Divine Intervention! Great Protection!

God is just Awesome! Benjamin can surely testify that amazing fact after God recently supernaturally intervened in his life. This divine intervention really resulted in great protection for Benjamin and his family. He shared this wonderful testimony with us:

A few weeks ago I went to bed one evening. As I was lying in the dark pondering on the day’s events I suddenly, out of the blue, felt an overwhelming gratitude for being able to see. What a wonderful privilege to be able to have good eyesight! What an awesome privilege not to be blind! I immediately thanked God for our whole family being able to see. I then also prayed that He must protect our eyes. I thanked him that He will look after our children and that He will always protect their eyes. After this prayer and after thanking God for his protection I fell asleep.

The next day, just after school my youngest boy informed me of a potentially disastrous incident he had at school that day. He told me that he was walking very fast underneath some trees among the classrooms when he walked right into a dry branch. The sharp end of the branch almost caught him right in the eye. He then showed me quite a nasty wound millimeters beneath his right eye. I immediately knew that if that branch caught him right in the eye he probably would have lost his eye.

I immediately realized what actually happened the night before. God knew that this incident would happen. He needed me to pray for my son’s protection. He subsequently prevented my son from loosing one of his eyes.

I was so grateful when I realized this. I could not do anything else but to praise and worship our Almighty God for being the person that He is. So wonderful and so awesome!

We are all very grateful for what God did for Benjamin and his son that day. God is truly a wonderful God. He is omnipotent and He is omnipresent. He knows everything about us from the day we were born until we die, and everything in between. Read Psalms 139 and you will realize that God can recall every second of your life. There is not one single incident that He does not already know about you. There is not one word that you said or will say that He cannot recall right now. He has seen each and every slightest movement of your hand. He knows when your bank charges you banking cost the moment they do. He knows each and every word people say about you. He knows each and every feeling people have about you, the moment they do. That is why the Bible says that even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. He is truly an awesome and amazing God!

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It is interesting that God did not give Benjamin a dream about this incident. He also did not share this knowledge with him in a vision. He gave him an overwhelming feeling of gratitude about a specific blessing! He then softly urged him to pray for protection. This is actually another way or method that God uses to communicate very important information to us. We discussed a few other methods the other day which is also very interesting. Click on this link to read that post for a better understanding of the way God speaks to his children: The Symbolic Language Of The Bible Explained.

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