Opposites And Contradictions in Dreams Interpretation

Have you ever gotten confused when you analyze the different symbols in a dream or a vision? Sometimes the meaning of different symbols in a dream seems contradictory. It sometimes does not make sense. “Contradictions” in dreams may appear confusing and complicated in terms of dreams interpretation, but if you understand the fundamentals of dreams symbols analysis, it is quite easy to comprehend.

For instance, when you see a white snake in a toilet (room) “challenging” a person on the toilet, at first the color of the snake seems to be a bit confusing. In dreams and visions, a snake should not be white. Let us look at the meaning of these symbols:

Snake: Snakes in dreams and visions symbolize the workings of the devil or the work of evil. The devil and demons are basically utilizing two strategies; to deceive or to tempt.

White: The color white symbolizes victory or holiness or righteousness or faith.

Toilet: A toilet symbolizes the repentance and confession of a Christian to deal with inner emotional issues and sins in their lives. It refers to emotional sins like hate, bitterness, contempt, etc.

In this case, the “white” of the snake is actually an additional deception. Apart from the sly deceiving suggestions and lies that the symbol of a snake in dreams and visions in itself represents, the white of the snake speaks of further deception. It speaks of the strategy of representing the lies as not only the truth but in fact holy, pure and righteous. In this sense, this dream might be a warning against a messenger of Satan, like a priest or minister, who will be approaching the dreamer with some advice in the line of, “it is OK to feel bitterness and resentment against particular people in a particular situation”.

Of course, this will lead to the dreamer not repenting of bitterness and hate. This will keep this person in bondage because of the false righteousness that a “white” snake represents.

Similarly if you see a white man in a red suit, it speaks of a man pretending to deliver a message from God (white man) but in reality, he prepared himself to bring a message of conflict, hate or dissension (red suit).

Another scenario is seeing seven white war planes approaching a city or a village whilst shooting at the people of the city or village with white machine guns and throwing a white nuclear bomb on them. We know that white symbolizes victory or holiness or righteousness or faith. We know that guns symbolize bitter words of discontent, unbelief, criticism or negativity. We know that a nuclear bomb symbolizes spiritual destruction. We know that the number “7” symbolizes God’s will. In this case, this dream is a warning of a group of people who will visit a city or a village with the intent to cause spiritual turmoil. These people will pretend that they are in the will of God and that they are actually messengers of God. In reality, they will be preaching a gospel which will cause negativity, dissension and spiritual decline.

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Another scenario is when you observe a few symbols with good meanings, except for one negative element in a dream or vision. For instance, look at the symbols in this dream that I recently interpreted for someone:

I dreamed I was in a place that looked like a fun park. There were two water slides that looked as if it would have a collision if two people ended up one on each at the same time. However, I was not brave enough to get on that water slide. My brother was jolly and went up onto the water slide and came down enjoying it. I was standing at the bottom of the slide watching all this. I had a glimpse of the swimming pool as well and what stood out was the water. The water was crystal clear. It was so pure and clean and clear that I could see just about anything in or at the bottom of the pool. There was nothing like dirt or anything in the pool. It was clear, transparent and extremely calm. Anyway, as my brother was coming down the slide, strategy entered my mind and how I also wanted to now get on the slide and be safe. Dream ended.


Fun park: A fun park symbolizes a place or community (a group of people) where people are enjoying some kind of spiritual activity or activities.

Two water slides and pool: Whenever we dream of swimming pools or anything that resemblance swimming and playing in water it always speaks of people taking part and enjoying themselves in the gifts of the Spirit (Nine gifts of the Spirit)

Brother: Your brother presents Christian family like friends or fellow Christians in a specific congregation or a specific group of Christians who exercise the gifts of the Spirit.

Appears to be collision: For some reason, maybe because of past doctrines, wrong teachings or unpleasant incidents when it comes to the gifts of the Spirit, you tend to see possible “dangerous” situations. Your brother did not see it and he took part and he enjoyed himself. He also did not collide with anybody else in the dream.

Not brave enough: For probably the above-mentioned reasons you are not willing to exercise the gifts of the Spirit.

Brother jolly: This is actually what happens to people who exercise the gifts of the Spirit. They absolutely enjoy it and they are a lot happier because of this wonderful privilege and opportunity to know and enjoy God in this way.

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Bottom watching: You are watching and not turning your back on the gifts of the Spirit. This is because deep in your heart you long to be used by God in this way. “Bottom” speaks of a low spiritual position in this regard. We should strive to be excellent spiritually. We need to go higher in Christ. This includes accepting the gifts of the Spirit.

Water stood out: Water, in this sense, symbolizes the inspirational revelations of the Holy Spirit. Clean water symbolizes the Spirit of God. It speaks of the purity of the Holy Spirit and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Calm water symbolizes the peace of God. The fact that you noticed that there was no dirt in the pool emphasizes the purity of the gifts of the Spirit. There is nothing bad or evil about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Crystal clear, transparent, pure, clean and calm: There are peace, purity, and inspiration in the Spirit of God, in this sense, in the gifts of the Spirit.

Strategy and longing to get on the slide and be safe: You have a very strong desire, and you are also willing to look into how (the means), to be part of this wonderful experience. Your heart’s desire is to find that the gifts of the Spirit are safe to use.

Interpretation: God has seen a divine (God inspired) longing in your spirit and in your soul for inspirational fellowship with Him and with the Holy Spirit (Gifts of the Spirit). He wants to use you in this sense. This dream is an invitation from Him to get you to the place where you will face your fears and take the next step. In this dream, He shows you that you are experiencing a hindrance in your life which is preventing you from following your heart’s desire pertaining to the gifts of the Spirit. He is also showing you that there is nothing to fear. Like the calm water in your dream, there is also a wonderful calmness and peace in the gifts and in the functioning of the gifts of the Spirit. He is showing you that there is nothing wrong with it. It is from God and it is there for us to enjoy and for him to make a wonderful difference in our lives.

As you can see, the one negative part of the dream (possible collision), is actually not meant to confuse us in terms of the authenticity of the dream. It was only there to tell this person that there is one thing holding her back; the hindrance caused by her incorrectly perceived danger. It was a wrong or incorrect observation.

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I hope that this tutorial helped you with this aspect of dreams and visions symbols interpretation.


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