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      I was sitting at a round wooden table with my son and husband. Suddenly my son, a believer, moved the table and chairs to my left. The waitress came with a huge tray of food and I noticed the tray was as large as the tabletop. She put the tray on the floor. Then I asked my son to move the table back so she could deliver the food to us.
      I believe that because my son was the one moving the table to the left, God was showing me that victory and blessings are imminent for my son both spiritually and in his business or finances. The restaurant represents visiting new congregations where the word of God is spoken as represented by the table.The food represents the word of God , often in the teaching ministry. The circle shape on both the tray and round table represent unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ. It was interesting my husband was there which could represent Jesus as our husband. My husband is not a believer yet…

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