We Need a Parent Compass!

Parent Compass television launched an online web series about Christian parents who will share the struggles and joys of raising godly children in a changing culture.

The twelve part series began on May 20, 2016. Families will open up their hearts and homes to talk about marriage, child-rearing, and faith. This is an online web series and therefore you can watch all episodes at your own time and convenience.

All the families differ in race and economic status but one thing they have in common is their faith in God.

Parent Compass Founder and President Natalie Jones believes this one-of-a-kind series will offer hope to moms and dads who need encouragement.

“Parents feeling overwhelmed and isolated now have true stories of God’s peace amidst endless difficulties,” said the mother of five.

The Pitts are one family featured on the new series. They’re raising four daughters, including Alena, the jump-roping child star of the box office smash War Room.

Mark and Shanell Rusk are also on the show. They’re raising a blended family of 11 in a Habitat Humanity home they helped build.

The show will cover issues like raising girls, teen arguments, dealing with job loss, and finding forgiveness.

“Parent Compass parents open their homes and families to let their lives encourage, inspire and empower,” said Jones on the show’s website. 

On the Parent Compass website, meanwhile, parents may request prayer and, with each episode, go deeper with more information. 

“No one has to parent alone,” Jones added. “God, Christ and the Holy Spirit are waiting for us to ask for help.”

Please take note that this is an online web series. You need to subscribe in order to receive an email notification when each episode is released. Click on the link below to watch the first episode which was released on 20 May 2016:

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