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This week’s PRACTICAL DREAM ANALYSIS report is another example emphasizing the danger of applying a spiritual connotation to a natural dream. This aspect of dream and vision interpretation is very important. It is exactly this problem that causes most dreams and visions to be interpreted incorrectly. This problem is caused by us failing to connect a specific dream with a specific incident, event, trauma, discussion, circumstance, query or pondering.

The most important factor that dramatically increases the chances of correctly interpreting any dream or vision is this: Have I been able to identify the “incident” that caused the specific dream or vision? What happened during the few hours just before I had the dream or vision? Can I make a connection? If you can, your chances of interpreting the dream or vision increased by a few hundred percent. I am not exaggerating! This dream that we are analyzing today will prove this fact once again.

Remember the analysis reports are part of our “Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course” program. These reports will be of tremendous value as it will slowly but surely train you and prepare you to master the gift of the “interpretation of dreams and visions”. You will eventually interpret dreams and visions correctly and according to Biblical principles. Of course it will get easier and quicker as you get more familiar with the different principles that govern dream and vision interpretation.

Although it is a gift, it is a gift that God gave all his children.

Although it is a gift, it does take time and practice. Apart from getting more and more familiar with all the different symbols, the principles and the different fundamental principles that govern dream analysis, it also cultivates a closer and more intimate relationship with Christ our Lord.

So, read all the reports as faithful as you can and stand up and be counted!


I was gathering a group of girls (we were all in a room) I told them we should go and tan by the pool; I gave each one a friendship bracelet (I felt good and content). As we were getting ready, I saw (right top corner of dream) that there were very dark clouds coming, bit of thunder too, we then decided we couldn’t go anymore hence the weather. (I wasn’t upset about the weather but I really wanted to go tan)

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Then we were all laying on mattresses (still in the room, the whole floor was filled with mattresses); I was laying on a mattress in the bottom right hand corner, someone opened the door bumping my head with the door (I got a fright cause I was laying and relaxing).

Then I was in a lounge with a group of people, we were all sitting. I was sitting on the left side of the dream (no feeling – not a familiar lounge).

Someone was arguing, everyone was agreeing and saying that “you help 3 or 5 of them, they go up and then they come down”; before I could say anything Raul (Father in Adams family) walked in from the opposite of me and said that it is against the law to discuss such things, Jenny (co-worker) was standing with her face against the wall crying (she was standing on my left and on Raul’s right side), I got into trouble although I didn’t say anything (however I was thinking in my head that one should not always try and help everyone-some just don’t want to be helped).

Then, I was outdoors alone sitting on a brick wall looking at my texts, Brenda (co-worker) sent me a message asking me if I would come to her birthday party; I remember closing my texts, as I closed my texts Brenda was standing (behind me on my left) saying “oh so you don’t answer my texts”, I told her that I need to first discuss with my husband first before I answer her.

Then I was at a function, people were playing games, I saw across the field (school field) ladies I knew and we waved at each other. As I walked toward the ladies I bumped into Brenda (she was sitting on my right hand side), I complimented her on the party (I thought it was her birthday party), she told me it wasn’t her birthday party but an event that she had arranged.

Then I was indoors (small closed off area, glass door in front of we – open with beautiful green lawn and sunny day) with a few ladies (I don’t know them), I saw unicorn sweets (cone, sprinkles) in a glass square bowl which was on the counter, I thought they were really cute; I showed one of the ladies but she didn’t think they were cute. I took a second unicorn, wanting to take a picture but the lady kept bumping me (on my right side), I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was provoking me. I did nothing back to her. Then she went to tell her father (Raul-Father in Adams family) also on my right side, not too sure what she was accusing me of but he made his way to me, I sensed danger and knew he was angry at me and wanted to hurt me. I started running (I was petrified in my dream), I ran outside across the green lawn, he chased me, but then he tasered me and I fell to the ground (I remember wearing a dress and he had black pants and a white buttoned shirt). Next moment I was sitting at a train station waiting for the train, when I looked up Joseph (husband) and Peter (son) were across from me shocked at how I looked.

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Dream Analysis: (As reported back to the person who had this dream)

I am briefly referring to different symbols in this analysis. It is important for you to check them out in the dictionary as well so that you have a better understanding of these symbols. It is also important to remember that certain circumstances leading up to a dream or certain questions asked before a dream or a person pondering on something specific before a dream really helps a lot in terms of interpreting the dream. In most cases such information ensures that the interpretation is totally accurate.

Interpretation: (This is actually an incorrect interpretation)

You are gathering a group of people and you are playing an important role in helping them or influencing them to allow God to influence their lives (sun, tan, rays of the sun) and even involving the gifts of the Spirit (swimming pool). A friendship bracelet speaks of you assuring those people that you will stand by them no matter what. They are close to your heart and you are committed to them. You are committed to ensure their well being and you will look after them. The storm in the right top corner indicated that the group were facing trouble in the near future (conflict, difficulty, disturbance, trials) (See “Positions in dreams”). This will or did result in bad decisions and actions taken by all of you. In stead of you (you and your friends) taking control over the situation in power and in Spirit (calm the storm with the word of God like Jesus did when He and his disciples were in the boat on the sea of Galilee in the storm), you all backed off and decided to take a position of spiritual inactivity (sleeping, laying on mattresses and relaxing). The door of opportunity that could have been a solution to the problem, did not work because of your head being in the way (analytical thoughts in stead of the word of God). Those thoughts should have been replaced by the word of God because then you would have spoken to the storm like Jesus did. Bottom right corner speaks of your will and actions which was caused by wrong thinking. You decided to accept and relax in stead of taking action (authority in the power of God). You did not have to accept the storm and allow it to cause so much turmoil in your lives. I can see a lot of disunity and people not being loyal to you. They absolutely failed to do what they were supposed to do. Although you did promote unity and fruitfulness (3 + 5) there were so much legalism (analytical thinking and words spoken) and discontent. They did not regard your position at all. They did not understand that you need to consult with and enforce the will of Jesus Christ (husband). Elizabeth arranged games (debating spiritual doctrines or teachings) in stead of celebrating her birth in Christ, she went for analytically (legalism) evaluating your conduct according to the word of God.
The misunderstandings with the cellphone and texts also symbolize a communication breakdown (no more fellowship).

