B – Symbols Dreams And Visions

B – Symbols Dreams And Visions

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B – Symbols (The meanings or the interpretation of most symbols in this dictionary are derived from the Bible)


See “Ape”.


When it is unclear whether it is a boy or a girl, a baby speaks of the birth of a new ministry or that souls will be born into the kingdom of God. In this sense a new ministry is symbolized by the birth of a living creature. A ministry is part of the church and the church is a living organism. This speaks of new converts added to the church and it speaks of something new.

See “Baby-boy” and “Baby-girl”.


A baby-boy symbolizes a ministry of renewal. This does imply that something new is added to the existing ministry.


A baby-girl symbolizes growth and expansion in a ministry. This imply that the existing ministry is expanding. It becomes bigger and it becomes more influential and effective.


Baldness is a symbol of weakness and humility. A person without hair in dreams does not have authority. For instance, a bald person driving a powerful black motorcycle symbolizes a person who is weak when it comes to prayer. In spite of praying often he stays negative (black). See the meaning of “motorcycle”. Such a person should pray in tongues or he should learn to pray the word of God with authority. A powerful prayer-life starts with meditating the word. We need to pray the word of God in faith.


A ball in a dream symbolizes an opportunity to speak or to teach (preach). More detail (symbols) in the dream like the color of the ball, the players involved in the game (if any), the interaction of people, the circumstances regarding the area or the place, other symbols involved like buildings or vehicles all give more information or detail regarding the meaning of the dream.

Also see “Games (Sport/Playing)” in order to understand the reason why we dream of balls.

Ball (Black and solid)

A black ball speaks of the unbelief that an opportunity to speak or to preach will arise.

Also see “Ball” and “Games (Sport/Playing)” in order to understand the reason why we dream of balls.

Ball (Gold)

A golden ball symbolizes a conversation about faith or the opportunity to preach a message about faith.

Also see “Ball” and “Games (Sport/Playing)” in order to understand the reason why we dream of balls.

Ball (Golf)

A very relaxed discussion about the word of God where each participant gets a turn to speak or to make a declaration. This is a very effective and civilized way of sharing the word of God with each other. The chances of the discussion resulting in an argument are very slim. Participants are not focused on outwitting each other but are really just sharing the word of God without putting any pressure on each other.

Also see “Ball” and “Games (Sport/Playing)” in order to understand the reason why we dream of balls.

Ball (Rugby)

A rugby ball speaks of a heated discussion or argument. Rugby is a tough contact sport. People with a gift of teaching often dreams that he or she is involved in a football game. This symbolizes an event or an incident where people will be involved in an emotional or a heated discussion about the word of God.

Also see “Ball” and “Games (Sport/Playing)” in order to understand the reason why we dream of balls.

Ball (Silver)

A conversation about redemption and/or purification. See the color “Silver”

Also see “Ball” and “Games (Sport/Playing)” in order to understand the reason why we dream of balls.

Ball (Tennis)

A tennis ball symbolizes preaching or a discussion where each one gets a turn to speak. This differs from golf. In tennis each participant is motivated to outflank or outwit each other. This is a negative way to share the word of God with each other. A person dreaming that he is involved in a tennis match with somebody like his employer is actually warned to prepare himself for an argument with his employer. He might have to outwit his employer to save a specific situation. Remember dreams are not always about spiritual matters. It is also about you getting involved in all sorts of situations. God might be preparing you for a specific situation. The color of the tennis ball will give more insight into the meaning of the specific dream. A red tennis ball indicates that the argument will be characterized by anger, fury and conflict. See “Colors in dreams and visions”.

Also see “Ball” and “Games (Sport/Playing)” in order to understand the reason why we dream of balls.


Balloons are utilized to draw people’s attention to a celebration or something or a person. In a positive sense we draw people’s attention to the goodness, the will of God and the word of God.

Sometimes we should keep our mouths shut. Sometimes we should think before we act. We can easily say something or do something with the best attentions but later realize that we only brought unnecessary attention to a situation. The color of the balloon(s) will reveal more details about the meaning of the dream or vision.

Balloon (Blue)

A blue balloon draws attention to a spiritual truth or spiritual revelation from God.

Balloon (Pink)

A pink balloon symbolizes attention being fixed on something with sentimental value.

Balloon (Red)

A red balloon draws attention to conflict or tension in a situation.


Balm is a symbol of the healing ministry. In a dream this might speak of ministering unto a sick person. The laying on of hands or good spiritual counseling is in fact the application of balm unto spiritual wounds. These wounds might be physical or emotional.

