How should I use the free online dreams and visions symbols dictionary?

Read through the explanation of the meanings(s) of the particular symbol. Make sure you take note of deviations and exceptions regarding the different meanings. Record the meanings. Identify the incident that triggered the dream or the vision. This is the basis or the foundation from where you start or build your interpretation process. Before you start, you need to understand what triggered the dream or the vision. Read about this principle at this link: The Golden Key

What resources are available to help me interpret my dream successfully?

You have free access to all the Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course Tutorials. Visit the “Dreams and Visions Course” Tutorials Page to make use of these resources. Watch out for the green “Read more” button at the bottom of each tutorial which will take you to the next tutorial in the right sequence. You also have access to our “Dreams and Visions Analysis Reports” which are practical exercises of dreams and visions. The purpose of these reports is to give you the ability to practice and to develop your interpretation skills.

What is the purpose of the Free Online Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course?

You get free access to the dictionary, free access to the official course study guide and free access to all additional tutorials which will enable you to understand dreams and visions correctly. You will be able to communicate with God more effectively and you will be able to interpret dreams for family and friends. This is the purpose of this course.

Where can I find all the necessary links and information that I need to know about to streamline my progress with the course?

All the information that you need and the relevant links are all conveniently made available on the official “Dreams Interpretation Course Study Guide” page. Visit this page for more information.

How do I know whether I have the latest version of the Dreams and Visions Symbols Dictionary?

All Dictionary owners qualify for all future updates of the paid version FREE of charge. These updates include improvements, changes and the addition of new symbols. Updates are usually done twice a year. Visit our D Editions page to check whether your copies of the Dreams Symbols Dictionary and the Dreams Symbols Interpretation Course Manual is the latest version. Just compare the update release dates with the release dates of your copies of these books. If you need to update, just delete your copies of these books on all your devices and download the new versions.

I have lost my official download links. How can I recover these links?

All dictionary owners should save their download links, which they received by email when they purchased the Dreams Symbols Dictionary and the Dreams Symbols Interpretation Course Manual, somewhere on their devices or their email servers. If you have lost your download links, fresh download links will be generated and forwarded to you by requesting for these links by email. If you bought your books on the USA “Shop” page, apply for your download links at this email address: [email protected]
If you bought it on the South African “Shop” page, apply for your download links at this email address:
[email protected]

How should I utilize “My Account” to streamline and to improve my experience on ASR Martins Ministries?

All official Clients (Book Owners) have two options in this regard: Create an account and manage your own Account details, Orders and Downloads or purchase your books without creating an account. With the latter, you need to save your download links on your PC or email server. Read more about the correct way to manage your account at this link: My Account

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