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The sweets (unicorn cones) speak of your longing for words of refreshment and acceptance and unity and support (See “Food”). It was very important to you because you even wanted to permanently remember it by taking a photo. There were so many promising things; green lawn (peace), sun (positive influence), sweets (words of refreshment and enjoyment), square bowl (revelation knowledge, truth). In stead they gave you the opposite. This caused a lot of turmoil and conflict and problems for you and the group of people you were involved with. Raul symbolizes a prominent (powerful) person. The black trouser speaks of him being in a powerful position in terms of evil intentions (negativity, depression, evil attitude, etc). The white shirt is deceiving. It speaks of him pretending that he is righteous and pure in his actions.

This could absolutely be interpreted (spiritually – a future event), but it turned out to be all about a specific situation at the work place of the person who had this dream.

This was the situation at work: I have been at my company for ten years. During the past year a lot of changes have taken place at work. A new lady started working for our company. We work with tenders so there is a lot of deadlines and there is always quite a stressful atmosphere. It seems that this lady was angry with me because she felt that I did not “train” her well enough. It was always a challenge for her to do tenders.

Then two of the departments had merged. There was only one lady in the other department and we were five in ours. It came forth as if she quickly made alliances with the lady mentioned above and they quickly formed a click with one another, ignoring me and basically bullying me. Four months ago, the one lady from the other department resigned which changed the atmosphere and the other three got along with me again. The friendships at work started to be restored again.

What increased the possibility of an incorrect interpretation?

If I did not know about the circumstances at this person’s workplace, I would have interpreted the dream as I did above. She probably had this dream because she pondered on the situation at her work. She probably asked God questions about this whole situation. This lady made the connection. She knew that this dream was connected to the situation at work and that is why we could interpret this dream correctly.

Many spiritual symbols have a natural meaning as well. There is a lot of symbols that we tend to think can only be spiritual but in fact can have a natural meaning as well. Lets briefly go through those symbols in this dream:

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The sun which normally symbolizes God the Father and the influence of God the Father on people (the rays of the sun shining on, heating and penetrating the skins of people – tanning), can also mean positive influences at work.

The swimming pool which normally speaks of spiritual influences and the gifts of the spirit and spiritual blessings can also speak of blessings at work.

Churches and Christian groups can pray and fast and apply the word of God in any situation where they are challenged or whenever they are facing difficult circumstances, trials, tribulation and persecution. People in a work situation can do the same. They can solve problems and fend off persecution in their work situation (spiritually) just as the church.

Just as legalism and quarreling about the word and will of God take place in the church (teachings and doctrines), so people can quarrel about company procedures and rules and regulations in a workplace.

Just as the actions and conduct of a prominent person in ministry can be questioned and judged, so also the actions and conduct of a prominent person in a workplace.

The correct interpretation:

This person really attempted to do her work according to sound work ethics. She wanted to create a good environment at work. She was committed to the people that worked for or with her and she really carried their best interests at heart. They were her friends. Her colleagues were however influenced by a new employee who caused a lot of conflict and turmoil at work. She influenced people in a bad way and she caused more and more people to turn against the person who had this dream. They actually treated her very badly. They were unfair and disloyal. There were communication breakdowns and the fellowship between these people was seriously damaged. Procedures, actions and conduct became an issue. There was instigation and backbiting.

This caused this person to back off into a position of inactivity. She just accepted the situation and did nothing about it. The rest of the workers did the same. They just laid on the “mattresses” and waited for the “storm” to clear up. This was a mistake. The woman’s head was in the way (door opening hitting her against the head). This speaks of her wrong thinking which led to wrong actions (inactivity). She was supposed to address this matter at work in a spiritual way. She was supposed to pray, to believe God for a change at work and to speak life (the word of God) into her work situation. She was supposed to calm the storm just like Jesus did.

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God actually showed the person who had this dream that she could have prevented the whole things if she acted according to his will and his word from the start. God gave her this dream to show her why it turned out to be such a negative event but He probably showed her this in order for her to move from inactivity into action (from defense to the offense). She needs to believe and trust him and his word even in her work situation. He actually wants her to speak life into this situation. He wants her to call positive things into existence. She can change this whole situation according to Mark 11:23 For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

She should pray, believe and trust that He will change the situation at work.


It is so easy to make a mistake when we interpret dreams. We need to make a connection like this lady did. That will ensure a correct interpretation. However, do not forget that there are times when God speaks to us directly without us asking questions. These dreams are almost always spiritual and actually easier to interpret.

I need to make it clear that all we can do is helping people understanding their dreams and visions. We can help them with the basics. We help them with most of the interpretation but even after we have done that they still need to seek God’s face about the dream or the vision. They still need to deal with issues and they need to sort out their responsibilities, actions and reactions in terms of the relevant dream or vision.

Please read the posts in our newest category, “Interesting Discussions on dreams” which will help you a lot.

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