A Short Dream Or Vision, Quite a Lengthy Experience!

It often happens that we dream about something and it appears to us that the dream is a warning about an attack on our lives. Consistent with our nature, we are often under the impression that such an attack will come suddenly and swiftly. Although this is true in some instances it is not always the case. It could be all about a lengthy experience and not just a quick sudden event.

I once interpreted a vision for a person and it became clear that the incident described in the vision actually played out over quite a few months. Nothing in the vision revealed that fact on face value but as the events played out in real life, we realized that the vision “predicted” and warned about the attack and the strategy, which included follow up strategies, in order to hurt the specific person’s ministry. Yes it was a warning. Yes it was a spiritual attack on this person’s life and ministry. No, it did not happen suddenly nor swiftly. It was well worked out, well planned, well executed and it took months.

A woman once asked me to interpret a dream for her. In the dream she walked from her house and she eventually crossed the street at the edge of her neighborhood into a park or a field. This piece of land was not a farm but it was a bit bigger than an agricultural small holding. She found quite a few interesting things on this piece of land. She saw people, she saw a car at a house, she saw a swimming pool, she saw quite a few things, all separately and all quite a distance from each other. Quite a few symbols were involved in each and every place or area that she visited on this piece of land. There were beautiful areas with lots of trees and less beautiful areas and so forth. The whole process or event just took minutes. From the moment she left her residence until she visited the last place on this piece of land literally took just a few minutes.

However, during the interpretation of this dream, when the different places and geographical areas on the piece of land were analyzed, it became clear that this dream was about a specific period in this woman’s life. It was actually depicting part of the past, the present, and part of the future. The specific journey was from the day she lost her husband, her struggles to cope with life after the divorce, people that played a part in her emotional and spiritual restoration, things that crossed her path, future events, promises about the distant future and so forth.

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The dream was not about her whole life but it definitely covered quite a few years of her life. This was all about this one particular difficult journey. It was clear that there would be quite a few other journeys in her life after the specific journey in the dream.

The same thing can occur at other geographical areas as well. A similar dream that I interpreted for another person covered a few places and areas in and around a specific scrap metal yard in an industrial area. Again it appeared that this dream was all about one single incident and we prepared for a specific event. It turned out to be about situations and events in this particulars person’s life that covered quite a few years. In fact, I once interpreted a dream that covered the whole period of time since the cross of Christ until the last judgement at the end of time. Even this dream played out in a matter of minutes.

Do not forget this aspect of dreams and visions interpretation. We need the leading of the Holy Spirit when we interpret dreams and visions. We also need feedback from people after we interpreted a dream or a vision for them. Usually they will recognize something which will enable them to identify certain incidents, which in turn will result in us recognizing this aspect of dreams and visions. I love it when this happens because it is when this happens that dreams are interpreted absolutely one hundred percent correctly.

If you are interpreting dreams and visions for people, please let them know the information that I shared in the post, The Golden Key”. This will help you tremendously!

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...to access our Dream Symbols Interpretation Course for FREE and utilize our Dream Interpretation Community Forum to get your dreams interpreted

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