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  1. I am very excited to share what God has gifted me with and that is to interpret visions and dreams through Jesus Christ whom gets all honor, praise and glory.

  2. i have completed the course a couple of years ago, but its apity some words can’t be found in the dictionary.

    But still, this is a great tool and I will always use it.

    To God the glory.

    • Hi there,

      The problem with updating the dictionary is the fact that God is the only person who gave meanings to symbols. Everybody else has to find the meanings and the only legitimate way is to find the meanings in the Bible (those symbols that are in the Bible), and all other symbols have to be “approved” by means of comparing the dreams of many people (the symbols) with the outcome or results of the dreams of all those people. It is a very slow process and it takes years. People who ignore this are just “deciding” what the meanings of symbols are and that is a very dangerous thing to do.

      More information on the process of updating the Dream Dictionary can be found at this link:

  3. I am extremely grateful that God led me to learn about dreams & visions interpretation. I have spiritually grown so much as a result. Continuing each day. I have something I would like further clarification on. This particular verse about dreams that God did not send. Emotional restoration dreams are an “offloading” of waste. But dreams only come from God. I would like to understand this scripture more clearly. Jeremiah 29:8-9 “8 For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Do not let your prophets and your diviners who are in your midst deceive you, nor listen to your dreams which you cause to be dreamed. 9 For they prophesy falsely to you in My name; I have not sent them, says the Lord.”

    • Hi Theresa,

      God’s focus is always the great commission (preaching the gospel and leading people to Christ and making disciples), learning to improve our intimate love relationship with Christ, and our interaction with Him and other people like our Christian brothers and sisters. Lana Vawser is a prophetess who has her focus right. She is not interested in all the end-time nonsense. She focuses on Christ and relationships and the things that I have mentioned. As a prophet, she points to Christ (like the Holy Spirit does) and she builds people up by doing that. She points them to things that God is busy with (the gospel and the instructions that Christ gave us) and that glorifies God. So she points the church in the right direction and she gives real focus and guidance. She is not that exciting to many people because she does not provide “exciting” stuff.

      Now, the false prophets do. They live in an imagery world and they are totally consumed (and confused) with all sorts of exciting end-time “revelations”. They are all hyping up all sorts of things and they compete for attention and popularity. However, everything they say and prophesy about and the direction and guidance they give are all false, garbage, and evil. This is why God says do not allow them to interpret your dreams and do not follow them. They are false (even if they are Christians) and they will take you away from the things that matter, the things that God is busy with.

      Most prophets today, like those that you mentioned in Jeremiah, completely forgot about the great commission, our relationships with God, and our neighbors. So in short, this is what that Scripture that you referred to is all about, and, of course, most of the prophets are self-appointed, as the Scripture says. God did not appoint them.

      For more information about this, read this article:

  4. So, the dreams we cause to be dreamed are actually the emotional garbage, fears etc… dreams. so, we don’t take those dreams as God saying something to us. Am I correct? And of course we absolutely do not listen to the false prophets,.

    • True: (So, the dreams we cause to be dreamed are actually emotional garbage, fears, etc… dreams), but, it has meaning and it is important. The messages are not from God but from your spirit or your subconscious mind. Your spirit is always holy and true and in line with God and the Scriptures and your spirit does communicate with your soul. Emotional restoration dreams are a God-given mechanism that helps us cope with life. Unfortunately, we do listen to false prophets because of ignorance. They interpret our dreams for us (even our emotional restoration dreams) and we allow them to take our focus off what is important to God (this is because somebody who does not really understand the language of symbols does interpret dreams incorrectly and therefore it is false).

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