L – Symbols Dreams And Visions

L – Symbols Dreams And Visions

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Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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L – Symbols (The meanings or the interpretation of most symbols in this dictionary are derived from the Bible)


A ladder speaks of spiritual activities in a ministry or work-related situation which leads to promotion. A ladder symbolizes a positive step-by-step movement upwards or forwards. This speaks of improvement or promotion. It however indicates that this will be a result of our own efforts and it will be a slow or a gradual ascend. A ladder is difficult to climb, not like stairs, and therefore it sometimes speaks of promotion or progress through sacrifice. It symbolizes the moving forward or promotion (because of effort or sacrifice) which leads to higher spiritual ground (From Glory to glory or from victory to victory). It does not happen at once but step by step.

Different ways climbing a ladder may reveal more details. Climbing a ladder may indicate a positive or a negative human effort. Climbing it cautiously speak of improvement or promotion but there is a warning to be cautious for some reason. Climbing it with skill speaks of achieving promotion or improvement easily, almost effortlessly.

In a negative sense climbing a ladder down into a basement or other area is a warning that you are going backwards or downwards instead of forwards and upwards. This indicates that you are spiritually loosing ground.

In another negative sense, climbing a ladder can sometimes speak of a person’s unawareness of God’s plan or presence in his circumstances. His attention might be totally on his own plans and efforts whilst God actually has a wonderful plan for his life. You could have achieved spiritual promotion a lot easier like climbing stairs or even going up with a lift.

Ladder (Climbing down)

This is a warning not to move backwards or downwards. It speaks of spiritual activities in a situation that will lead to demotion. We should pray for wisdom and we should be obedient when we receive a warning like this.

See “Ladder”.


A lamp-stand symbolizes a new and a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. He brings back our first love for Jesus Christ and He removes spiritual obstacles that hinder our relationship with Him. This symbol is really powerful. The oil in the lamp speaks of the power of the Holy Spirit and the light speaks of the church or a congregation. When the Holy Spirit moves as symbolized by the lamp-stand the church functions in a powerful way being the light of the world.


People are symbolized by trees in dreams. The leaves of trees symbolize the hands of people which speaks of the healing ministry. People lay their hands on the sick when they pray for them as we see in the Bible.


See “Positions of symbols in dreams and visions”.

Left to right

See “Directions (movement) in dreams and visions”.

Left turn

Taking or making a left turn in dreams and visions symbolizes a bad decision. It speaks of a wrong decision with bad consequences (falling into bondage or losses and/or defeat in a specific situation).


Legs speak of the power and the strength of a person. Your legs enable you to stand and to face life from a position of readiness. Strong legs symbolizes a strong spiritual condition of power. Weak legs speak of a person who is weak when it comes to spiritual matters.


A leopard symbolizes a person with an attitude of blasphemy or rebellious aggression towards God and the children of God. It symbolizes a person or people who are in conflict with the gifts or the flow and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Such people are often using the Name of God in vain. Even Christians can reveal an attitude of blasphemy or rebellion against the Holy Spirit.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.


When you dream of letters it symbolizes messages from God. These messages may come through reading the letters of Paul which he wrote to the churches or it may be through the reading of books or daily devotions.

See “Envelopes”.

Letters (Handwritten in bed)

Handwritten letters in bed symbolizes personal messages from God through dreams.

See “Envelopes”.


A letterbox symbolizes that a person is waiting for a word from God. Such a person is often waiting patiently and expectantly for God to answer or to speak to him or her. The color of the postbox indicates what type of answer is expected.


See “Elevator”.

Light (Bright)

A bright light shining into the darkness symbolizes the light of the word of God. It speaks a person who knows the will and the ways and the word of God, probably in a specific situation.

Light (Green)

A green light speaks of a person obeying God’s will in terms of righteousness and therefore reaping God’s peace in his life.

Light (Red)

A red light speaks of a person disobeyed God’s will in terms of righteousness and therefore reaping conflict.

Lilies (White)

White lilies symbolizes praising and worshiping God in fruitfulness, victory, faith, holiness and righteousness.


Limestone is not very strong and therefore it symbolizes a poor foundation.


A lion symbolizes authority, strength, majesty and prevail. It speaks of the authority of a person who prevails or overcomes. If we take up our son-ship as kings in the kingdom of God we are like the lion of Judah. We overcome and we prevail just like Jesus Christ did.

A lion speaks of the Authority of Jesus (the Lion of Judah) who was appointed by the Father to be the Judge over the nations. It speaks of the judgment of God on the nations when He (Jesus) visits them to judge them according to their works of unrighteousness. A lion symbolizes the wrath or the anger of God. It speaks of the discipline of God. When people or nations persist in their sins, when they refuse to repent or refuse to treat people according to the word and the will of God, He becomes a lion of wrath. God has a side to him that many Christians fail to see or fail to comprehend. We must never forget that He revealed Himself to Israel first as a strict God judging and punishing people who sins. That never changed. God is still like the God of the Old Testament. He punished Jesus in our place so that we do not have to be punished anymore. However, although He does not punish people anymore, He still does punish nations when they oppress the poor. He still does chastise his children and believe me God’s chastisement can be quite severe and quite serious.