Banana (Fruit of the Spirit)

Bananas symbolize friendliness. A “banana” person is a friendly person. Remember that fruit symbolizes the nine fruits of the Spirit of God. In dreams a person’s attitude or personality is symbolized by fruit.


A banner in a dream or vision speaks of the standard of God lifted high. A banner is a statement or a declaration for what we stand for. In dreams and visions it stands for the standard of God. The color and the words or symbols on the banner will reveal more information in order to interpret the meaning of the dream.

A banner also speaks of joyfully celebrating and the praising of God.

See “Flags”.


Banqueting is a symbol of a festival time or spiritual celebration and fellowship. In dreams and visions a celebration party symbolizes praise and worship. When we praise and worship God we are celebrating his goodness. A banquet is closely related. It means that we are relaxing a bit and our souls are being refreshed whilst we are enjoying our fellow Christian brothers and sisters in the presence of God. It is time of enjoying the goodness of God. He provided for us so that we can enjoy the banquet.


Baptism is a symbol of the burial of an old lifestyle. When we are baptized we are willingly dying to sin. We willingly choose to follow Jesus and we willingly bury our old self.


Barley is a symbol of poverty or lowliness or a low reputation.


A Barbel symbolizes a person who really never was a true child of God. Such a person did not really repent. Just as a barbel always hide himself in the mud, so such a person is always involved in sin.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol. Although a barbel is a freshwater fish, like creatures of the sea it also relates to the hidden spirit of man. See “Creatures (Of the sea)”.


Barrenness is a symbol of unproductively. In a spiritual sense there is no fruit in such a person’s life.


A basin is a symbol for spiritual cleansing. In dreams, washing is all about spiritual cleanness. It is all about washing away sin. Other symbols and colors will reveal more about the meaning of the dream or vision. Soap symbolizes the blood of Jesus. When we wash ourselves with soap we are actually repenting of our sin and allowing the blood of Jesus to cleanse us from sin.

In a negative sense washing in a basin can be negative because it can indicate that you are only repenting from certain sins. One usually concentrate on your face and your teeth in a basin. You might be allowing some sin in your life by a half halfhearted repentance. Washing in a basin is not considered to be a thorough wash like it should be.


A basket is a symbol of life’s provisions. When you dream of a basket filled with all sorts of food, you are receiving a message from God about his provision and the principles that govern his kingdom laws about provision. When you dream that somebody gives you a basket containing food you are about to receive provisions from God.


Bathing is a symbol of cleansing and purification. When you are bathing you are allowing God to wash you with the blood of Christ. Repentance of specific sins is symbolized with bathing. A person bathing is wholeheartedly repenting.


A bathroom symbolizes our own responsibility to repent from sin or to cleanse ourselves from unrighteousness. The blood of Jesus Christ washed our sins away. It made us righteous in the presence of God. We however need to walk in holiness. When we fail to do that we need to repent. Obviously this relates to the sins of our souls. A bathroom is the spiritual place where you are delivered from sin as a result of repentance. It does not refer to your salvation when God cleansed you by the blood of Christ. Soap is therefore a symbol for the blood of Jesus Christ.

Battleship (Black)

A battleship symbolizes a zealous attack by demonic forces in order to destroy. Demonic forces attack us in the dark (in a place of obscurity) when we least expect it. They come in the dark and they often use the element of surprise. They do not possess any power over God’s people and therefore their attacks are always cunning and sly. Their only advantage is the ignorance of God’s people. Mature Christians are well protected against demonic attacks but some not. Read my book, “The truth about spiritual warfare”, in order to be better prepared for demonic attacks.


A beam (support beam) is a symbol of strength and support. A beam supports the roof. The roof is a symbol of God’s covering. We as children of the most High always find our strength in God. He supports us, He maintains us and He protects us. He is our strength and He covers us.

Beam (Steel structure)

A steel beam is a symbol of a man-made support and support structures. These structures are not Godly but part of the worldly systems. When you dream that you are hanging helplessly on top of iron beams and structures, above water like a river or a huge dam or reservoir, you are actually unable to reach God’s provision and blessings because of you relying on worldly systems. The water symbolizes God’s blessings and provision but the worldly-systems (steel structures) prevent you from receiving your blessings. Such a person is depending on the financial systems, the medical systems and all sorts of other worldly systems for provision, protection and maintenance in stead of on God.

Beam (Person sitting on steel beam structures above a dam or water or green grass)

A person relying on worldly systems for financial provision instead of on the provision of God.

