Street-Ministry the Right Way

Street-Ministry the right way

Street-Ministry That Pleases God Audio Version Of This Web Page MP3 Player behaving funny? Try a different browser or a different device Hi there, my name is Basie Martins. Before we go out for the first time, we need to make sure we know what God wants us to do. We do need to make …

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The Day a Shoemaker Moved a Mountain!

Saint Simon the Shoemaker lived towards the end of the tenth century AD. He was a contemporary of the Saint Bishop Abram Ibn Zaraa the Syrian, who occupied the seat of St. Mark in 975 AD and rested in peace in 979 AD. A severe and overwhelming famine came upon all of Egypt under the reign of the Ikhshidid Empire, namely between AD 934 to AD 968, shortly before the Fatimid Empire was established