Why a Dream Interpretation Community Forum?

Hi there everybody,

I created the Dreams Interpretation Development Forum so that all our subscribers can share and discuss everything about dreams, visions, symbols, specific interpretation, analysis reports, dictionaries, books, and the Biblical method of dreams interpretation.

So feel free to submit your dreams and visions for interpretation, feel free to interpret dreams and visions for each other, feel free to comment on discussions and general comments.

The idea is to subscribe to the forum with a fictitious name so that nobody knows the identity of anybody else. Even the moderators may use fictitious names if they want to stay anonymous. By doing this we can comment on interpretations and all discussions and we can interpret dreams and visions for each other without feeling awkward or embarrassed.

It is important though not to choose a man’s name if you are a woman and visa versa. If you do, it can complicate the interpretation process.

ASR Martins and the moderators will comment on the discussions and the interpretations as well, as part of the development program. The purpose of these comments is to guide and to help our subscribers to develop their interpretation skills and abilities.

All personal details like email addresses and personal details will never be visible to the public.

Please feel free to ask all sorts of short questions about dreams and visions and interpretation in general. I am sure all our forum participants will be eager and ready to answer all your questions.

So, do not hesitate. Subscribe to the forum as soon as you can and use this opportunity to develop your dreams and visions interpretation skills.

You must subscribe to the different topics and forums if you want to receive updates about the interactions. You need to register and you will have to log in, preferably stay logged in to make it easy for yourself.

If you already have an account (customers who bought books in the past have accounts already), but, if you want to stay anonymous, you have two options: Visit your account profile page, create a nickname (fictitious name) and set this to be visible publicly instead of your real name, or, use another email address (easiest is to create a new google email account just for this purpose).

See also
The Free and Authentic Christian Dreams and Visions Symbols Dictionary 2

Topic Suggestions: When you create a new topic, use the action you want, followed by the most prominent symbol or the underlying theme of your request, like the following examples:

For the meanings of symbols – “Meaning of”, and then the symbol. (Ex: Meaning of elephant)

For a general question about dreams – “Question”, and then followed by a symbol or the underlying theme of the thing you want answers of. (Ex: Question about restoration dreams, or Question about reason for dreams)

For a dream interpretation request – “Interpretation”, followed by a symbol or underlying theme of the dream or vision you need to be interpreted. (Ex: Interpretation  dream about snow, or, Interpretation vision about horse on hill)

Please take note that ASR Martins will sometimes register with fictitious names as well so that he can create new topics for old dreams and old interpretations. This needs to be done for training and development purposes and also to help new forum participants to get used to the forums and the procedures and rules of the forums.

Blessing in Christ
ASR Martins

Remember, if you don’t reload “Forum Pages” in your browser, the latest Topics and Replies are not loaded resulting in you not knowing whether your Topics have been updated.

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