Learning The Biblical Language Of Symbols

The Biblical language of symbols is just as easy to learn as any other language. In fact, it is a lot easier to master than most languages. God gave enough information in the Bible in order for us to understand the basic principles of this language. The Bible also gave us the meanings of the basic or most common symbols as a foundation. From here, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will surely master this language. A good and authentic Christian dictionary will prove to be of great help in achieving this.

To make this dictionary available, not only the Bible itself but also the work of authentic dreams, visions, symbols, and Biblical types dictionary authors were utilized as references. The work of Hennie van Niekerk and Kevin J. Conner were of great value during the compilation of this dictionary. I hope you will find it to be of great value in mastering the language of God. Whether you wish to use it to learn the divine language of symbols or whether you need it for reference purposes, I do hope that the simplicity of the dictionary will make this as easy as possible for you.

Please take note that you only need to click on the different letters of the alphabet to be taken to the words beginning with the same letter. Also please note that at the end of the dictionary you will find more information on colors, numbers, shapes, directions, the positions of symbols in dreams and visions as well as substitutions in dreams.

Please read through the examples below for a practical explanation on how to analyze and interpret dreams and visions correctly.

Please take note that the dreams and visions dictionary will be updated from time to time as new symbols and the meanings of new symbols are identified. For this reason, the book’s edition number will be important to take note of. The latest edition will always be available on the “Resources” page of both my websites:




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For instance, take the dreams of Pharaoh’s butler and baker. These men were both troubled because nobody could interpret the dreams they had the night before for them. Joseph gave both these persons the full interpretation of their dreams after he told them that the interpretation of dreams is a work of God (Genesis 40:8). He specifically told them that the interpretation of dreams belongs to God.

Take note that Joseph not only revealed the meanings of the different symbols. He also gave more information, which was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit. Let us look at the different symbols and the interpretation of both these dreams:

Chief Butler’s dream:

  • In the dream, a vine was before me.

  • In the vine, there were three branches.

  • It was as though it budded.

  • And her blossoms shot forth.

  • The clusters thereof brought forth ripe grapes.

  • Pharaoh’s cup was in my hand.

  • I took the grapes and pressed them into Pharaoh’s cup.

  • I gave the cup into Pharaoh’s hand.

Interpretation: This is the interpretation of it: The three branches are three days: Yet within three days shall Pharaoh lift up thine head, and restore thee unto thy place: and thou shalt deliver Pharaoh’s cup into his hand, after the former manner when thou wast his butler.

Observation: It was clear by the events in the dream, that the Chief Butler was serving the Pharaoh like he used to. It was clear that the Pharaoh received the cup from him. The Holy Spirit revealed to Joseph that this dream was not but a natural dream dealing with the butler’s emotional state. It was also not just the “fulfillment” of the butler’s longing or desire for reinstatement. This dream was in fact of a prophetic nature. God revealed to Joseph that the butler will be reinstated by Pharaoh. Also, take note that the three branches symbolized three “days.” In Pharaoh’s dream, the seven cows coming up from the Nile symbolized seven “years” Joseph could have interpreted the three branches as three years but he did not. The Holy Spirit revealed to him to interpret it as days. Usually, branches symbolize something other than days (victory, rejoicing, churches, God’s people), but Joseph knew through the Holy Spirit to interpret it as days. The grapes and the cup were literal. It did not symbolize anything else. Usually, grapes speak of the goodness of God. This shows that sometimes certain objects have to be taken literal and other times symbolical.

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Chief Baker’s dream:

  • I had three white baskets on my head.

  • In the uppermost basket, there was of all manner of bakemeats for Pharaoh.

  • The birds did eat them out of the basket upon my head.

Interpretation: The three baskets are three days: Yet within three days shall Pharaoh lift up thy head from off thee, and shall hang thee on a tree; and the birds shall eat thy flesh from off thee.

Observation: It was clear by the events in the dream, that the Chief Baker was experiencing negative circumstances and events in his dream. There is nothing symbolizing the hanging on a tree or the actions of Pharaoh in the dream. The Holy Spirit revealed to Joseph that Pharaoh will instruct his servants to execute the baker by hanging him on a tree. Also, take note, baskets usually symbolize something else like life’s “provisions” and not “days.” Also, take note that the birds in the dream, were literal and not symbolic. Usually, birds symbolize the actions of evil spirits. In the dream, Pharaoh was also not a symbol. Pharaoh in the dream, represented Pharaoh himself.

