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I have great news for all our Members:

We have joined forces with Strategic Missions and Avishua Ministries and part of this move are us now being able to host an online course that is internationally accredited.

Yes, you have heard correctly. You can now be issued with an internationally accredited Dream and Vision Interpreter Certificate!

The paid version of the Christian Dreams Symbols Dictionary and the Dream Interpretation Course Manual are essential tools for the Dream Interpretation Course and the subcourses. Make sure you get it before the courses start.


Revealed word Bible College

Certificate of Biblical Studies: Dream Interpretation Course

Dream Interpretation Course

DIC – 1: Introduction To Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation Courses

DIC – 2: Principles Governing the Language of Symbols

Dream Interpretation Courses

DIC – 3: Symbolism: Introduction To Practical Application

Dream Interpretation Courses

DIC – 4: Symbolism: Practical Application in Context

Dream Interpretation Courses

By the way, the Dream Interpretation Course is an essential resource for people who are functioning in a professional capacity as Counselors. The materials are adapted to assist and develop professional counselors, both Christain Counselors in the church and in the corporate world, to use and apply this element during their counseling sessions.

What’s great about the Dream Interpretation Course, is that you can complete the whole course in a matter of months without breaking a sweat, as long as you stay active on the Dream Interpretation Community Forum after that, where you will pick up a lot of experience in a practical way, which will ensure that you complete the Dream Interpretation Development Members Program successfully. The real development happens on the Forum, but it cannot happen if you are not equipped yet. The Forum is FREE to use as long as you want, and you should, if you want to make sure you are thoroughly equipped. The Course equips and empowers you whilst the Dream Interpretation Community Forum develops you.

Did the Biblical Daniel Analyze Dream Symbols?

Coming on 1 Sept 2021!

Bachelor’s degree of Biblical Studies:  – Dream Interpretation Course

The professional counselor will benefit a lot more from the Bachelor’s Degree. Both the counseling process in general, and the correct and professional way of incorporating dreams and visions are both covered extensively with the Bachelor’s Degree. So not only the incorporation of dream interpretation is covered, it is an extensive counseling course in itself.

The prophet will benefit a lot with the Bachelor’s Degree. Both the ministry of the prophet and the principles that govern the office of the Prophet are covered extensively. Of course, the incorporation of dreams and visions is covered extensively to ensure that you as a prophet are equipped to function in your ministry properly as God intended. So not only the incorporation of dream and vision interpretation is covered, it is an extensive prophetic course in itself. The ministry of the prophet is hindered or limited in the church today because most modern-day prophets do not understand the language of symbols. The Bachelor’s Degree will address this shortcoming in the church.

Biblical Counselling and Prophetic Insight

Both the Counseling Course and the Prophetic Course are probably the most authentic (Biblical) courses about these subjects that you can find. The church has failed on both Biblical counseling and the prophetic by providing courses and teachings to the body of Christ that are not truly conforming to the word of God or His will. The Dreams Interpretation Course (Bachelor’s Degree – BA Session 1: Counseling Through Dreams Interpretation and BA Session 2: Dreams and Visions Interpretation and the Prophet) addresses these shortcomings very effectively.

Bachelor's Degree Courses Dream Interpretation

(BA Session 1: Counseling Through Dreams Interpretation)

Dream Interpretation Counseling Course

(BA Session 2: Dreams and Visions Interpretation and the Prophet)

Dream Interpretation and the Prophet

Just a little patience, please…

The BA Degree course material is being finalized at this moment and will be available on 1 September 2021. All our subscribers will be notified as soon as it is ready and available. All the necessary information about this course will be announced.

The Dreams Interpretation Course Manual

Students who successfully complete the courses will be issued with an internationally accredited Completion Certificate for each subcourse and when all four subcourses have been completed successfully, with a “Dream and Visions Interpretation” certificate.

Revealed Word Bible College South Africa

RWBC South Africa is managed by Strategic Missions under license to Revealed Word Bible Institute, which is a division of International Missions, Sheridan, Wyoming. We provide training via correspondence and partnerships with campuses in Southern African countries.

RWBC is a great place to study, whether you want to go into full-time ministry or if you only want to improve your knowledge and understanding of the bible. We are passionate about training the Church so that as part of the body of Christ you will reach your full potential in Christ and be obedient to His command in Matthew 28 to go and make disciples of all nations.

We endeavor to bring you Bible training of the highest standard in the most convenient way, as we present our courses in an informative way that is free of Theological jargon, interesting, and easy to understand, yet is still the meat of the Word. All the study material is designed to train students in Practical Ministry. It is not just about knowing the Word; it is also about understanding it and living it. Our students grow in character and in faith. Our training is about studying and understanding the bible. This opens the way for future ministry positions.

Monthly Subscriptions: Dream Interpretation Courses and selected Resource materials

Students have requested the ability to pay for the Courses and selected resource materials available on the ASR Martins Ministries website, on a monthly basis. We have heard your requests and we have decided to accommodate you in this regard.

You are now able to sign up for a monthly subscription to pay for the official courses and selected materials on the website, which you may pause and reactivate, as your circumstances dictate.

Dreams Symbols Interpretation Course

You will be able to access the courses as long as you keep your subscriptions in place. Take note that the course certificates will be issued as soon as the last payment has been received.

For more information, click on the links below:

Silver Membership – For students who want to start with the internationally accredited Diploma.

Monthly Subscription

Dream Interpretation Development Primary Membership Program


Dream Interpretation Development Primary Membership Program

Upgrade to Gold Membership – For students who want to upgrade to the international accredited Bachelor’s Degree.


Monthly Subscription

Upgrade to the Dream Interpretation Gold Membership


Upgrade to the Dream Interpretation Gold Membership

Gold Membership – For students who want to proceed with both the internationally accredited Diploma and the bachelor’s Degree at an added discount price.


Monthly Subscription

Dream Interpretation Development Gold Membership Program


Dream Interpretation Development Gold Membership Program

Riaan Engelbercht (Avishua Ministries)

Joshua Baker (CEO Strategic Missions)

Basie Martins (ASR Martins Ministries)


...to access our Dream Symbols Interpretation Course for FREE and utilize our Dream Interpretation Community Forum to get your dreams interpreted

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