A – Symbols Dreams And Visions

A – Symbols Dreams And Visions

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Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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A – Symbols (The meanings or the interpretation of most symbols in this dictionary are derived from the Bible)


See “snakes” (adder)


A person committing adultery in a dream symbolizes a church or a congregation not being faithful to Christ. Be careful not to walk after alternative ways of obtaining righteousness or spiritual blessings. Watch-out for such a person or such a temptation. He or she may influence people not to walk in harmony or in unity with Christ but to seek fleshly ways or alternative ways to please God.


See “Vehicle (Airport)”

Alabaster box

An alabaster box symbolizes a person whose life is a pleasant fragrance to God. Such a person serves God in truth and in spirit and lives a life of praise and worship.


In a positive sense, alcohol represents Christians allowing themselves to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We as Christians should not get drunk with wine but from the Holy Spirit.

In a negative sense, alcohol represents people allowing themselves to be under the influence of other people. We should never be under the influence of other people. God should be the only person controlling our minds and our hearts.

See “Drunkard” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Altar (Cross of Jesus)

An altar symbolizes the sacrificing of oneself or fleshly desires by taking up the cross everyday. The color of the alter and other symbols on the altar or relating to the altar will reveal more information regarding to the type of personal sacrifice. We should progressively die in our selves so that Christ can live in and through us.


An anchor is a symbol for safety or security and hope. The color and size of the anchor will reveal more information on the meaning of the particular dream.


An angel in dreams and visions can be a literal angel appearing to you in a vision or in a dream. It can also symbolize a person who is a messenger of God.

Angel (with goat feet)

Beware of a person who appears to be a messenger of God but in fact leading people astray. The goat feet symbolizes that such a person (a real person) is actually not a messenger of God but a person whose purpose is to mislead you. Such a person was probably sent by Satan or an evil spirit to mislead you. This is a symbol in dreams and visions warning you against people who are walking in evil and stubbornness (goat feet).

Please take note: Satan can appear to people as an angel or as Jesus Christ pretending that it is a vision. Remember that when you see a vision of an angel or Jesus Christ, always ask for Scripture references when you can speak to the angel. Compare what you have been told or saw with Scripture. If it does not compare with Scripture it was not a vision at all but rather the devil appearing to you in order to mislead you. Read my post, “Can Satan deceive us through dreams and visions?” for a better understanding of this aspect.

Angel (statue)

When someone dreams of a statue of an angel, he or she believes that angels are powerful but do not believe that angels are active in their ministry. They believe that angels cannot affect them or their ministry or visa-versa.


In dreams and visions, the characteristics of animals symbolizes attitudes, strengths, weaknesses, sins and demonic influences in the lives of people. This is all about the discerning of spirits. When you dream of a giraffe, for instance, the Holy Spirit warns you that you are going to deal with a person with a haughtiness or an overweening spirit. Remember that these symbols (animals) helps you to discern the attitude of people. Do not forget however, that it also gives you insight into the demonic influences in these people’s lives. This means that the symbol may speak of a specific person but it can also speak of demonic activities in that person’s life. If the dream was about you it speaks of you directly but it can also speak of evil spirits trying to influence you negatively. As I said it is about the discernment of spirits which do include the activities of evil spirits.

Please take note that in real live all animals are all the same in God’s sight. He loves all animals. He created them all. There is no such thing as a bad animal. Animals do not sin and they just live as God created them. It is true that animals do display good or bad or evil behavior but this is how God created them to be. The same with insects.

Also see “Creatures (Of the land)”, “Creatures (Of the air)” and “Creatures (Of the sea)”.

Animals (In a Cage)

A cage with animals (birds and other animals) symbolize the attitudes, weaknesses, sins and demonic influences in the lives of a specific group of people who are experiencing the same environment or the same situation (as symbolized by the cage). Animals in a zoo speak of something similar but in a broader sense.

Also see “Animals”.

Anoint (Act)

When someone is anointed in a dream it symbolizes that such a person is set apart by God for service in his kingdom or in the church. Anointing is never about a position but a it is all about a service. All ministers serve in the body of Christ. They are not served by others. We, the five-fold ministry, as well as other church members all serve God and we all serve others. We are not anointed to be served and we are not anointed to be in a position (office)

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Ants and the activities of ants in dreams speak of preparation (wisdom and provision) for the future. It speaks of diligence or industry or wisdom for provision (Our provision is to gather precious treasures in heaven).

