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So, what is this network all about? This network is an answer to a call from God to activate and mobilise the Church to fulfill the Great Commission. We are here to activate and mobilize the church to reach the lost, the unsaved, the broken, and the unredeemed so that they may be restored in the purpose, the love, and the truth of a loving and living eternal God, He who is the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Our motto is Docete Omnes Gentes, which means Teaching the Nations. This is fulfillment of the command given by Jesus to teach all nations of His Kingdom, His Truth, His sacrifice and the reality of the Gospel. And to teach implies discipleship, as demonstrated by Jesus when He discipled the 12, for these 12 were then activated and mobilized to serve the Lord and the Kingdom.

Who can be part of this network? Any church or small ministry or small group or mature disciple/spiritual leader who is truly interested in Kingdom-driven discipleship, in order to activate the members of the Body of Christ, thus to see such members mobilized in every town and city and nation in this world. This is not a movement or an idea driven by a denomination, but this is to reach the Church to become actively involved in going into the world to show and tell people that Jesus is real and alive.

Unity within the Body of Christ is absolutely essential to advance the Kingdom of God. It is not about anyone’s ministry being advanced or exalted, but only God’s Kingdom. It is not about man getting the glory, but only God. We are all of one Spirit, serving one God and one Kingdom. In Haggai 1, there was a great lack among the people because they were busy building their houses while God’s House was laying in ruin. It is time to build God’s Kingdom, and thus all of those within the Body needs to take hands, network, and pool resources. For God is the Lord of the Harvest, but still, the laborers are few because of the lack of discipleship.

Take note, the Network will be overseen by identified Administrators, not for the goal to rule or control, but in order to guard against false doctrines creeping in, or erroneous agendas or programs being launched or promoted. Qualified leaders will be identified to activate and mobilized. Once such leaders have been assessed, they will continue leading and running their groups/house churches/gathering as the Lord leads. The Administrators will be available to advise, provide support, or spiritual guidance where needed or requested.

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And how will be Network aim to achieve its purpose and goal? Through discipleship. Jesus gave us the blueprint for discipleship. He took 12 and trained them. For three and half years He equipped, empowered, and trained followers to be disciples in order to eventually make other disciples. This is the simple blueprint of mentoring and multiplication. Jesus gave us the command in Matthew 28 to fulfill the Great Commission, which is to go into the world and make disciples. But before we can go, we must continue to follow, thus two verbs, speaking of continuous action of following and going.

In the Upper Room, the disciples and all those who gathered were activated by the Holy Spirit and then mobilized to be witnesses unto the ends of the earth. The disciples went out of the Upper Room and then went into the world to declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They were moving and going, fulfilling the Great Commission.

Who then needs to be activated? Every member in the Body of Christ, because every member is a disciple. And a disciple needs to be active and needs to be mobilized. Yes, every disciple, not just the pastor or church leader, need to fulfill the Great Commission. Every disciple must be actively involved in evangelizing, laying hands on the sick, driving out demons, baptizing in Spirit and water, and yes, even preaching and teaching. This is the reality of Matthew 28 and Mark 16. Disciples who are mentored, continuously but then who disciple others in order to become mentors as well. Thus the blueprint that Jesus showed us.

Activation implies being active in the Kingdom of God. Not only sharing the Gospel, but also active in serving, and shining the light and love of the Kingdom. To be active speaks of being active in being a disciple, and constantly seeking to walk with God, and to serve Him all to His Glory and for His Glory.

Why is the Church not making an impact? Because most members are not active or mobilized. They have never been even properly discipled. They are not moving in their calling, in the gifts of the Spirit or sadly, not even in the Spirit of the Living God at all. Once members of the Body of Christ are discipled once again, and walking in the Spirit and in the Truth of the Kingdom, they need to be active and mobilized. The reality is, most disciples will minister not on the pulpit, but on the streets, in the market place, among their places of work or wherever God calls them.

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How will this be done? The primary focus has to be on small groups and house churches. Acts 2 is a clear example of how the disciples, directly after Pentecost, would meet in houses, sharing Communion, and they would constantly be encouraging each other, caring and edifying through Word. The disciples who initiated these small gatherings did not follow their own programs or agendas, neither did they start a movement or a religion or a denomination. They simply replicated and duplicated what they had learned in the Upper Room, for in the Upper Room they learned directly from the Lord Jesus, especially for 40 days after His resurrection. In the Upper Room, they were empowered by the power on High – the Spirit of the Living God.

It is therefore envisioned and endeavored that spiritual leaders or mature disciples would be identified as Team Leaders of the network. They would be assessed, trained, and empowered to be able to start and run small groups/house churches. They would then, while being mentored and constantly edified, be responsible within such an environment to equip, activate and mobilize those within the Body of Christ. This will be done primarily through discipleship. Team Leaders will also be responsible to identify a Team Member, someone who can be trained and equipped to be a Team Leader, thus someone who can run his or her own small group/house church. And so the process continues of activation and mobilizing, all the while discipling and training. This then leads to a process of multiplication, where God’s Kingdom is duplicated and replicated.

The Network, which will be overseen by Administrators, will set up a centralized platform where resources will be pooled and centralized to be commonly shared for the purpose of empowering and training Team Leaders and Team Members. On the platform will be a map to indicate where small groups/house churches are being run for the purpose of activation and mobilization. This is for the purpose so that anyone who wants to be activated and mobilized may be aware of such small groups/house churches within their vicinity or country or town, and thus be connected for the greater purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom.

Disciples who want to join the network as a Team Leader or a Team Member will be able to do so on the Sign Up page and on the Activation Teams Resources Map.

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Read all about the steps that Team Leaders and Team Members need to follow to become part of the GCR Activation and Mobilization Network: Registration and Equipping Process.

All Activation Outreaches to be registered on the Activation Outreach Registration page.

To make it easy for you to find and identify the officially prescribed material that you need to cover, we have created the “Study Material” page. Click on this link for an exposition of the study materials that are either mandatory or that need to be read.

Meet the GCR Support Team: GCR Support Team

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