A friend of mine once had the following dream:

  • In the dream, he was swimming in a Southerly direction among the waves of the sea (not toward the beach but parallel to it).

  • The next moment he saw a particularly gigantic wave approaching him from his left.

  • Before he could do anything the wave broke right on top of him.

  • He was crushed underneath tons of water and taken deep down to the bottom of the sea.

  • It appeared that he was taken so deep for so long that, in the dream, he was concerned that he won’t have enough oxygen to reach the surface again.

  • He slowly ascended again and after quite a while, and much to his surprise, he finally made it to the surface again. The oxygen in his lungs and his blood did indeed last until he reached the surface again.

Meaning of the relevant symbols:

Southerly direction: Person attempting to reach a place or state of quietness and refreshment.

Among waves: Person is in a time or period in his life of changes or new moves of God.

Huge wave: A big change or move of God.

Crushed beneath tons of water: This new change or move of God will have a big effect on this person. It will be difficult for the person and it will be an extremely challenging experience for him.

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Taken deep down into the water: It will spiritually be a deep and important experience for this person. It also speaks of a “long” period of time which can literally mean months or years.

Concerned not enough oxygen: The person will struggle and he will be concerned about the effects of this new change. He will be worried about the consequences of this big change or new move of God. This person will indeed doubt whether he will make it through the ordeal or not.

Against his concerns he reached the surface again: In the dream, this person did make it which symbolizes that the person will make it through the difficult time that he finds himself in.

Interpretation: This dream is an exhortation from God. Although the person seeks a bit of quietness and refreshment, God wants him to understand that He needs to test his faith and his character. There is a big move on its way (God’s plan for his life) that will be quite an unpleasant experience for this person. It will take a lot longer than usual, it will be a lot tougher than usual and a lot more challenging than usual. This move of God will test the faith and the perseverance of this person to the limits. With this dream, God is preparing the person for what is about to happen. He is also exhorting this person. God is actually saying: You need to hang on in there! This is going to be tough but it is necessary for the development of your spiritual life. Do not be afraid. You will make it. I am with you!

As you can see, again the interpretation revealed a lot more than just the sum of the symbols in the dream. This is why we need God to reveal the whole interpretation to us. There is always a reason why we dream. That is why we need to pray about our dreams and visions. We always need to seek God’s face for revelations and interpretations. The symbols play a huge part but it is not all that’s necessary for correct interpretation. A good dream dictionary is very important. It is also important that we learn the Biblical or heavenly language called “parables”, “types” and “symbols.” We need to know the meanings of the different symbols by heart. We also need to expand our personal dictionaries. The list of symbols in this or any dream dictionary is not exhaustive.

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The Golden Key!

Is there a golden key that can and will guarantee that dreams and visions are interpreted correctly?

What is the most important rule that ensures correct dreams and visions interpretation?

What is the most detrimental factor that causes dreams and visions to be interpreted incorrectly?

What can I do to ensure that I interpret dreams and visions correctly?

How can I limit errors or prevent errors when I interpret dreams and visions?

Yes, there is a GOLDEN KEY: Connect the dream to the relevant incident, event, trauma, experience, discussion, circumstance, query or pondering and you will interpret the dream correctly!

I have written a few posts about this aspect of dreams and visions interpretation but I just cannot emphasize it enough.

It really increases your chances of interpreting dreams and visions dramatically. I am sure of the fact that generally more than ninety percent of all dreams and visions are interpreted incorrectly and this is all because of people failing to connect their dreams to the incident, event, trauma, experience, discussion, circumstance, query or pondering that triggered the dream in the first place. This is the secret to successful dream interpretation.

As a dreams and visions interpreter, my biggest challenge is to help people connect their dreams to the incident that triggered the dream in the first place. If there is no connection my first attempt to interpret a dream for someone is usually incorrect because of me being obliged to interpret the dream in a general sense or a spiritual sense. If we are lucky the person may recognize something that reminds him of the original incident that triggered the dream resulting in the interpretation to be spot-on with the second attempt.