Ant (black)

A black ant symbolizes an effort to provide for oneself or for one’s family motivated by unbelief. Such a person do not believe that God can provide. He will rather diligently work as hard as he can to provide for himself. Such a person is very active in his thoughts and in his motivation to gather provision for his family. This type of provision is not from God but rather an income or provision because of unbelief and worry.

Ant (golden)

A golden ant symbolizes preparation for the future based on faith in God. Such a person is not only gathering wonderful treasures in heaven or in the kingdom of God, he is also ensuring provision now on earth trough faith and not through toil.

Ant hill

In a negative sense an ant hill symbolizes accumulation for the future based on greed or fear. Such a person is like the rich man who built himself bigger storage rooms to enable him to keep more than enough provision for himself and for his family. This task is his first priority and it is all that he thinks about. It drives him to gather more and more provisions for the future.

It can also speak of a person or people accumulating provision by means of a secret activity.

Ape (monkeys, chimpanzees, baboons, etc)

Apes, monkeys, chimpanzees and baboons symbolizes people who are inclined to engage in frivolous, silly and superficial behavior. Such people are often out of control and loud. This attitude hinders spiritual growth and development. The more bigger ones like baboons are more aggressive than the smaller ones. Baboons are rebellious towards God, the church, spiritual matters and people in a business or work situation, almost like a gorilla but not as aggressive. See “Gorilla”.

See “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.


See “Clothing”


Apples symbolizes love relationships and refreshment from God. The color of the apple will reveal more information regarding the meaning of the dream or vision.

Apple tree

An apple tree symbolizes a person you love. More detail about the tree and the apples will reveal more information about the meaning of the dream or vision.

Ark (Like Noah’s)

An ark symbolizes Jesus Christ who is our safety and salvation. He is our ark that saves us from this world. When the world comes against us we do not have to fear because we are kept save and protected in Him.

Ark (Covenant)

The ark of the covenant symbolizes the presence of Jesus Christ in our midst. Christ in us is the ultimate presence of God in our lives.

Arm (Of God)

An arm symbolizes God’s power or God’s help or mightiness or strength in our lives. He is mighty to deliver us in all situations.

Arm (Of man)

In a negative sense and arm symbolizes a person relying on his own power to achieve deliverance or to sustain himself.


An army symbolizes good or evil spiritual powers and strength. A strong Christian army is Christians who are not easily deceived into all kinds of temptations. They abstain from sin when tempted. They also do not doubt in God’s word. This makes them a good army of God who keeps the enemy outside their personal border posts and outside the “borders” of their lives. Just like real armies patrol the borders of their countries and man the border posts of their countries with the sole purpose of keeping the enemy out, so does a good Christian army in a spiritual sense. They do not give the enemy any foothold in their lives. Please take note that they are not good fighters. They are rather good in their efforts to walk obediently in the ways of God. They are not involved in spiritual warfare but rather always ready to see through the strategies of the enemy and preventing evil powers from getting a foothold in their lives by them getting involved in worldly things like sin or unbelief.

A weak Christian army are Christians who fall for the lies and temptations of the enemy by getting involved in sin and unbelief. They allow the enemy to enter into their areas of influence or to get a foothold in their lives. They give the enemy a foothold by not resisting him or not keeping them outside the “borders” of their lives.


Military armor are equipment utilized for protecting the army. It therefore symbolizes divine equipment for resisting evil. The armor of God keeps the enemy outside the border posts and borders of our lives. We resist evil and keep evil from entering our lives. We do not give the enemy any foothold in our lives. This means we do not fall for the enemy’s lies and temptations. Almost all our spiritual armor are about “faith” and “believe”. It is all about the word of God and it is all about living a holy life. Only the sword of the Spirit is offensive. We utilize the sword of the Spirit to speak things into existence. All the other pieces of armor of a soldier are there for protection and therefore defensive of nature.


Arrows are all about words. It symbolizes negative and positive words. In a negative sense the enemy attacks us with words of judgment and critical words of condemnation. People can attack us with bitter words of criticism, anger and hate but people can also build us up with positive words of faith, love, exhortation and comfort.

Arrows (With blue or purple or white arrowheads)

Arrows with purple, blue or white arrowheads symbolize words of love, faith, peace and revelation knowledge that people shoot into the hearts of other people. Such a person hits people in their hearts with the wonderful word of God. These words bring life and deliverance.

