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Actively contribute towards answering the questions that you can and interpreting dreams for people who request for interpretation. Remember, the more dreams and visions you interpret for other people, the more your interpretation skills will develop. We help and develop each other’s dream interpretation skills by being actively involved.

Invite additional Participants that would actively contribute to the forum goals.

Coordinate with the Moderators when irregularities are observed so that it can be rectified immediately.

Develop an attitude of cooperation. We must all strive to be a good asset to the forum by actively participating and giving the assistance and support that we all expect from the other Participants.


Follow all the responsibilities of the Participants. In addition to that, evaluate the input of all Participants by diplomatically commenting on all activities.

Remember, this forum is all about helping to develop the interpretation skills of all participants, even the skills of us, the Keymaster and the Moderators, in a safe and friendly environment. All suggestions and comments must be uplifting.

Monitor all activities as often as you can and make sure that the primary goals of the Dream Interpretation Community Forum are met.

Identify irregularities and deviations and make sure that all irregularities and deviations are rectified immediately.


Interested in being a Moderator but not ready for an active role?

Register as a participant, be active, answer questions, interpret dreams as often and as consistently as you possibly can. All activities are recorded and you will soon catch the attention of the Keymaster and other Moderators.

Thank you for your input and assistance and participation. It is much appreciated.

The Keymaster,

ASR Martins

Topic Suggestions: When you create a new topic, use the action you want, followed by the most prominent symbol or theme of your request, like the following examples:

For the meanings of symbols – “Meaning of”, and then the symbol. (Ex: Meaning of elephant)

For a general question about dreams – “Question”, and then followed by a symbol or the theme of the thing you want answers of. (Ex: Question about restoration dreams, or Question where dream dictionary)

See also
Can I pray to the Holy Spirit?

For a dream interpretation request – “Interpretation”, followed by a symbol or theme of the dream or vision you need to be interpreted. (Ex: Interpretation  dream about snow, or, Interpretation vision about horse on hill)

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