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Dream Interpretation Development Primary Membership Program

Primary Members qualify for the following:






Dream Symbols Interpretation Course:

DIC 1 – Introduction To Dream Interpretation

DIC 2 – Principles Governing the Language Of Symbols

DIC 3 – Symbolism: Introduction to Practical Application

DIC 4 – Symbolism: Practical Application In Context

What’s great about the Dream Interpretation Course, is that you can complete the whole course in a matter of months without breaking a sweat, as long as you stay active on the Dream Interpretation Community Forum after that, where you will pick up a lot of experience in a practical way, which will ensure that you complete the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program successfully. The real development happens on the Forum, but it cannot happen if you are not equipped yet. The Forum is FREE to use as long as you want, and you should, if you want to make sure you are thoroughly equipped. The Course equips and empowers you whilst the Dream Interpretation Community Forum develops you.

Gold Membership

Dream Interpretation Development Gold Membership Program

Gold Members qualify for the following:

With the Gold Membership, you enjoy everything that the Primary Membership offers. In addition to that, you are automatically enrolled in the Dream Interpretation Bachelor’s Degree and you get free access to all books in the entire ASR Martins Ministries Store. Take note that the Dream Interpretation Symbols Dictionary and the Course Manual are not included in this deal and have to be purchased. All other books are included in the gold membership deal.

Upgrade To Gold Membership

Upgrade to the Dream Interpretation Gold Membership

Primary Members who want to upgrade to the Gold Membership Program can do so by purchasing the Upgrade To the Gold Membership. Primary Members who have upgraded get the same discount and the same privileges that the Gold Members enjoy.

Dream Interpretation Forum Benefits

Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program

As a Member, you will have access to all the materials that you need to be trained and developed to interpret dreams and visions effectively and successfully for family and friends. The only material that you need to buy, is your handbooks (The Christian Dream Symbols Dictionary and the Dream Interpretation Course Manual). As with any other course, these handbooks are essential tools that are necessary to prepare you to become a good Dreams and Visions Interpreter and a Counselor. The Dream Interpretation Course Manual is still a FREE add-on when you purchase the Dictionary.

By the way, because almost 95% of all dreams are “emotional restoration dreams“, the Dream Interpretation Course with its sub-courses, are essential resources for people who are functioning in a professional capacity as Counselors. The materials are adapted to assist professional counselors, both Christain Counselors in the church and in the corporate world, to use and apply this element during their counseling sessions.



It does not have to be this way. Prophets should know the meanings of symbols and they should know how to apply those meanings in the right context. This was a huge problem with the 2020 USA presidential election.

If you are a prophet, take note that ASR Martins Ministries has a Dream Symbols Interpretation Development Membership Program, that will help you to overcome this problem successfully. The Program is aimed at developing Dreams and Visions Interpreters and Prophets by giving them the necessary and specific information that they need, insight, and ability to interpret dreams and visions successfully.

Dream Interpretation Ministry? You will receive your International Accredited Certificate as an approved and qualified Dreams and Visions Interpreter.

Being Able and Prepared For Ministry

Certificate of Biblical Studies: Dream Interpretation Course

Dream Interpretation Course

DIC – 1: Introduction To Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation Courses

DIC – 2: Principles Governing the Language of Symbols

Dream Interpretation Courses

DIC – 3: Symbolism: Introduction To Practical Application

Dream Interpretation Courses

DIC – 4: Symbolism: Practical Application in Context

Dream Interpretation Courses

Why a Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program?

Well, first of all, it is not so easy to interpret dreams and visions. On the other hand, once a person is trained and developed, it becomes quite easy.

As soon as a person knows and understands the rules and principles that govern the language of symbols, such a person is well on his way to master the language of symbols, including the ability to interpret dreams and visions, not only his own but even those of family and friends.

Theoretical and practical training is crucial. It is for this reason that the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program and the Dream Interpretation Community Forum were created.

If you are not a Dream Interpretation Community Forum Participant yet, subscribe and register as soon as you can. It is FREE! Take part in the Community Forum as often as you can.

What resources are available to you when you sign up for the program?

Primary Phase (Non-Members)

The FREE online Book explains most of the principles that govern the Biblical language of symbols.

The FREE online Dream Symbols Dictionary

The FREE Dream Interpretation Analysis Reports

The FREE Dream Interpretation Community Forum

The FREE Primary Dream Interpretation Course

Secondary Phase (Primary Members and Gold Members)

All Resources which are available to Non-Members

All the Dream Interpretation Advanced Courses (Primary Members)

Internationally Accredited Course Completion Certificates

Internationally Accredited Dreams and Visions Interpreter Certificates

Bachelor’s Degree Courses and certificates (Gold Members)

Coming on 1 Sept 2021!