Beam (Steel beams or pieces of iron torn apart with person’s bare hands)

A person tearing apart thick and strong pieces of steel with his bare hands speaks of a person who is destroying traditional man-made doctrines and worldly systems in favor of the true doctrines of God. Such a person teaches new and true Biblical doctrines and in the process he will destroy old man-made doctrines and man-made support systems. When enough support beams have been destroyed the whole building will collapse. This is how man-made structures are eventually destroyed in the lives of the children of God.


A bear symbolizes anger, bitterness and rage because of a life of defeat or because of negative events and experiences in the past. A person with a bear attitude is bitter about many things in his life. They are full of doubt about the future and therefore not enthusiastic about things. They usually live in the past harboring thoughts of defeat. They are very doubtful of the future and always ready to retreat or to give up.

A bear can also be a symbol of evil or cunning or cruel men.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Bear (Brown)

A brown bear can also symbolize a person waiting because of laziness and not because of the active waiting on God in obedience.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Bear (Financial matters)

The direction in which a bear moves or face or where it is situated in the visionary field in a dream or vision can sometimes indicate how we should act in terms of financial transactions. A bear in the left hand side (past) of the visionary field indicates that we should not wait but move in order to make a financial transaction or to receive a financial breakthrough. Seeing the bear on the right hand side (future) of the visionary field indicates that waiting is necessary in order to prosper. Opportunity or a bargain will arise or come our way in due time.

Also see “Animals” and “Directions in dreams and visions” for a better understanding of this symbol.


A beard is a symbol of spiritual strength or honor or being spiritually aged. A Gray beard speaks of a person with spiritual wisdom, honor and strength. The advise of this type of people can be trusted. We often dream of people with gray beards or mustaches or long gray hair. This symbolizes that these people can be trusted although their may be areas in their lives which are not yet according to the will of God.

My wife had a dream about a person with these characteristics. She often listens to podcasts about general Christian topics created by this person. These podcasts are very uplifting and this person really does exhort people a lot with these podcasts. However, my wife once had a dream about this person. In the dream this person was symbolized by a person with gray hair, gray beard, etc. Although my wife does not know this person, in the dream the two of them discussed a few things (spiritual matters) in the lounge. A little later they moved to this person’s bedroom where they sat on his bed continuing their discussion. It is then when my wife saw a cat, next to his bed in a very cozy cat basket.

The meaning of this dream is that although this person is spiritually aged and although one can look up to him, when you know him better (move from general discussions to more intimate spiritual discussions as symbolized by moving from the lounge to his bedroom), you will find a cat (a person who is rebellious and blasphemous toward God. Obviously not as aggressive and arrogant as a leopard who openly rise against God but cats still represent arrogance and pride against God and his kingdom, especially when it comes to the gifts of the Holy Spirit). My wife still listen to the podcasts but she is now aware of the flaw in this person’s spiritual preparation when it comes to the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This dream was a warning from God, revealing to my wife that she must watch out for false teaching in this regard.

Beard (Fake)

A person who wears a fake beard in a dream speaks of a person who hides behind a fake reason for not moving into a spiritual position of strength and honor. A thing like being overly humble to such an extend where it hinders spiritual growth or spiritual blessings is a good example of such a fake reason.


A bed symbolizes a state of rest or inactivity. This can literally speak of an inactive situation or period in the spiritual life of a person. A person waking up and rising from a bed speak of a person who is coming out of a period of resting or spiritual inactivity.

A bed can also symbolize spiritual fornication or idolatry or lust. More detail in the dream will reveal more information regarding the meaning of such a dream.

Bed (Overturned)

When a person overturns your bed wile you are sleeping it speaks of a person disturbing your rest. This symbolizes a person who is about to cause you a lot of problems.

Bed (Sheets – Navy blue)

Blue bed sheets speak of Godly revelations through dreams. I once had a dream of fluffy white powder like fine manna or bread flour raining on me like snow flakes whilst I was sleeping on my bed. This flour represented the word of God coming to me by means of dreams. See “Manna” or “Bread”. When I looked out of my window I could see this flour falling from heaven on people all over the world. God was confirming that not only does He speak through dreams but also that the content of those dreams are like his word. This is why dreams and visions always conform to the word of God. It will never contradict the Bible.


A bedroom symbolizes spiritual rest and inactivity. See “Bed”.

It also speaks of spiritual intimacy. This is where people sleep and this is where they keep their clothes and their most precious possessions. When you know a person in his bedroom you really know them. There they sleep without make-up and without making public statements with the clothes they are wearing during the day.


In a negative sense a bee symbolizes a person with a mindset of self justification and glorification through his own efforts. A bee is constantly gathering resources for its hive. Such a person is focused on selfish and greedy thoughts and busy with his own efforts and own activities, usually for his own benefit or advantage, instead of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In a positive sense a bee symbolizes a person who is prepared to be active or zealous or committed for a good cause or for the Lord. In this case the active and zealous attitude of the person is symbolized by a bee.