A lion can also speak of the judgment of God on evil spirits. For this reason a lion also symbolizes the casting out of demons.

When it comes to financial matters, a pride of lions sometimes symbolizes the need for a financial strategy involving more than one member of the family or the business in order to obtain financial blessings. In a dream this is symbolized by the strategy that a pride of lions display when they hunt together as a group.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Lion (Black)

A black lion symbolizes a person who does not believe that he can overcome or that he can prevail. Such a person has a lack of faith in his own authority or ability in Christ.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Lion (Golden)

A golden lion symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah.


Lips speak of a person’s speech. The color of lips reveal the words that a person is speaking or supposed to speak. Remember that a Christian cannot talk or speak recklessly. We always need to speak the word of God. A woman I know once had a dream in which she was applying a blue color (revelation knowledge) around her lips (not really on her lips but actually around her lips). Just after she did this, in the dream, she realized that she actually applied eye shadow (not lipstick) around her lips. In this dream God was speaking to this lady. He was emphasizing the need for her to speak the right words. God always wants us to guard our mouths. He wanted her to apply the spiritual insight that he gave her (See “eyes” as symbolized by the eye shadow) to her testimonies and daily conversations. This woman had wonderful insight in the ways and will of God but was not so disciplined in her talking. She often made reckless or negative statements which were in fact contradictory to the word of God.

Lips (Dripping with honey)

Lips dripping with honey speak of a person who speaks seductive words or.

Lips (red)

Red lips speak of a person who speaks negative words causing conflict and dissension.


The liver symbolizes forgiveness. The liver breaks down old and damaged blood cells and removes it from the good and healthy blood cells. This speaks of the forgiveness of sins. Sins leads to death and it must be removed just like the liver removes dead cells from the blood. We need to make sure that our spiritual livers are functioning by constantly forgiving other people when they sin against us. When we do not forgive other people the “dead cells” in our spiritual bloodstream will kill us spiritually because the dead cells symbolize unforgiveness and bitterness.

Liver (Damaged)

A damaged liver symbolizes a person with an attitude of unforgiveness in his life. If we do not forgive people then the damaged blood cells in our spiritual bodies cannot be removed from our spiritual blood. This results in bitterness in our lives. In such cases we suffer because of a lack of spiritual oxygen (good living cells) in our lives just like in the natural.

Liver (With a disease in the liver)

A person who had a dream of a damaged liver speaks of a person who fears or who feels that God will not forgive him for a specific sin that he committed.


A lizard symbolizes a person with an attitude of slyness or cunningness or laziness. He appears busy but is actually very lazy. When he is discovered he often quickly moves away.

It also symbolizes a person who fears man. It is because of this fear that such a person develops a sly and a cunning personality.

Also see “Animals” and “Creatures (Of the land)” for a better understanding of this symbol.


Locusts symbolize something that consumes all the blessings of the Lord. When the swarm of locusts move out to right, it means a time of restoration and prosperity is approaching. If it comes in from the right (moving to the left) it means a time of financial hardship is approaching.

Also see “Animals” and “Creatures (Of the air)” for a better understanding of this symbol.


See “Hips”

Looking back

A person who is looking back in a dream or a vision symbolizes a person who is hanging onto past relationships.

In another sense it speaks of a person who is looking back at historical events in the church or in the natural. For instance, a person I know once pondered on the not so good turns, decisions and routes that the institutional church took in the past. That night God showed this person in a dream what happened to the church in the past few hundred years and why it happened. God showed him how the church was involved in spiritual fornication and so on. What was interesting in this dream was the fact that the person saw all this looking back over his left shoulder.


Lungs symbolizes a person with an attitude of praising God and expressing thanksgiving towards God with all he has.

The lung is also the symbol of containing life and that also means perpetual life as we keep on breathing life in Christ.

In a negative sense the lung can breath out poisonous gas which is an attitude of hatred and jealousy.

Also, according to Ephesians 2:2, we can fill our lungs with polluted unbelief, and then exhale disobedience. For instance, breathing out a dark smoke speaks of unbelief and disobedience.

In another sense, people who are terminally ill may experience a time of negativity or hopelessness leading to an atmosphere of unbelief or depression. To them it feels like they reached the end. They sometimes expect to die at any moment. In a dream this is symbolized by them exhaling a dark smoke which fills the room and causing it to get dark. It speaks of a person who feels a bit concerned about their chances to make it through alive. Usually this is a call for praise and worship. God wants us to trust in Him for healing and if we do, our healing is guaranteed. He does not want us to to sink into a pit of depression when we face dire circumstances. He wants us to believe in Him and his word and He wants us to trust him. There is nothing better than praise, worship, prayer and meditating on the word of God in times like this.

Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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Click on the following letters of the alphabet for the relevant symbol that you are looking for:


Colors in dreams and visions

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