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Basie Martins' family

ASR Martins stays with his wife Marinda, in Klerksdorp, South Africa. They have a daughter Alisia and two sons, Ewaldt and Rheeder.

He sees himself as a spiritual facilitator by providing support, resources, and encouragement, through ASR Martins Ministries, to everybody who wants to be pioneers in the hands of God.

He is part of an international Bible College, Revealed Word Bible College.

Dear guest, the purpose of ASR Martins Ministries is to provide training and assistance in the form of workshops and outreaches to all churches and all denominations. These workshops and outreaches are aimed at providing church leaders with the necessary tools to expand their congregations, develop their congregations, and enrich the experiences of their members. He also assists church planters in planting new denominational churches, expanding existing denominational churches, and planting house churches. 

ASR Martins is a Christian author. He wrote several books and manuals which formed the basis for the workshops that he presents. He serves all churches and he honors the different constitutions and beliefs of different denominations.

The following workshops are available:

  1. Evangelism and Missions Workshop – This workshop includes mission outreach strategies, church planting strategies, evangelism, and church expansion strategies. This workshop runs for a week, Tuesday to Sunday, and consists of seven sessions, one per day and two on Sunday.

  2. Dreams Interpretation Workshop – This workshop includes the theoretical principles that govern dream and vision interpretation as well as practical equipping sessions. This workshop runs for a week, Tuesday to Sunday, and consists of seven sessions, one per day and two on Sunday.

  3. Spiritual Warfare Workshop – This workshop covers the Biblical ways and methods of Spiritual warfare as God intended it to be and it prepares every believer to be effective and successful in this area of his or her faith-walk in Christ. This workshop runs for a week, Tuesday to Sunday, and consists of seven sessions, one per day and two on Sunday.

  4. Divine Healing Workshop – This workshop enables and equips all believers to restore their lives and the lives of other people by applying the necessary Biblical healing principles in their lives. The workshop not only deals with theoretical principles, methods, and ways that God implemented in the church but it also deals with the practical aspects of divine healing. It will surely change your life. This workshop runs for a week, Tuesday to Sunday, and consists of seven sessions, one per day and two on Sunday.

Please book one or more workshops at this link: ASR Martins Workshops

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8 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to thank you for the Dreams and Visions Symbols Dictionary. It has been a great blessing to me as I have had dreams that I have been writing down in a journal for a while now. I find the symbolic language fascinating and I am so happy to have found a legitimate resource written by someone who is spirit-filled.
    Thank you
    Angela Kenney

    • Hi Angela,
      Thank you so much for this positive feedback. I am so glad you enjoyed the book. I can only give God the glory. Without him we can actually do nothing at all and I am not exaggerating.
      Blessings in Christ
      ASR Martins

    • Hi there,
      Most of the time (relatively speaking) it refers to the physical place or geographical area. Just as we discuss specific countries in real life (referring to the geographical area, talking about a specific address we need to visit in a specific country, referring to the general characteristics of the people of a specific country, referring to specific incidents or specific historical events that a country is known for, etc) so in dreams a variety of things can be connected to a specific country we dreamed about. For instance, I once dreamed of a huge Cellphone, almost half the size of a desk. On the screen I saw Africa and part of Europe. The next moment there was a “zoom in” right into Southern Africa where I live. Then it zoomed out again and it zoomed right into Israel. It zoomed out again and I could see how a hand take the part in Southern Africa, move it up (as if it was instantly cut out of the map) to just left of Israel. Then it rotated the Southern Africa map 45 degrees to the left and then it slowly moved the Southern Africa map towards Israel until the borders met. That was the end of the dream.
      This dream was about Southern Africa and Israel but not really about the geographical areas. At that time I was doing research in terms of end times prophesy and end times events for my book about the end times that I was writing. It turned out the meaning of that dream was that God promised to show me exactly how Israel fits into the end times events. That is exactly what happened. Through divine intervention I was soon connected to people and literature that explained this aspect in detail. For the first time in my life I exactly knew what the involvement of Israel will be in terms of end times events.
      So the answer to your question is yes, most of the time it is about the specific country but not necessarily about the geographical area. Sometimes there can be things (well know facts, past incidents, personal interests, etc.) relating to a specific country that is symbolized by the country and it is not always about the geographical areas. In this case (my dream) Israel symbolized the nation of Israel and Southern Africa symbolized “the rest of the world” but specifically with me as part of this because I am the author of the book. So God will reveal to me, the author, how Israel fits into world events about the end times.
      I hope this explanation helps. You need to connect your dream to the specific event that triggered the dream like I did. This is very important. Please read this post about this important aspect at this link: https://www.asrmartins.com/the-golden-key-for-correct-dream-interpretation/
      Blessings in Christ
      ASR Martins

    • Yes I do. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. He is the bread of life and by accepting him and by following him we are saved. Of course we need to repent and we need to serve God in spirit and in truth. We need to “love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself”.

  2. A lady commented on the fact one had to scroll all the way through to find the thing one was looking for & you answered her & changed something to make it easier but I cannot find her comment now. Can you help, please?

    • Hi there,
      When you visit the online dictionary you have to scroll down to the symbol you want. The paid version (the book) has a lot more symbols and therefore we had to implement a good navigation system to help people to go directly to the symbol that they want to lookup.
      Blessings in Christ
      ASR Martins

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