Also see “insects” for a better understanding of this symbol.


A person’s belly symbolizes the spirit of man. The Bible says that out of a Spirit filled man’s belly streams of living water flows. The Spirit of God is in the spirit of the born again person. The belly symbolizes the location of the spirit of man. Christians have a spiritual belly where the spiritual food of man is received and digested. See “Food”. Just as the belly receives and congest natural food, so the spirit of man receives and congest spiritual food. Although that food comes through the natural senses like hearing and reading, the word of God needs to be revealed to our spirits to bring life. Our spirits are born again because of the word of God. Like a baby or a toddler, our spirits need to grow and develop. For this reason it needs spiritual food. It then assists our souls to redeem itself by the same word of God.

See “Heart” for a better understanding of this symbol.


In a positive sense whenever something is bound in dreams or visions it symbolizes the conquering or subduing of the enemy. When you dream about ropes and cables or chains you are dreaming about the spiritual capability to conquer the enemy. The characteristics and the color and size of the binding material will reveal more information on the meaning of the dream.

In a negative sense it can also symbolize people in bondage. More detail about the ropes or chains reveal more about the circumstances of the particular bondage.


Birds are symbols for spirits, good or bad. If you dream of an owl you are involved with a person who is under the influence of a spirit who is misguiding people to rely on their own knowledge and understanding. Personal reasoning, understanding and knowledge plays an important role in the lives of such people. Such a person usually opposes the Holy Spirit and the word of God.

Birds also indicate what the situation is regarding a specific person’s mind pattern and the state of his soul (thoughts of the soul).

It indicates the creative and analytical ability of thoughts or the mind or the intellect of a specific person who is resisting the Holy Spirit.

Black birds symbolizes the state of a person’s soul and thoughts in terms of the degree of unbelief or depression or fear.

Birds can also be an indication of evil activities in a specific person’s life.

Black birds can sometimes symbolize devilish or demonic activities in a person’s life.

Also see “Creatures (Of the air)”.

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Giving another person a blanket in dreams and visions symbolizes a person whose motive it is to offer another person a time of rest. See “bed”. It speaks of the will of a person or the actions that a person performs in order to give another person a time of resting.

Blanket (Red)

Giving another person a red blanket speaks of a person who wants spiritual rest for another person in spite of the conflict between them or because of the conflict that they endured together.

Blade (Silver)

A knife or a sword speaks of the word of God spoken under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that brings deliverance or purification or cleansing. The sword of the Spirit or the sword of the word is powerful. When someone uses the word of God in faith it has the power to bring in existence what it was sent out to do.


See “Jacket”


Bleeding speaks of a person loosing his life. The color of blood is red and a person bleeding therefore symbolizes violence or conflict or disharmony or disunity. See “Colors in dreams and visions (Red)”.

A person can “bleed” himself to a spiritual death. In a spiritual sense conflict and disunity kills those who are involved in the conflict. The moment it turns to hate it brings death. See “Blood”.


Blindness is a symbol of spiritual ignorance or lack of discernment or spiritual insight. The Bible refers to a spiritually ignorant person as a person being blind although such a person can see with his natural eyes. In a spiritual sense, although he sees he cannot not really see.


Blood is a symbol of the life of all flesh. Blood (pure) also speaks of holiness. Your kidneys are bean-shaped organs, each about the size of your fist. They are located near the middle of your back, just below the rib cage. The kidneys are sophisticated trash collectors. Every day, your kidneys process about 200 quarts of blood to sift out about 2 quarts of waste products and extra water. The waste and extra water become urine, which flows to your bladder through tubes called ureters. Your bladder stores urine until you go to the bathroom. A person urinating in a dream symbolizes that he or she has repented or confessed a certain sin in their lives.

Our livers also remove all kinds of impurities from our blood. This is also true for our spiritual livers. See the meaning of “Liver”. The bad food is removed and separated from the good food.

When we dream our veins are damaged like being cut or punctured, and hanging out, for instance near the elbow of your left arm, it speaks of a serious problem regarding the pursuing of holiness in such a person’s life. Our digestive system and our organs which cleanses our blood like our kidneys, our livers and our veins all need to be in a good condition in order to purify our blood. In a spiritual sense this is also true. When our spiritual livers, our veins and our kidneys are functioning well it speaks of an effective life of holiness. However, when our spiritual veins or organs are damaged it means that a person cannot pursue holiness anymore. It means that the enemy has succeeded in “permanently” damaging a person’s ability to live a holy life. Such a person needs to be delivered. He cannot help himself. Most of the time such a deliverance includes the casting out of demons, counseling and repentance.