Arrows (With red or Orange or black arrowheads)

Arrows with red, orange or black arrowheads symbolize words of hate or anger or resentment or fear that people shoot into the hearts of other people.


Ash sometimes speaks of a person who is in mourning and in deep sorrow.

Ash also symbolizes complete destruction and/or desolation. Such a person or group of people urgently need ministry and deliverance.

Ash of a dead person applied to a human body (for instance a person in a bathtub) by rubbing it on himself or by another person speaks of a person who is attempting (dead human ritual) to cleanse himself from the sins (and influences) of his forefathers. This speaks of a person who is under the influence of the false doctrine called generational or family curses. Such a person does not know that Christ Jesus carried the sins of all people and also the punishment (curse) of all people on Himself.

Ash also symbolizes the sanctification and the cleansing of oneself from all manipulative influences enabling us to make good and sober decisions. This meaning of ash is derived from the Bible, where spiritual and financial prosperity, because of the sacrifice of the fattened calve (red heifer), becomes a reality in our lives. See “Calves (Red heifer)”. When we repent and live a life of obedience (Symbolized by the sacrifice of the red heifer), we are in fact sanctifying ourselves and cleansing ourselves from wrong influences. In a business sense this is protecting ourselves from business people who are manipulating all sorts of situations by means of all sorts of methods and tactics to influence us to make wrong business decisions. Their goal is to benefit financially by influencing people to make wrong business decisions. When we repent of our sins and seek God in prayer before we make business decisions, we are in fact cleansing ourselves from manipulative influences. Us submitting ourselves in this regard is a spiritual sacrifice of obedience. When we live like this we make good and sober decisions and we will enjoy spiritual and financial blessings because of that.


Being asleep speaks of spiritual inactivity. It can be because of a positive cause but also because of negative circumstances.

In a positive sense being asleep in dreams and visions symbolizes spiritual rest or refreshment.

In a negative sense it symbolizes a person who is spiritually indifferent, lazy or spiritually insensible. Such a person do not understand the will of God and is ignorant to God’s ways.


In a positive sense an ass symbolizes a person who has a spirit of patience or endurance or fortitude or strength. This is a person who you can trust. He will be of great value. He will get the work done.

In a negative sense an ass symbolize a person who is stubborn. A person with this attitude will make things difficult for you.

Also see “Animals” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Awake (Person waking up)

A person waking up represents a person who is raised up from spiritual death (born again) and now watchful and alert in spiritual matters. It can also symbolize a Christian who lived an ignorant life but who decided to seek God’s ways and God’s will for his life. Such a person woke up from spiritual indifference, laziness or spiritual insensibility.


An awl symbolizes a person who really loves Christ. A person who really loves Christ is like a slave who serves his master out of free will. In the old times slaves who were set free could stay on serving their masters. These people took such a servant and they pushed an awl through their earlobes into the door of his residence. With this act the slave became a lifelong servant of his master. The reason these slaves did this was because they were treated very well by their masters, they loved their masters and their families and they really wanted to serve them for life.

Axe (Hatchet)

An axe (hatchet) symbolizes the judgment of God. An axe is an instrument that is used to cut down a tree. A tree represents a human being. This could mean that a certain person has reached the end of his time of grace. According to Isaiah 65:20 this usually happens when a person reaches the end of his life. According to this verse, there is a time of grace because of the fact that Jesus has taken the punishment of mankind on Himself on the cross of Cavalry. When an unbeliever reaches the end of his life without accepting the redemption gift of Jesus Christ, the judgment of God will suddenly come over him at the end of his life. God does not judge people anymore. His judgment does not come until right at the end. (Isaiah 65:20 – There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child (Christian or righteous) shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed)

An axe can also speak of a person who is judgmental towards another person. Such a person needs to repent. People are always supposed to accept one another and to forgive one another at all times. We cannot judge other people. Only God can be our judge.

Axe (Dark)

A dark axe speaks of you yourself feeling bitter and resentful towards a person. A dark axe symbolizes that you have judgmental feelings towards a person.

Axe (Against the root of a tree)

An axe seen in a dream or a vision against the root of a tree speaks of the judgment of God in a person’s life that is imminent. This usually happens at the end of a person’s life when the time of grace is running out in a person’s life. See “Axe”.

Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

Click on the following letters of the alphabet for the relevant symbol that you are looking for:


Colors in dreams and visions

Numbers in dreams and visions

Shapes in dreams and visions

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