Adultery Causes Serious Damage In People’s Lives

This week’s PRACTICAL DREAM ANALYSIS report is about lust and adultery. Many people have been and are daily being deceived in getting involved in pornography and adultery. It is really a serious problem today, even in the church of God. Remember the analysis reports are part of our “Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course” program. These reports will be of tremendous value as it will slowly but surely train you and prepare you to master the gift of the “interpretation of dreams and visions”. You will eventually interpret dreams and visions correctly and according to Biblical principles. Of course it will become easier and quicker as you get more familiar with the different principles that govern dream and vision interpretation.

Although it is a gift, it is a gift that God gave all his children.

Although it is a gift, it does take time and practice. Apart from getting more and more familiar with all the different symbols, the principles and the different fundamentals of dream analysis, it also cultivates a closer and more intimate relationship with Christ our Lord.

So, read all the reports as faithful as you can and stand up and be counted!


This is a dream that a woman had about her husband after she suspected him of cheating on her:

I was in bed and I saw my husband in front of me facing me in an area between two closets that have mirrors on them (actual way my bedroom looks), with his mouth abnormally wide open with a huge green snake coming out of his mouth and then another big green snake came out of his mouth. I was concerned because he seemed to be choking as if to not get enough oxygen. I asked him if he wanted me to get him help and he declined.

(He’s not a Christian and I am. We’ve always had problems in our relationship with him lying to me about other women. Texting them and hiding numbers in his contacts under false names and false descriptions. So we’ve always struggled with trust issues. At this point in my life I decided to trust in the Lord for my relationship. Always prayed over our marriage and asked for God to keep him faithful to me, but if he did cheat on me or do anything that went against our marriage, that God would let me know right out)

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Dream Analysis: (As reported back to the person who had this dream)

I am afraid but your husband is being seriously deceived by evil spirits. Read the dreams symbols analysis below:

I was in bed and I saw my husband in front of me facing me:

You in bed speaks of this dream being about sexual and intimate issues (See “Bed” in dream dictionary). Your husband boldly challenging you (facing you) speaks of him being prepared and ready to face you head on regarding this allegation. The demons in him has prepared him for this. You have a serious problem here.

In an area between two closets that have mirrors on them (actual way my bedroom looks):

Between the two closets speaks of him being totally prepared to live like this. This is what he wants. See “Clothes” for a better understanding of this. All the clothes in the closets belonging to him probably will reflect this evil preparedness and motivation. It will be dark and red and black and brown and dirty and so forth. Ignore this part if the clothes in both closets are yours. The mirrors (two) speak of God giving you clear insight into this hidden life of your husband. It reflects his hidden attitude and spirit although he stands between the mirrors. Although the closets and the mirrors are in your room in real life it does symbolize the aspects in the dream that I explained.

With his mouth abnormally wide open with a huge green snake coming out of his mouth and then another big green snake came out of his mouth:

Snake speaks of evil (demonic) lies and deceit. Snakes in dreams and visions symbolize the workings of the devil or the work of evil. The devil and demons are basically utilizing two strategies; to deceive or to tempt. A green snake symbolizes a person being deceived by an evil spirit by means of deceptive intellectual reasoning. Such people are deceived and they also deceive others. The color green is about soulish intellectual reasoning. This indicates that lies and deceit comes out of the mouth of your husband. You cannot believe a word he says pertaining to this issue (sexual immorality). The devil has taken over his mind which indicates that he is probably demon possessed. He needs deliverance. Two snakes indicate either two demons or that your husband will not to be in unity or in agreement with you regarding these issues. This speaks of him being deceived into not agreeing on anything you say regarding this whole issue. He will not work together with you in order to solve this issue. Your husband’s mouth being abnormally wide open speaks of more than just one person speaking through that mouth.

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I was concerned because he seemed to be choking as if to not get enough oxygen:

He is choking because the devil is squeezing all spiritual life out of him. This implies that if he is not delivered he will eventually be lost.

I asked him if he wanted me to get him help and he declined:

Your husband, declining assistance in the dream symbolizes him not willing to be delivered. He enjoys being possessed and deceived by evil spirits. This is a serious problem and you will have to find help. You and your husband will not be able to deal with this on your own. However, do nor be dismayed. With God everything and anything is possible.

Symbols and information to be checked and studied:

(I am including this practical exercise because people tend to miss very important symbols in dreams and visions. They assume that some symbols are not important and they also do not recognize hidden or obscure symbols. This exercise will also give you the opportunity to learn the symbols by heart)

Check if you could recognize all the different symbols in the dream (include all scenes) and check it out in the dreams dictionary. Were there any symbols that you missed or did not recognize?


I need to make it clear that all we can do is we can help people understand their dreams. We can help them with the basics. We help them with most of the interpretation but even after we have done that they still need to seek God’s face about the dream. They need to deal with issues and they need to sort out their responsibilities, actions and reactions in terms of the relevant dream or vision.

Please read the posts in our newest category, “Interesting Discussions on dreams” which will help you a lot.

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