See “Kidneys”, “Toilet”, “Food”, “Urinating”, “Veins”.


See “Colors in dreams and visions”.

Blue marlin

A blue marlin symbolizes a person with evangelistic potential. Just as a blue marlin is a pioneer in the natural sea, so is a person symbolized by a blue marlin in dreams or visions. Such a person has the spirit of pioneering. He always wants to explore new territories and such a person is usually very courageous.

Also see “Creatures (Of the sea)”.


A boat symbolizes an evangelistic ministry (Fishing). People fishing are people preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to make new converts. Jesus told Peter and the other disciples that He will make them fishers of men.

Boat (Big)

A big boat or a ship symbolizes a big (Church) evangelistic outreach. These type of outreaches are well organized and the aim of these outreaches is to reach as many people as possible for Christ.

Boat (Dinghy)

A dinghy speaks of a small evangelical outreach or ministry as part of a recreational trip. It is very informal and on a small scale.

Boat (Military)

A navy ship or boat symbolizes an aggressive and powerful evangelical ministry or outreach. The aim with these outreaches is to penetrate sometimes hostile countries with the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to reach as many people as possible.

Boat (Sunk)

A boat that sunk symbolizes a small evangelistic outreach or effort which failed.

Boats (Small)

Small boats symbolize evangelistic outreaches and ministries on a smaller scale.

Body (Left side of human body)

The left side of the human body symbolizes negative or positive influences from other people on a person. It speaks of a person being influenced to believe or to be motivated or to accept certain things. This includes limbs and internal organs. This is not about actions but more about being exposed to pressure from other people. More detail like positive or negative colors or symbols will reveal more about the meaning of the specific dream.

See “Body (Right side…)”

Body (Right side of human body)

The right side of the body, which includes limbs and internal organs, speaks of negative or positive actions in the life of a person. This is all about actions. More detail like positive or negative colors or symbols will reveal more about the meaning of the specific dream.

See “Body (Left side…)”

Body boarders

A body boarder symbolizes an unsaved person. Remember that the sea symbolizes the unsaved nations and populations of the world. A body boarder is a person who uses the sea for his own pleasure. His only priority in life is his own pleasure. He is constantly looking out for opportunities to make the best of each wave. In real life such a person is trying to exploit every situation or opportunity that presents itself for his own benefit and pleasure.


In a positive sense, water (financial or spiritual blessings) that boils (like a kettle or even a dam with hot water) speaks of imminent financial or spiritual breakthroughs. This indicates that the “blessing” is already available.

Boiling pot

In a negative sense a boiling pot symbolizes calamity or disaster or the judgment of God. Such calamities or disasters are the results of the judgment of God on a nation or a person. In the Bible we find quite a number of instances where God allowed bad people to carry on with their sins, atrocities and bad practices until they have filled up the measure of their fathers. God allows sin to reach its fullness so that the judgment can come into total and complete fulfillment. For this reason a boiling pot can also symbolize God’s preparation process for judgment purposes. In this sense it serves as a warning to repent or to face the consequences.


Boils of different sizes on different body parts with leaking puss in dreams and visions speak of inner healing. It speaks of past heartaches and emotions caused by people, incidents and traumatic experiences (like the death of a loved one) being healed. When we are pressing out the puss in dreams and visions it speaks of the fact that we have a part to play when it comes to inner healing. Things like obedience and working with God in this regard are very important. If we dream of dry puss just sitting there and getting almost fossilized it means that were healed but we did not yet get closure. We should get on with our lives. Forgive (get rid of the dry puss) and go on with your life. God wants us to be whole so that He can use us. The location of the boil on our skin (body part or area) will reveal more information about the specific inner or emotional healing.

This type of inner healing and cleansing is different from getting rid of emotional garbage caused by spiritual “toxic” food. See “Toilet – Passing solids”.


A book speaks of the word of God. When you dream you give somebody a certain book it speaks of sharing certain revelations (word of God) with that person. Books also speaks of human thoughts (“pen your thoughts” or “a recording of a person’s thoughts”). The “eating” of a book speaks of reading and accepting the words of a book. See “Food” for a better understanding of the “eating” of a book.


A borehole speaks of financial provision or spiritual blessings but it involves a substantial amount of human effort. Although the provision or the blessings are from God, human effort is needed to access these sources of blessings. With a borehole we need to pump water on a daily basis just enough for the use of the day.

