Prophets and the Biblical Language of Symbols

Why were so many prophets wrong when it came to the 2020 election in the United States of America?

I am sure many of you watched the news and you saw the predictions and the prophecies about Donald Trump and the 2020 election. We believed the prophets. We believed them when they said that Donald Trump will be elected again for a second term.

Yes, maybe the conditions were not met. Some of the prophets dit suggest that there will be specific conditions that will have to be met to ensure that Donald Trump is elected again. However, most did not mention any conditions at all.

Some of you may ask, what went wrong? Why did they predict something and even prophecied something that did not come true?

Are they false prophets? I assume some are, but, I think quite a number of them honestly thought that Donald Trump was going to be elected again. Many of these prophets had dreams and visions about the election, and one would have thought that this would have eliminated the chances for error. Well, the problem is that most prophets do not understand the Biblical language of symbols. This is what I want to discuss, just briefly, in this post.

Wrong assumptions were made because many people based their predictions and prophecies on what they saw happening all around them. This is the reason why so many end-time predictions and prophecies have been wrong over the years as well. Many Pastors openly suggest that all you need to do is to watch what is happening around you and then you will know where we are regarding end-times events and prophecies, referring to particular time-lines. This is a grave mistake. We need to look at what the Bible says about end-time prophecies and not what we see happening all around us. Prophecy is not connected to current events.

The Danger Of Dreams And Visions

Well, something similar happened with the 2020 election. The prophets saw things happening and they made their predictions based on what they saw happening. Prophecy is actually a divine insight that comes from God. It can sometimes be totally contradictory to what we see happening in this world. In fact, it often is.

I did watch these prophets in action and I personally identified one particular mistake. Many of them shared their dreams and visions about the election and then they made their predictions and they prophesied based on their interpretations of those dreams or visions. I literally saw many of them interpreting their dreams and visions incorrectly. They were excited about what they saw. The problem is, they did not see what they thought they saw. They saw one thing but they interpreted it incorrectly. They were not dishonest or false. They were ignorant. They simply do not understand the Biblical language of symbols! They do not understand the principles that govern the language of symbols. Prophets should understand this language.

Prophets should know the meanings of symbols and they should know how to apply those meanings in the right context. This was a huge problem with the 2020 election.

I have done it for many years and I am still involved in teaching symbolism. The Biblical language of symbols is supposed to be learned, just like we learn any other language. It is not difficult at all. Prophets do not have to be ignorant. By learning this language and by learning the rules and the principles that govern this language, prophets can eliminate errors.

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What Is The Purpose Of Dreams And Visions?

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The Prophet and symbolism

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