It does not have to be like this. We can ensure that we always connect our dreams to the incident that triggered it. It is a matter of us being consciously aware of things, events, and incidents that might trigger a dream or a vision.

Something that I started doing a few years ago is to go through the day’s incidents, discussions, occurrences, concerns, prayers, people I got involved with during the day and whatever else I suspect may trigger a dream or a vision, just before I go to sleep. This works for me. I am almost every time able to connect the dream to the correct incident in the mornings. This habit has helped me a lot in the past.

We also need to remember that dreams and visions cultivate a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. This is one of the reasons why God communicates with us in this way. Dreams and visions interpretation is supposed to be difficult. We are supposed to seek God’s face and to speak to God. God wants us to have a two-way dialogue with him and He wants us to know what He is talking about when He talks to us. He wants us to be consciously aware of his interactions with us in this regard.

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This is why we must be serious with him. This is why we need to honor and respect God when He speaks to us. Imagine the following: Your wife speaks to you during the day. She discusses a few things with you that concerns her. You see her getting involved in an argument with your eldest son. You see her losing her bracelet. She asks your help about a decision which needs to be made and announced before midday the next day. You hear that she struggled with a new kid at the school where she is teaching. That night just before you go to bed you ponder on all these things. You realize that although the argument with your son was probably the most traumatic incident for your wife, the other matter regarding the decision that she needs to announce before midday the next day will have serious repercussions if she makes the wrong decision. You need to assist her with this decision. Just before work, whilst she was still sleeping, you write her a letter guiding her on what to do and what to decide. Now imagine her waking up (you already off to work) reading this letter and she has no idea what you are talking about. She stares at this letter with a blank expression on her face. When she realizes that the letter does not make any sense to her, she carelessly throws it into the dustbin and prepares for work.

This is what happens with most people every day of their lives. They fail to connect the symbolic dream with the incident that triggered the dream. Then they completely forget about the dream and they fail to seek God’s face about the dream. They never get the message and that is a great loss. You should see the dreams that I have interpreted through the years for people years after they received it from God. If only they knew how important or wonderful or valuable those messages were they would have put in a huge effort to find the meanings of those dreams or visions. Remember, Christ is our husband and we the church is the wife. Christ loves us. He died for us. He wants to get involved in every little detail of our lives. We cannot ignore him and we cannot ignore what He says to us.

Do not forget, although it seldom happens, dreams can sometimes be literal and not symbolic. It can happen that God tells you exactly what He wants without using symbols. As I previously said, occasionally one or two particular objects in dreams, although it normally should, sometimes should not be interpreted symbolic but should actually be regarded as literal as the Holy Spirits leads us. It can even happen that a whole dream is to be taken literally and not symbolic at all. I once had to wait for a certain person to deposit much-needed money into my bank account. A few days before the money was supposed to be paid into my account, the Lord showed me in a dream how the person pay the money into my account before we even needed it. The next day I told my wife not to worry because the money will be in our bank account in time. Sure enough, this person deposited the money into our bank account two days before we needed it.

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Please take note that the revelations gifts of the Spirit, words of wisdom and words of knowledge, play an important part in dreams and visions. As I mentioned before, sometimes we supernaturally know very important information in a dream or a vision. When this happens, the information does not come by means of symbols but it is actually straight forward information that we supernaturally know.

There are two other ways that information comes to us. The one way is when we are sometimes in a semi-sleep and we “hear” a word or a short sentence. This happens to me quite often. This is, of course, a word of knowledge. The funny thing is that sometimes this word of knowledge comes in symbolic language. Remember that a word of knowledge usually comes literally. A good example was one morning when I was half awake and pondering on spiritual things when I heard the following words: “Ewaldt wants to know where the toilet is.” Ewaldt is my eldest son. I immediately knew that he was involved in a traumatic incident and that he needed to deal with emotional garbage or sin in his life because of this (See “Toilet (Passing solids).” God revealed this to me because He knew that this time, Ewaldt needed additional prayer and counseling to be emotionally restored. This information came to me through a word of wisdom whilst I was half awake in symbolic language. I also know of a person that had the same experience even whilst he was completely awake.