A friend of mine had a dream about two persons entering his property. They arrived with a big tanker filled with water. These two people walked to the borehole and they connected a big pipe to the borehole. They then pumped millions of liters of water down into my friends borehole. This dream symbolized the provision of God for this friend. Although he has worked very hard during his lifetime he did not obtain the financial or spiritual blessings that he deserved. The borehole did not provide enough water. It turned out these two people made an appointment with this person. They informed him that they will financially provide for him and his family on a monthly basis. They subsequently did indeed cover almost all of my friend’s financial obligations for more than two years. This was quite a substantial amount of money symbolized by the millions of liters of water that they pumped into the borehole.

When dreaming of a borehole it always speaks of spiritual or financial blessings or provision from God, but we have to play our part in obtaining that blessings or provision. The blessings are there but we need to put in an effort from our side as well.


A person’s bosom is a symbol of love or affections or emotions. It is the willingness of a person to love, exhort and comfort another person who is in need of it. It speaks of the bosom of God where we can find love, affection and emotional comfort. It however also speaks of us giving other people the love, affection and emotional support and comfort that they need.

Bosom (Abscess leaking fluid)

An abscess on a person’s bosom leaking fluid speaks of a person being healed of past emotional issues. The abscess is not close anymore but opened in order to get rid of the bad fluid or puss. This speaks of being emotionally restored. The bigger the abscess the more serious the emotional hurt restored.

Bottle (Water)

A bottle full of water speaks of financial blessings. It is there for personal use. It speaks of a steady source of supply and sustenance.

Box (White)

A white package or box speaks of a gift from God. It speaks of righteousness.


Boxing comes from the word “fight” as in 1 Corinthians 9:26. Boxing therefore symbolizes an aggressive argument or reasoning with the intend to overpower the other person. It speaks of an attempt to forcefully convince the over person of a viewpoint. Often when a person is successful in such an attempt the dream will indicate such a victory with a knockout blow, a technical knockout or a win on points. No winner indicates that both persons involved were unsuccessful in their attempt to convince each other of the specific viewpoint.

Boxing can also speak of one person humiliating the other, especially if the other person is not strong enough in terms of debating the specific subject. It can also speak of two people damaging their relationship, especially if the two persons seriously injured each other in the dream.

The color of the gloves will reveal more detail about the argument.

Also see “Games (Sport/Playing)” in order to understand the reason why we dream of “boxing”.

Bow (With arrow)

A bow is a symbol of judgment. The color of the arrowheads determines the nature of the words spoken. The bow speaks of the power and the authority of the person to propel words of judgment (arrows). Remember that judgment does not belong to us. In this sense a bow speaks of the negative implication of judgment. When we dream of a person shooting at another person with a bow and arrow it speaks of a person actively judging another person.

In a positive sense a Christians utilize bows and arrows like they do with a sword (sword of the Spirit). We apply the sword of the Spirit onto negative situations in our lives. We call things that be not just as though they were. We cast out demons with the sword of the Spirit. We instruct demons to leave a person and to stop their maneuvers in a specific person’s life. We speak to negative situations in our lives. We do the same with a bow and arrow. The colors or the strength of the arrows reveal more info. If an arrow is made of a weak substance like “khaki‐bush” (a certain type of weed), it means the person’s words are not spoken in faith.


A bracelet symbolizes betrothal or a pledge. We are betrothed to Jesus Christ. That speaks of his commitment to the church. He will never leave us or forsake us. It is important when it comes to faith issues that we can stand on God’s promises. Whatever God said He will do, He definitely will do. This is how faith works. God promised that He will do exactly what his word promises. He pledged that if we act a certain way or if we are obedient, He will act and his word will be active in our lives. The bracelet speaks of us belonging to Christ but also us, as the bride of Christ, acting on his word in faith because of his promises. It speaks of the covenant between us and God.


Brains symbolizes soulish intellect. It therefore speaks of the soul.

The stomach symbolizes the spirit of a human being (character or inner man). See “Food” for a better understanding of this symbol. We feed our spirits (spiritual stomach) with the word of God. The soul, in this sense, is represented by our brains (intellect).

An unrighteous person eats without being fed because his spiritual stomach is unable to receive spiritual food. Such a person has a cobra snake in his stomach. He listens to spiritual messages but does not hear. He eats spiritual food (swallowing riches) but without it being beneficial to his spirit. It is not absorbed into his spirit but diverted to his soul (soulish intellect). He judges (digests) spiritual food (word of God) with his brains (soulish intellect).


