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ASR Martins is one of the founding members of the “SA House churches” initiative. He stays with his wife Marinda and their boys, Ewaldt and Rheeder, in Klerksdorp, South Africa. They also have a daughter Alisia. They see themselves as spiritual facilitators by providing support, resources and encouragement to everybody who wants to be pioneers in the hand of God.

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Taking hands with the Institutional Church

When people read my books they might get the impression that I am apposed to the institutional church. I do need to preach the pure word of God in obedience and in truth without any compromise, but don’t allow this to bring you under a false impression. My ministry is still an integral part of the institutional church. Although I am an advocate of house churches I do realize that we are still just one church. There is no place for exclusivity. We need to serve God in unity and we do need to take hands. We do not differ that much anyway. I do believe that we, members of the global church of Christ, can work together to allow God to remove from our midst what is not of Him and to put in place what He initially intended. I am taking hands and working together with all Christian churches in unity and in love. We are really one in the bond of love. There should not be any division among us just because we differ on some issues. When we work together in unity, God will work together with us and He will build us up in unity and in love.

Church planting strategies!

  1. Plant new churches the Biblical way: The five-fold ministry go out two-two and they plant New-Testament churches from scratch. They find a man of peace and they plant a new congregation in his house. Read more about this method here.
  2. Plant new churches through modern teaching and equipping: Gather people in a School-hall or similar venue. Hold two services on Sundays to teach people the proper way of planting house churches. After thorough teaching (about a year) on planting and maintaining proper Biblical house churches, start cell groups. After proper equipping and training for approximately one year, convert the cell groups (now one year old), into full-fledged house churches. Never stop your weekly services in the School-hall because you need to train and equip new members on a continuous basis.
  3. Convert old institutional churches into New-Testament house churches: Traditional full-time pastors to adopt the strategy discussed in point 2 above. Read more about this method here.

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2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to thank you for the Dreams and Visions Symbols Dictionary. It has been a great blessing to me as I have had dreams that I have been writing down in a journal for a while now. I find the symbolic language fascinating and I am so happy to have found a legitimate resource written by someone who is spirit-filled.
    Thank you
    Angela Kenney

    1. Hi Angela,
      Thank you so much for this positive feedback. I am so glad you enjoyed the book. I can only give God the glory. Without him we can actually do nothing at all and I am not exaggerating.
      Blessings in Christ
      ASR Martins

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