Bachelor’s degree of Biblical Studies: – Dream Interpretation Course

The professional counselor will benefit a lot more from the Bachelor’s Degree. Both the counseling process in general, and the correct and professional way of incorporating dreams and visions are both covered extensively with the Bachelor’s Degree. So not only the incorporation of dream interpretation is covered, it is an extensive counseling course in itself.

Gold Membership Program

The prophet will benefit a lot with the Bachelor’s Degree. Both the ministry of the prophet and the principles that govern the office of the Prophet are covered extensively. Of course, the incorporation of dreams and visions is covered extensively to ensure that you as a prophet are equipped to function in your ministry properly as God intended. So not only the incorporation of dream and vision interpretation is covered, it is an extensive prophetic course in itself. The ministry of the prophet is hindered or limited in the church today because most modern-day prophets do not understand the language of symbols. The Bachelor’s Degree will address this shortcoming in the church.

Bachelor's Degree Courses Dream Interpretation

(BD Session 1: Counseling Through Dreams Interpretation)

Dream Interpretation Counseling Course

(BD Session 2: Dreams and Visions Interpretation and the Prophet)

Dream Interpretation and the Prophet

Buy the Gold Membership whilst it is still available at a pre-launch special price.

Background Information

Through the years of interpreting dreams and visions for people, I have identified and developed steps and strategies that enabled me to do so very effectively. Many people have confirmed that I am “spot-on” whenever I followed these steps. I knew I was on the right path and I decided to test and develop these steps until I was able to present them to people as a safe and proven way of interpreting dreams and visions successfully.

Make no mistake, it is difficult enough to interpret one’s own dreams and visions, let alone those of other people. With your own, at least you have some background knowledge of what you are dealing with in your life at the time of the dream or the vision. With other people, you just do not have any clue about anything in their lives and that makes dreams and visions interpretation very difficult. In the early days, it was often a matter of trial and error but I persisted in seeking ways and means of interpreting dreams and visions successfully. I really do give God all the glory and honor for the success that I achieved in my efforts. He was so full of grace and so helpful in this regard.

Dictionary: 6 in 1 Book Collection

If He did not intervene by helping me to understand the principles that govern dreams and visions and the interpretation thereof, I would not have been able to create the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program. I can remember the days when He gave me a dream about a specific symbol and then ask me in the dream if I know what the symbol means. How wonderful it was for me to hear him explaining the meanings of the symbols in the dream. This is how I came to understand the meanings of torn veins and damaged organs in dreams and visions. This was pure grace in action. I really did not deserve this special treatment and I still don’t. I felt and still feel so humbled because of this divine assistance in my life when it comes to the understanding of dreams and visions and the interpretation thereof.

The purpose of this writing is to introduce the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program and to explain what it’s all about. This program will enable people to effectively and successfully interpret dreams and visions. Not only for themselves but even for their friends and family. It is time for ASR Martins to give back what he received from God. The Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program is a special program, specifically compiled with the aim to help aspirant Dreams and Visions Interpreters to become excellent interpreters. On completion of this program, you will be a good interpreter who knows all you need to know about dreams, symbols, and interpretation. You will also be able to apply the theoretical knowledge correctly in practice.

It is not easy to interpret dreams and visions. It is quite difficult, especially when the dreams and visions of other people are interpreted for them. The good news is, like any other occupation or ministry, when a person is trained he or she will be able to carry out this task quite easily.

Pigs, Dogs and Mardi Gras

Dream and vision symbols are part of a Biblical and God-given language. This language has rules and principles that need to be understood and followed if a person wants to understand this language and if he wants to interpret dreams and visions correctly. The bottom line is, a dream symbols interpreter needs to understand the Biblical language of symbols. Not only the symbols but also the rules and the principles that govern this language. The bottom line is that there are quite a lot of things that need to be considered every time that a person interprets a dream or a vision.

An interpreter needs to be prepared the right way. He needs to be familiar with the right methods to successfully analyze, identify, and apply the right meanings to the different symbols when he interprets dreams and visions.

With the help of practical and analytical aids like technical illustrations and steps and methods, the aspirant dream symbols interpreter will be trained and developed. When a Member has completed the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program, he will be able to interpret dreams and visions for people successfully.

Through the years, many people have asked me quite a lot of questions concerning the technical and practical aspects of dream and vision interpretation. My aim, with this program, is to answer all those questions. Please take note that this program is aimed at assisting and helping the advanced scholar of dreams and visions interpretation to be more effective in their ministries. It makes things easy for the dream symbols interpreter, but, he or she needs to put in some effort to study the theoretical material. He or she also needs to carry out the practical aspects of the program. It is really not that difficult or time-consuming. It is easier than most courses and programs but it will take a bit of an effort.