Brass symbolizes the judgment of God over sin and unrighteousness. It symbolizes the harsh, unapproachable, strength and endurance of irrevocable judgment. Nobody can bypass judgment without Christ. Only in Christ can we find redemption and can we be delivered from this strong Godly force called judgment.


Bread is a symbol of the word of God. Jesus is the bread of life because He is the Word of God. The word of God is therefore symbolized by bread. He who eats Christ will never hunger again. See “Food”. Somebody preparing bread for people (Sandwiches) are preparing a teaching (lessons) for people.


A person’s breast is a symbol of love, affections and spiritual sustenance. It is the willingness of a person to love, exhort and comfort and feed another person who is in need of it. Just as a mother feeds her baby with milk, so it speaks of little babes in Christ receiving spiritual food which enables them to grow and develop. It speaks of the bosom of God where we can find love, affection, emotional comfort and spiritual sustenance. It however also speaks of us giving other people the love, affection, emotional support, comfort and spiritual food that they need. See “Bosom” and “Food” for a better understanding of this symbol.

In another sense a breast can also speak of a person giving money to a new ministry. See “Boy”.


A breastplate is a symbol of defense. It protects the heart against the arrows of the enemy. It therefore speaks of our hearts being protected against the lies of Satan and evil forces. Arrows are words. See “Arrows” and “Pistol” or “Revolver”.


Breath is a symbol of active life. It speaks of the life of God in us. When we breath we are alive. It also speaks of spiritual life. A person is actually only really alive when he or she belongs to Christ. In him is life.

In another sense, a terminal sick person dreaming that he starts breathing out a darkish colored smoke whilst he is on a sick bed speaks of the “breath of death”. It is like breathing out their last breath just before death. Usually, after a few of these “breaths” the room will become dark because of the smoke hanging around. This speaks of an atmosphere of heaviness or depression. It speaks of a person who feels a bit concerned about their chances to make it through the ordeal of being terminally ill. Usually this is a call for praise and worship. God wants us to trust in Him for healing and if we do, our healing is guaranteed. He does not want us to to sink into a pit of depression when we face dire circumstances. He wants us to believe in Him and his word and He wants us to trust him. There is nothing better than praise, worship, prayer and meditating on the word of God in times like this. If we really do believe his word, if we really do trust him, we will put our faith in action and our healing will materialize as sure as there is a moon orbiting the earth. It is absolutely guaranteed.

Breathing (Under water)

Sometimes people dream that they can spend time underneath water without drowning. Their experience is that they do not need to breath under water. This usually happens in swimming pools and it speaks of a person who is enjoying the gifts of the Spirit and who is at ease with the workings of the Holy Spirit. See “Swimming pool” for a better understanding of this symbol.

A person who dreams that he is drowning (usually in a river) speaks of a person who is overwhelmed by the spiritual deliverance process of God. A river in flood speaks of a strong flow of the Holy Spirit which removes spiritual blockage like a natural river in flood removes all sorts of blockages preventing it from flowing freely. To some people the process of spiritual deliverance can be very challenging. In some cases such a person decides to commit suicide by drowning himself which speaks of the person deciding to give up. In such cases the person is not allowing the process of deliverance to take its course.

See “Drowning”.


A brick is a symbol of imitation stone or slavery or works of man. A church made of bricks in a dream symbolizes the institutional church (man-made rules or regulations or traditions). A brick speaks of human effort. It speaks of resistance against the true flow of the Spirit of God.

A church symbolized by living creatures such as a tree or a woman is the true spiritual temple of God. See “Tree” and “Woman”.


A bridge symbolizes a phase of transition (from one ministry to another or from being unsaved to salvation or from a great loss to restoration). It speaks of overcoming a certain matter and experiencing a breakthrough or progressing to another matter. In a person’s life it can symbolize the transition from a difficult situation (like a divorce) to being delivered from the hurts and sorrows that the situation brought. It speaks of building of relationship between two people or groups of people. It speaks of removing mental blockages by putting our faith and our trust in the word of God. All sorts of activities on, about, under and around the bridge will reveal more information about the particular transition or breakthrough.

A bridge also speaks of the surrendering of a person’s own problems in the hands of God.


A bridle is a symbol of restraint and control. A bridal brings the power of a horse under control. It is therefore a negative power of restraint and control.


Briers are thorny bushes. It is a symbol of false or hurtful teachings or a person with a judgmental or hurtful attitude.


See “Colors in dreams and visions”.

Brushing teeth

Brushing teeth is a symbol for keeping your spiritual teeth “clean” (so that it does not decay or deteriorate) so that they are always ready and able to bite off and chew our spiritual food, which is the word of God. This speaks of God emphasizing that we need to be prepared to do whatever is necessary to diligently and faithfully study his word.

