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Why/How To Use “My Account”

Hi there,

Please take note that the “Accounts” facility is currently on pause due to technical difficulties with the WooCommerce Software. If you want to download one of your books, please request for a download link through the official “Contact Form” on the More Info page.

We have two options available for you in terms of buying and managing your books and website services on our website: You may create an account if it was not automatically created when you purchased your first book or you may make use of our services and even buy books without registering an account.

Account (Full control)

  1. If you have an account you need to sign into your account every time you buy a new book.
  2. You do not have to save your download links because you have access to your download links inside your Account Dashboard.
  3. You will be able to manage your Account details, Orders and Downloads.

(Please check out how to open and account and your Dashboard functions below)

No Account (Limited control)

  1. If you haven’t got an account you do not have to sign in to buy books.
  2. The books you bought will always be available to you to download as long as you save your original download links. You will need these links especially with the “Dreams Symbols Dictionary” which is updated regularly (more symbols). In fact, all our books are updated from time to time (additional Chapters are added and/or books are updated).
  3. If you have lost your download links we will regenerate those links for you when you request for it by email.
  4. You will not be able to manage your Account details, Orders and Downloads.

How To Open An Account?

If you do not have an account yet, register a new account on this page: My Account

Take note that your login details need to be kept at a safe place.

We also have an option on the “Checkout” page where you can tick a box with the option to buy a book and register an account at the same time.

Do not forget to log into your account on the “Checkout” page every time you buy a new book. When you are logged in your book will be registered in your account. If you buy books without logging in those books will not be registered in your account.

Dashboard Functions

The “ASR Martins Publishing” Book Store is always available and updated to ensure that you have a pleasant experience buying books and managing your downloads, orders and account details.

Login page

Please take note that when you register a new account your email address will be your user name. A password will automatically be generated for you and it will be emailed to you. You can change this password if you want to.

Account Dashboard page

Your Account Dashboard is easy to use and self explanatory.

Orders page

Please take note that you need to sign into your account when you buy books in order for these books to be registered in your account. You can view your orders to check all the relevant detail of a specific order.

Downloads page

All the books that you purchased will always be displayed on this page with the relevant download links. You may download books as many times as you want.

Addresses page

On this page you can keep all your addresses up to date.

Account Details page

On this page you will be able to edit and update your Account details.

Thank you for buying my books and making use of the services on this website.

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