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Please take note that Lighthouse Radio is broadcasting the ASR Martins Dreams and Visions Interpretation Series, The Biblical Spiritual Warfare Series, the How To Live Successfully and Victoriously In Christ Series and other series four times a week at the following times:

Wednesdays at 20:00, Thursdays at 20:00, Saturdays at 21:00 and Sundays at 14:00

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The “Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course” is divided into two parts. The first part is all about the theoretical explanation that covers the principles and the divine rules and regulations that govern the language of symbols. It is all about the things that you need to know to understand the symbols and the methods to interpret dreams and visions successfully.

We will not be able to understand the symbols in dreams and visions if we do not understand the principles that govern the Biblical language of symbols. So the first part of this program is really important. It lays the foundation and it forms the basis on which the second part of this series is based. So, do not skip the first part of the series. You need this foundation to be able to interpret dreams and visions successfully and correctly.

The second part of the series about dreams and visions is all about the symbols and the meanings of the symbols. The meanings of all the different symbols will be explained in detail. This will enable you to understand and to learn and to master the Biblical language of symbols. The language of symbols is very similar to other languages. When we hear people speak in a specific language, we understand what they say to each other if we know that specific language. The same is true for the biblical language of symbols. When we know the language of symbols we know the meanings of dreams and visions. It is as easy as that.

Dreams and visions and the interpretation of dreams and visions play such an important role in the lives of Christians, even in the lives of unsaved people. Yet, the church is almost silent about this topic. People just do not regard this aspect of their faith-walk to be important or something that they should give attention to. For most people dreams and visions and the interpretation of dreams and visions is something that they have seen in the Bible but they do not think that it is still applicable or appropriate today.

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Let me ask you a very interesting question, Have you ever wished that you could interpret your dreams and visions? Have you ever wished that you could interpret it correctly, for your family and friends? With no mistakes and no guessing? But you being one hundred percent sure that you did interpret the dream or the vision correctly?

This question will certainly trigger different responses among Christians. Many people do not think that dreams can be interpreted but that it is more a case of God giving his children a word of wisdom or a word of knowledge which enables them to understand the meaning of the dream or the vision. To them, it is not about the symbols or interpretation but divine knowledge obtained through the Spirit of God. Such people usually believe that dreams symbols dictionaries are not Biblical or legitimate because they do not see anybody in the Bible making use of dreams symbols dictionaries. Many people believe that the symbols in dreams and visions have certain meanings and that people know what a dream is all about just because they know the meanings of the symbols. Many people believe that dreams and visions are something of the past. To them, dreams are just a natural result of a person’s emotional condition with no or insignificant meaning. With this radio program, we want to get to the bottom of this.

The Spiritual Warfare series, as well as the How To Live Successfully In Christ series, is all about us, the body of Christ, and us the church and us as individuals in the kingdom of God, being successful in all areas of life. It is about us claiming our complete or full inheritance. It is about us putting in place on earth, which is already in heaven.

If people love God and if they have faith in God and his word and if they put their trust in God, they can live victoriously in the kingdom of God.

Such people will enjoy divine protection, they will live behind or under a shield of protection that cannot be compromised in any way. It is always 100 % impenetrable, even when we fail or when we are unfaithful. Just a quick explanation here: If you followed our previous series about spiritual warfare, you would have seen that there always are two lines of protection in the lives of people. The first line is maintained by God and is absolutely impenetrable. This is the hedge around us or the shield that evil just cannot compromise in any way. It is always in place in the lives of all people. When Christ took away the sins of the world and when he disarmed satan and all his demons, He did it once and for all and from that day, the hedge and the shield has been in place for all people. It can never go away even if we are unfaithful. The first line of defense prevents satan and demons to physically harm people in any way. Because of this hedge or this shield, they cannot touch you or your belongings any way. This must be very frustrating for satan and his demons.

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The second line of defense is the armor of God that is completely your responsibility. If you use it according to the will and ways and prescriptions that God determined, then and only then can you be successful, victorious and prosperous in Christ. You see if you don’t use this armor correctly, then the devil can use you against yourself. Then he can cause you to bring all sorts of bad things over yourself and that is how satan and demonic spirits oppress people. They have to do it through indirect means. So you yourself can become your worst enemy. It is for this reason that we can never blame anyone except ourselves when things go wrong in our lives. We cannot even blame the devil. Anyway, let’s go back to the victorious lives of those who decided to, or signed up for the quest of conquering the land of the symbolic Canaan by fearlessly defeating all the giants in their lives. 

They will be delivered from all sorts of traps and pitfalls and pestilences.

They will not fear anything in life because nothing will be able to hurt them or harm them in any way.

They will be protected against sicknesses and diseases and pestilences. It means that it will not be able to germinate inside their bodies. It won’t touch them. They will live healthy lives.

People who rejected God or those people who accepted God but who fail to claim their inheritance will fall all around them but they will stand.

No evil or calamities or plaques will come near them.

They will trample on evil. The devil and demonic spirits will be crushed under their feet.

They will not be hurt or harmed in any way.

They will live long lives.

They will be successful and prosperous and possess whatever they need and they will be honored. Please take note, they will not be stinking rich but they will have whatever they need and even more to give to other people. They will lack nothing and they will be blessed and all their needs will be met at all times.

They will live in peace and their peaceful lives will not be compromised by undesired incidents or unforeseen events. When they hear rumors of evil or undesired events or unforeseen events in their lives they will not fear but they will rest in God knowing that these rumors or incidents and events will have no impact on them. It will pass without affecting them negatively in any way.

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