Also see “Teeth” and “Food”.


A Buddha idol symbolizes an atmosphere of an emotional and sentimental nature caused by the overemphasis of sentimental aspects during worship. This is in fact a form of idol worship. God does not want to be worshiped that way. He wants pure and simple childlike praise and worship presented to him as a natural result of the love, gratefulness and adoration that we have for him. Sentimental worship often leads to feelings of self-glorification, self-contentment and self-pity.


Buildings symbolizes many aspects of spiritual growth and development in the lives of the children of God. From the ground up; the foundations, the bricks, the windows, the ceilings, the roofs, the corner stones, the pipes, all sorts of building materials, the taps, the tiles, the toilets, the bathrooms, the furniture, the different rooms, the outside of the buildings, the gardens, garden tools, the swimming pools, the fish ponds, the motor garages, the fences and many other buildings and maintenance tools and equipment all symbolize many aspects of our faith-walk, spiritual development and spiritual growth in the body of Christ. Remember that all the symbols regarding buildings all speak of spiritual situations in a spiritual building. The furniture in a room speaks of spiritual situations and issues in a spiritual building. For instance, an elevator moving up in a huge skyscraper speaks of promotion in the life of a person involved in an institutional church denomination, probably on a regional or national level or in his job or business.

Buildings can also symbolize a person’s personal spiritual body. For instance, the different rooms inside a house speaks of the different spiritual aspects and situations inside a person’s heart and soul. A bedroom speaks of a person’s intimate relationship and privacy. A sitting room speaks of a person’s social situations or social behavior. A bathroom speaks of a person’s personal repentance, etc.

Building (big with multiple levels)

A big building with multiple levels symbolizes a large institutional church with departments or the global, national regional or local institutionalized church.


To understand the symbol of a bull in dreams and visions you need to know this; a bull does not recognize its owner and would quite easily attack its owner. Similarly some Christians do not always recognize the ways and the will of God in the church. They also do not recognize the anointing of God on people. They also do not recognize the move of the Holy Spirit in the church. They usually resist people who are anointed by God or who are led by the Holy Spirit. To them, attacking an anointed servant of God is not a big deal. They are totally unaware of the fact that they are in conflict with God when they do so. Many people with this attitude sometimes viciously go after the five-fold ministry and people who operate in the gifts of the Spirit with the intention of hurting them and there ministries. Although some of them speak in tongues, they are still very skeptical towards the gifts of the Spirit. They are usually under the influence of people who actually resist God and his kingdom entirely.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Bull (Red)

A Red bull or bulls symbolize a person or a group of people who are more aggressive than usual. Such people do not have a problem with openly showing their discontent towards members of the five-fold ministry. They thrive on conflict and are very active in their campaigns and resistance against anointed preachers.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Bull (Black)

A black bull or bulls symbolize a person or a group of people who resist anointed people because of an inherent state of unbelief. They just do not believe that the God of the universe still heals people, still baptizes people in the Holy Spirit and still casts out demons through the ministry of his children. To them God does not speak anymore. They believe that God said everything that He wanted to in the Bible and that He does not communicate with his children other than through the Bible. Because of this belief they actively resist anointed people of God who functions in the gifts of the Spirit.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.


See “Calves (Bullock)”.


A bulldozer symbolizes the ministry of a person who removes spiritual hindrances and obstacles out of the way of the church, a ministry or in a person’s life. These people are anointed and very influential people in the body of Christ. They are pioneers and very courageous.


Bullets symbolizes critical words or fiery darts from the evil one or from people who acts as instruments in the devil’s hands.

See “Rifle”, “Revolver” and “Arrows” for a better understanding of this symbol.


See “Vehicles (Bus)”


Butterfly activities and behavior are influenced by weather patterns and weather changes. For this reason butterflies symbolize people whose thoughts and actions are controlled and affected by their feelings and moods.

In another sense a butterfly symbolizes a person who renewed his mind in a positive sense. It is sometimes symbolized by a butterfly going through the metamorphose process (from worm to butterfly).

Also see “insects” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Butterfly (black)

A person with a negative mood causing thoughts of unbelief is symbolized by a black butterfly.

Also see “insects” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Butterfly (white)

A person serving the Lord only because it makes him feel good is symbolized by a white butterfly. We should serve the Lord faithfully, steadfastly and obediently irrespective of our moods or state of minds.

Also see “insects” for a better understanding of this symbol.


In a spiritual sense we buy with faith. Faith is our spiritual currency. When we buy something in dreams it means that we proactively put our faith in action in order to obtain what we believe God for.

Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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