walking backwards in this dream. Walking backwards in dreams and visions speaks of spiritual deterioration. It was probably a warning from God that at the time you had this dream, or soon thereafter, you, in a general sense or regarding a specific aspect, did not make spiritual progress. In fact, in stead of developing spiritually you were actually going backwards. Something caused you to loose spiritual ground in terms of your spiritual growth and development. If you had the dream recently you should regard this warning a serious matter because the other symbols in this dream indicate that you can loose your salvation because of it. That does not happen easily but there is always a danger when it comes to this. Remember God loves you very much and He does not want you to suffer. Talk to him and find out what this is all about. Those in the church who were thrown in the pit by the angels was included in this dream so you can understand what happens. It appears all OK and these people appear to be moving forward to the throne but in reality they were facing serious consequences because of their attitudes toward God and his will. This is another dimension speaking of the same thing.

Dream 2:

This place with one door and no beginning or end speaks of the kingdom of God. The people fellowshipping in this place is the church (body of Christ fellowshipping with each other and with Christ). The one door is Christ. There is no other way into the kingdom of God but through Christ.

The two women probably symbolize different denominations or congregations. The whole church knows that there is a work to do but it does not always know what exactly. It got complicated when Constantine made the body of Christ an institution. The institutional church since then embarked on it’s own mission which is not what Christ wanted for the church. This caused the church to be in the dark pertaining to what it’s purpose really is. Take note that this is not only applicable to those in the institutional church. There are people outside the institutional church who have the same problem.

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The reason why the church does not know what to do is the fact that this work (purpose) for each and every person and congregation is in the heart of God and not revealed automatically. It is only revealed to those who want to know what is in his heart. It is only revealed to those who seeks his face.

The two women did not want to do it without even knowing what the work was. This exposes the attitude in their hearts concerning the plans and the will of God and the purpose they were called to pursue. Because of this attitude the church is hurting itself and slowly dying (stretcher) and slowly becoming ineffective (wheelchair). Hurting or injuries in dreams speaks of spiritual deterioration until death sets in (spiritually dead although still in the church like the pharisees). A wheelchair speaks of people who are not active (not on their feet).

See the meaning of “Legs” which speaks of spiritual power and authority (Also see “Wheelchair”). When we dream of a person in a wheelchair it speaks of that person being spiritually inactive because of a lack of power and authority. The message to such a person is “Stand up and be counted”.

The women taken out to a room left of you speaks of negative consequences because of their bad attitude (See “Left”). They were removed from the big room (kingdom of God) but are yet still there. They are not outside but they cannot partake in what God planned for the church. In the dream they are not outside the building because they are still children of the most high God. They are just at another spiritual place. In this dream the big room represents the place where the victorious church is busy pursuing it’s purpose. In this room there is no place for those who do not take up their position of authority in Christ.

You however revealed the attitude God wants in his followers. You did not know what, you did not know how, but yet you are willing and you reported for duty. This qualified you as an instrument in God’s hands which He can use to his glory.

Satan raising himself up (raising head and ladder position). This part speaks of him working himself up to address this threat (making progress through a great effort as symbolized by the ladder. See “Ladder”). His face is pale speaks of his personality (plans and mission to kill became so part of him that it became his personality. See “Face” See “Pale”. He is so driven by hate and so motivated to kill everyone who is involved in this movement of God that it started to show permanently on his face.) The reality is however that he is so helpless and he can do so little. He can only gain ground in the lives of people who listen to his lies. So pertaining to what this dream is all about, Satan wants to stop it. The black eyes speaks of what is in his heart regarding this aspect. See “Black” and see “Eyes”. The eyes are the windows of the soul (See “Heart”). In dreams the “heart” speaks of the soul. The “stomach’ speaks of the spirit.

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Just at this moment, when the devil wants to destroy, Jesus came in at your right side which speaks of a positive move (See “Right”). He came in as a (S)spirit in all his splendor and glory. In this dream and pertaining to this aspect, Jesus revealed himself to you as the powerful risen King, the God of authority and power. That is why He did not want you to hug him (Jesus actually likes to hug and to be hugged but then as the God of compassion and humility). He wants the true church in the kingdom of God to know him as the ruling King of authority and power and might.

That is why He turned into a rod of iron. (“He shall rule the nations with a rod of iron!” (Rev.19:15) God is Love, and today He’s showing His Love to the World – His patience, His mercy, His longsuffering, His forgiveness! He’s showing Love to the World to try to get them to Love Him! But the day is coming when, if all else fails and they reject His Love, He will rule them with a rod of iron and of force! – Not because His Love failed, but because the wicked of this World failed to receive His Love. It is they who cause the failure, their own failure! This time is now. He wants the church to rule in the earth right now, in this dispensation!)

The rod glowed with radiance speaks of this rod being glorious in our hands. This rod in our hands brings glory into the kingdom of God. The white line from top to bottom in the center of the rod speaks of righteousness, purity, victory and holiness. It is the core or the foundation of salvation but also the core and foundation of authority. This is what this rod achieves when it is in our hands. The symbolic inscriptions on the rod (white in middle of rod) can only be comprehended by those seeking his heart. It is not automatic. You did not make out these symbols because it takes effort, relationship and fellowship with Jesus to do that. It is the secrets of God which He only reveals to those who diligently seek him. In this case (this dream) secrets about authority and power and his will concerning it. That is the only way to know what you must do and how to do it. It is also the only way to know this rod inside out.

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The rod, once in your hand made you feel comfortable. This speaks of you fulfilling the purpose you were called for. You moved right into your place of destiny the moment you put your hands on that rod. This is what happens to any one and everyone who take up their position of authority in the kingdom of God.

I previously mention something about the wrong path that the institutional church embarked on but, make no mistake, there are many people in the institutional church who are kings in the kingdom of God. They are faithful and willing and they are wonderful instruments in the hands of God. They reign as kings with the authority of Christ. They do have the iron rod in their hands.

Jesus entering the room where the women were kept speaks of him not giving up on them. He went to them to speak to them and to motivate them and to help them to pursue their real purpose as children of God.

In a more personal sense God showed you in this dream what He called you to do. You are part of this group who will reign in victory with him. He probably wants you to promote and to build this plan that He has for the church. God is moving into a position where the church will start to take over and to rule. Read my book “Understanding the Prophetic Times We Live In”. This book will show you how God and the church will take over the world. This dream is a confirmation that God is on the move. He is carrying out his plans and He wants you to play an important part in it.


It is so easy to make a mistake when we interpret dreams. We need to connect our dreams and visions to the incident that triggered it in the first place. This will ensure a correct interpretation. However, do not forget that there are times when God speaks to us directly without us asking questions or pondering on matters that is bothering us or important to us. These dreams are not connected to an incident and are almost always spiritual and actually a lot easier to interpret.

I need to make it clear that all we can do is helping people understanding their dreams and visions. We can help them with the basics. We help them with most of the interpretation but even after we have done that they still need to seek God’s face about the dream or the vision. They still need to deal with issues and they need to sort out their responsibilities, actions and reactions in terms of the relevant dream or vision.

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