Struggling with legalism and guilt

This Is Toxic To Christians

If you’ve spent any time in evangelical Christianity, you’ve been exposed to legalism in one form or another. And as a result, you struggle with guilt. The irony here is Jesus Christ destroyed guilt by His death, so no Christian should ever have to live with it.

Psychologists rightly tell us that guilt is the most powerful motivator in the universe. Even greater than sex, money, and power. That’s why it’s a favorite tool of preachers. In fact, most of the pastors I’ve talked with have admitted their own constant struggle with guilt.

This is one of the reasons why so many of them lay guilt trips on God’s people. It’s because they themselves are living under a pile of guilt. But thank God, there is freedom. Freedom from guilt is one of the first steps to increasing your love for the Lord.

Last year I spoke in a conference called SPIRITUAL GRAFFITI: Galatians in 3D. Throughout the conference I declared war on legalism (in all of its forms, shades, and degrees). The Lord met us and many were set free from guilt. I’ve included the first two sessions for you to listen to along with another message from my EXQUISITE PASSION Master Class.

– Frank Viola

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