The Authenticity Of Dream Dictionaries Created By Psychologists

It is important to understand that nothing in the kingdom of God operates or functions randomly. There are always order and consistency. Everything in the kingdom of God is absolutely guaranteed and it works always and it works every time. It is like Newton’s law of gravity. To put it as simple as I possibly can; gravity means that if you throw an object up into the air it will always fall back to the ground. That law is cast in stone. The stone will never fly up and away at all. It is impossible for that to happen. The principles and laws in the kingdom of God are exactly the same. It always works without any deviation whatsoever.

I knew that if I identify and understand the laws or principles that govern dreams and visions and the interpretation thereof, that I will be able to interpret them successfully each and every time. It is guaranteed.

I understood that dreams cannot be interpreted randomly without following a structure or a method of some kind. I knew that there will be a divine method and that the God-given method will work every time. This proved to be true when I finally found this method. I tested it, and the positive feedback from people confirmed this fact. It is not just a case of seeking God’s face and praying and hoping that He will give you a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom every time that you need to interpret a dream or vision. Yes, we do need the Holy Spirit and He does help us but this is not how dreams and visions are supposed to be interpreted. Interpretation comes through analyzing the symbols, identifying the right meanings, and then applying the right meanings in the right context. This is just a short sentence but I can assure you that many factors need to be considered when a dream or vision is interpreted.

The Judgment of God On An African Village!

The use of symbols and parables in the Bible or in dreams and visions is more than just isolated attempts by God to explain something. It is more than just a bright idea to get the meaning of something over to a person by using a symbol or an illustrative method. The reality is that “symbolism” is a language. It is a valid language with valid rules and valid principles that govern this language. It is called the Biblical language of parables and symbols or the God-given language of symbols. Because it is a language it has to be learned, just as any other language.

God said that in the last days, people will receive dreams and they will see visions. People see visions and they dream for a purpose. The Bible is full of examples of how God spoke to people through dreams and visions. He spoke to them through dreams and visions because dreams and visions and the symbols in dreams and visions are part of a divine language.

It is interesting to know that the Bible is actually the first dream symbols dictionary give to mankind. In Biblical times, people like Daniel and Joseph used the Bible to understand the symbols in their dreams and visions. The Bible interprets its own symbols and it reveals the principles that govern the language of symbols. Daniel and Joseph and others used the Bible to learn the language of symbols. This is exactly what we need to do.

This is what I started doing thirty-five years ago. I started learning this language. I learned the symbols and I learned the principles that govern this language. It is like any other language. The English language has certain rules and everybody who wants to speak English needs to learn English and they need to follow the rules that govern this language if they want to be fluent in English.

The Dreams Interpretation Course Manual

This is the same for the Biblical language of symbols. I call it the Biblical language because this is where and how mankind was introduced to this language. We find it in the Bible. We saw the interpretation of symbols in the Bible. People of all sorts of nations and beliefs had dreams and saw visions and had them interpreted. This happened from Genesis to Revelations and it still happens today.

There are examples in the Bible of people analyzing the symbols and then interpreting the dreams and visions by means of applying the meanings of these symbols in the correct context. The mere fact that we read something in the Bible and then see the Bible implying that we should not understand that statement literally but that we should understand that it is just a symbol representing something else, is an indisputable fact that there is a language of symbols in the Bible. When we take the time to identify all the symbols in the Bible we literally find thousands of symbols and their meanings.

By enrolling in the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program you will have access to the free dream interpretation development program, which includes some of the official course material. You will also qualify for a 40% discount on the advanced course material.

As part of this offer, ASR Martins has compiled a manual that explains all the aspects of the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program. He also covered the different methods and different resources available to you in detail. Many suggestions and tips are included that will put you on the right path from the start.

The tips and methods will prepare you to start with the program effectively and to start interpreting dreams and visions successfully. Dream Interpretation principles and methods, which are not included in the Dreams Symbols Dictionary, are discussed in this manual.

Audio and Written Versions: Dreams Interpretation Session 1

If you have not purchased the Dreams Symbols Dictionary and the Dream Interpretation Course manual yet, which is actually a free add-on whenever the Dictionary is purchased, then “Getting started with the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program” is for you. It fast-tracks your ability to interpret dreams and visions and is therefore very valuable. So, click on the link below and become a Member. Owning the Getting Started with the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program manual is your proof of Membership. Members do qualify for different offers, discounts, specific privileges, and being trained and assessed by ASR Martins and different Moderators.

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