How To Use the Dream Community Forum

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Irrespective of why people use the Dream Interpretation Community Forum, we will all have a very positive impact on each other:

Some use the Dream Interpretation Community Forum to get their dreams and visions interpreted.

Some use it to develop their own interpretation skills. (Good for you! This is the best thing that you can do on ASR Martins Ministries! It will benefit you a lot more than you realize. This one thing will fast-track your progress and you will become an excellent dreams and visions interpreter if you stick to this!)

Some use it to get quick answers to their questions.

Some use it to build trust so that they can prove themselves as good dreams and visions interpreters.

Some like to be part of this exclusive community.

Whatever the reason, we are all working together to improve each other and to help each other, and we have the opportunity to do this by staying anonymous, which removes all concerns about being exposed and being vulnerable.

So, dive in, make use of this opportunity. Subscribe to the Forum, and Register as a participant.

Click on the “Topics with no replies” link and start to answer some questions and start to interpret dreams and visions for people. This is the best way to improve and develop your interpretation skills. Don’t worry if you make mistakes. ASR Martins and the Moderators will evaluate all interpretations and they will make positive suggestions. No need to fear for you are anonymous anyway. You really do not have to feel awkward or exposed. It is a forum that was primarily created for training and development purposes.

To ensure that you succeed in developing your interpretation skills, take note of the following:

Ask the topic creator some questions if it appears that the dream or vision was not described in detail. people sometimes give a summary which will render the whole exercise useless. Dreams always need to be submitted with great and complete detail. Every little thing has meaning.

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Analyze and identify all possible symbols as best as you can. Remember there are sometimes slightly obscure symbols that cannot be ignored.

Purchase the Dream Symbols Dictionary and the Interpretation Course Manual, which will drastically improve your abilities to identify the meanings of the symbols and to interpret dreams and visions correctly. All programs aimed at developing people have some initial or a once-off cost involved. This is no different. The official course is FREE but everyone should at least be prepared to purchase the Dictionary and the Course Manual. When subscribing, you will receive the password which will enable you to start using our Dream Interpretation Course. Make use of all the resources available on the ASR Martins Ministries Website to develop and improve your dreams and visions interpretation skills.

Regularly check back to read the answers, when you have asked some questions. Also, take note of the suggestions and the comments made by ASR Martins and the Moderators. This will help you to improve and develop your interpretation skills.

Make sure you know the Dream Interpretation Community Forum rules and take note of all other posts and announcements that have been made or that will be made in the future.

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