Symbolic language usually comes to us when we are dreaming or when we see a vision. It does not come to us any other way except through a word of knowledge as I mentioned above. Real life incidents should not be regarded as a symbolic language. When we see literal things whilst we are awake, like a white dove landing on our window sill, we should not “read” anything into it. These type of incidents are just random incidents. Symbolic language is for dreams and visions. We should not allow for misunderstandings in this regard. I know that God is sovereign and He can do what He wants. I do not say that God has never talked to someone through a literal real-life incident like this. It is possible but I would be very careful about this.

Another example of information coming to us is when we hear words or a sentence, similar to the above example but this time not in symbolic language but rather like us talking to ourselves. One morning, a few years ago, when I was in a semi-sleep, I clearly heard the following words: “Yes, yesterday I was so busy and so involved with my work that I did not assist my wife when she asked for help. I also did not pray when God called me to do that.”

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This really shocked me! I was immediately wide awake and of course, I felt very guilty. The emotions that I experienced during those few seconds was feeling of sadness. I pondered on this incident and God explained to me what happened. It was my spirit who was talking to my soul (The spirit is the lamp of God searching the inner parts of the belly). It was almost like a wife “complaining” that the husband did not do what he was supposed to do. It was somewhat sarcastic but also an accusation. My spirit knew that my wife really needed my help the day before. My spirit also heard God calling me to take a break to pray. My soul was however so involved with what I was doing that when he heard my wife’s request and when he heard God calling, he considered it for half a second and then just ignored those requests as if it did not happen. He also ignored my spirit who appealed to him to listen to those request and to be obedient to God. I know this is what happened because I could clearly remember making excuses when my wife asked for help and I could vaguely remember God calling me to pray the day before.

To hear the voice of God is not easy. To understand the language of symbols is also not easy at first. It takes an effort from our side. We really do need to seek God’s face in order for him to develop us in this regard. Make no mistake, we do need the Holy Spirit to reveal the true meaning of dreams and visions to us.

How to become a good and effective dreams and visions interpreter?

Now that you have covered the theoretical aspects of dreams and visions interpretation, you need to follow these guidelines:

Start implementing what you have learned. Start to interpret your dreams and visions and even dreams and visions of family and friends. You can do that effectively by working through the practical aids that we have provided: The Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course Manual and the Dreams Analysis Reports. The analysis reports are available free of charge at the links provided at the bottom of this page.

The Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course Manual is available as a FREE add-on on purchasing The Authentic Christian Dreams and Visions Symbols Dictionary. The course is for free but as with most other courses, students need to purchase the Course Handbooks. It is virtually two books for the price of one.

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What do you gain by purchasing these materials?

  1. The Dreams Dictionary contains about twice as many symbols as the free online dictionary. The book is therefore for those who want to learn how to thoroughly interpret dreams correctly. This will enable students to know exactly how to communicate with God in this way. They will also be able to interpret dreams and visions for their family and friends.

  2. The Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course Manual is a step by step practical manual that enables you to put the theoretical knowledge into practice. It covers all the practical information and aspects that govern the practical aspects of dreams and visions interpretation.

  3. The material can be utilized to conduct Dreams and Visions Interpretation courses on an informal and formal basis by any Dictionary and Manual owner in his local area of residence or wherever he or she wants to.

Important information: Regularly check out the website for posts regarding dreams and visions. A lot of information are covered in these posts that are not included in the book, tutorials or course material.

Read and study the meanings of all the symbols in the “Dreams Dictionary” as often as you can. Take your time. The meanings of the symbols will slowly but surely get more familiar to you.

Always refer to the dictionary, even when you are sure you know the meaning of a particular symbol. We all tend to miss different aspects and different variations of the same symbol in terms of its meaning. There are sometimes alternative meanings and even different variations of those meanings pertaining to many symbols. There will come a time that you won’t need to check out the meanings of symbols anymore but my recommendation is to postpone that for as long as you can.

You will receive practical “Dream Symbols Analysis Reports” on a regular basis which will train you to interpret dreams and visions correctly. These reports are very important and you need to do these practical exercises as much as you can. Try to analyze the symbols and to interpret the dreams and visions yourself before you read the interpretation done by me. This will train you to identify symbols correctly. You will be able to identify not only the prominent symbols but even the hidden symbols in dreams and visions. It will also guide you and train you how to identify the core meaning or core “theme” of a particular dream or vision.

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Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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