Six testimonies of six people who joined the insurgence and who planted six different Kingdom Cells: "Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel Of the Kingdom"

Want To Join the Insurgence?

It really appears that Frank Viola is enjoying great success with his new book, “Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel Of the Kingdom“. Below is an excerpt of six testimonies of six people who did join the insurgence and who planted six different Kingdom Cells. It is really worth looking at these testimonies:

As a result of the new book, INSURGENCE: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom, kingdom outposts are being formed all over the world. The end of the book discusses this concept and gives some suggestions of what do to in your kingdom cell. (Again, these are NOT cell churches. Neither are they “house churches” or Bible studies.)

I explain what a kingdom cell is on pages 329-331 & 432, including a plan on what to do in your cell meetings. I also discuss it in How to Form a Kingdom Cell (Outpost) Where You Live.

Recently, I caught up with six people who have formed kingdom cells (outposts). I trust their testimonials encourage and motivate.

Testimonial from Paul

About 6 weeks ago we began meeting as a kingdom cell. The way ours started: A few months ago, I heard that two friends were meeting together once a week before work to discuss what God was doing in their lives. I asked if I could join them. I was reading Insurgence at the time. God was working in my own heart and life through that book, and so I found myself mentioning kingdom-related things most weeks. One of the other men got the book, started reading it, and he too began bringing up kingdom themes in our conversations. Since we were all interested in the kingdom of God, we decided to make reading and discussing the book a part of our time together each week. There are currently four of us and we meet at a nearby Panera every Friday morning. We’re all fired up about the kingdom of God, and asking God for direction on how to better disentangle ourselves from the world system. One of the men in our kingdom cell is the pastor of the church I’m a part of, and we have started a sermon series on the kingdom of God.

Testimonial from Jason

Insurgence changed my life, so I bought a bunch of copies for my friends using the bulk discount. Some of my friends got fired up by the book, so I invited them to my house on Monday nights for a kingdom cell gathering. We’re doing what you outlined at the end of the book, sharing our stories, spending time in the Lord’s presence, discussing ways to care for each other, and plotting good in our city. It’s been amazing. There are six of us currently.

Testimonial from Justin

Please click on this link to read the rest of the testimonies: Kingdom Cells Testimonies

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