W – Symbols Dreams And Visions

W – Symbols Dreams And Visions

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Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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W – Symbols (The meanings or the interpretation of most symbols in this dictionary are derived from the Bible)


A wagon symbolizes a person with a pioneering ministry. It speaks of a person who is a spiritually courageous explorer and a discoverer just like our ancestors were. The church is actually far from being developed or matured. Because of the institutionalization of the church by Constantine and subsequently the Roman Catholic Church, spiritual growth and spiritual development in the body of Christ experienced a major setback. Even today we can compare the church with the world of a few hundred years ago. God did a wonderful work through the reformers during the past few hundred years but we are very far from being the church or the bride that God planned for us to be. In this sense spiritual pioneers today can absolutely be compared to the historical pioneers of the different nations of the “wagon” days.


A wall in dreams and visions speaks of an obstacle that needs to be overcome. The color, the size and other details of a wall in the dream or vision will reveal more information about the relevant obstacle in a person’s life.

Ironically even the Western wall in Jerusalem is an obstacle the Jews need to overcome by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.


A walrus symbolizes an aggressive person (Christian).

Also see “Animals” and “Creatures (Of the sea)” for a better understanding of this symbol.


A warehouse symbolizes a large church or congregation.

Washing machine

A washing machine symbolizes cleansing and restoration of spiritual preparation in the body of Christ. Clothing symbolizes our spiritual preparation for ministry. See “Clothing”. Sometimes those clothes need to be cleansed or restored.


A wasp symbolizes a person who is harboring backstabbing thoughts against other people.

Also see “insects” for a better understanding of this symbol.


A watch in dreams and visions symbolizes a time factor in a dream or a vision. It speaks of time being precious and not to be wasted. It speaks of the exact time something happened and so forth. Sometimes we do not dream about watches but of minutes and hours, days, months and years. All these numbers, times and periods have spiritual meanings. See “Numbers in dreams in visions”.


When you dream you watch something or a situation in dreams and visions it speaks of praying for the specific situation. It speaks of intercession.

Water (Clean)

Clean water symbolizes the Spirit of God. It speaks of the purity of the Holy Spirit and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Water also symbolizes financial and spiritual blessing and provision.

Calm clean water symbolizes the peace of the Lord or the peace of God.

Water (Dirty or muddy)

Dirty water symbolizes the presence of sin or spiritual impurities in terms of obtaining financial blessings. It speaks of an abundant financial provision through a wrong relationship.

Water (Fountain)

A fountain speaks of a financial source of provision or spiritual blessings from God. This type of provision is God-given and therefore we do not have to work for it. It implies no part to be played from our side to obtain the blessing. The financial blessing comes natural like the water of a fountain flowing up out of the earth without any effort obtaining it.

Water (Hot or boiling)

Hot water (in a reservoir or dam or tank or even in a kettle) symbolizes the imminent outpouring of financial or spiritual blessings. It is the opposite of snow. See “Snow”. Hot water suggests that God’s provision is immediately available to a person or people when they dream of hot water.

Water (Reservoir)

A water reservoir speak of vast amounts of financial resources or spiritual resources kept in reserve. These resources are available when needed. This could involve an individual and it also has geographical implications. The water can be moved to different areas (people) wherever this person goes or group of people go. The color of the water and the condition of the water will provide additional information and detail regarding these resources.

Huge containers and tanks filled with water (on a hill or an elevated area like a reservoir) also speak of a person who has collected a vast supply of spiritual blessings. Such a person, through studying the word of God and faithfully applying the word of God in his life, has over time allowed God to develop his faith and his ability to minister unto other people to such an extend that God is able to bless people with spiritual blessings through this person.

Water (Sea)

The sea symbolizes the multitudes of people and nations of the world. It also symbolizes the spirit of the world and the treasures of the world.

Water (Smooth surface)

Water with a smooth surface symbolizes the peace of God.

Water (Swimming pool)

A swimming pool is a place where people play and where they enjoy themselves. Clean and pure water in a swimming pool symbolizes the revelation power (inspiration) of the Holy Spirit. People are enjoying themselves in the revelation power and the activities of the Holy Spirit. For this reason operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit is symbolized by a swimming pool. In dreams a swimming pool can be quite different from a normal swimming pool. It can be long and narrow with dark water. It can be exceptionally deep or it can contain animals like frogs hiding or camouflaging themselves at the bottom of the pool in a dark or muddy area, etc.


A waterfall may speak of two ministries (congregations or personal ministries) that merge together. Usually two different ministries were not on the same spiritual level of maturity before merging. The river on a higher level pours into the lower level. Remember that a river flows downwards into the sea. A ministry is a God given blessing which is supposed to flow into the unsaved multitudes symbolized by the sea. It is supposed to reach and change the unsaved. The sea is low but streams and rivers are high on mountains (victorious). Sea water is impure but the water in streams and rivers are pure especially at source high on the mountains. Such ministries are a spiritual blessing to the world. God so loved the world that He gave his Son. He however also gave the church to be a blessing to the world.

Waterfalls in another sense speak of a flexible style of personal ministry where the specific person can minister to people at various levels of spirituality.

A waterfall also speaks of an abundant flow of provision coming from the Lord far above what we can ask or pray. I once saw a huge and wide waterfall pouring into a huge dam. At a certain spot in the dam the water was also boiling. Just a short time after this dream somebody committed himself in making a steady and a substantial amount of monthly donations into my bank account in order to support my ministry. This person did honor his commitment for quite a long period of time. I can remember being awestruck about this blessing for the whole duration of this financial provision because it was far more than I thought possible.

Waterfall (Dark or black water)

A dark waterfall speaks of a person who doubts in his own ability especially when it comes to ministering to people who are on different levels of maturity.


Waves symbolize positive or negative changes. If it is a positive change it speaks of a new move or a new flow of God. If it is negative it speaks of a new change resulting into a difficult time approaching.

Waves (Dams)

Waves in dams speaks of a change regarding financial or spiritual blessings. Waves moving into a southerly direction speaks of a time of quietness and rest approaching in this regard.

Waves (Dark)

A dark wave symbolizes negative instability or wrong doctrines or teachings. This can be caused by people introducing new things or new directions which causes instability or a negative impact on people, the church or a local congregation.

Waves (Land)

Waves (water) on land speaks of a change in terms of financial or spiritual blessings in areas of your life (in your own sphere of influence and responsibility) where there used to be drought. Huge waves which raises the water level high above the ground speaks of an influx of a lot of financial or spiritual blessings from God.


A wedding speaks of a covenant or an agreement or a commitment between two people. This can be taken literal but also spiritual. The woman in such a dream sometimes represents the bride of Christ and the groom Christ Himself. In a more personal (spiritual) sense the bride may speak of the condition of the local congregation pertaining to her preparation in her faith-walk with Christ. Not only the global church but also local congregations and even individuals need to pursue holiness and obedience in order to be transformed into a bride without stain or wrinkle or blemish.


See “Spider” and “Spider (Web)” for a better understanding of this symbol.


The Son of God comes from the east (For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines right into the west; so also will the coming of the Son of man be). Christ therefore moves in a Westerly direction which will be a great blessing for the saints.. The Bible also speaks of the Sun of righteousness rising in the east (But unto you that fear my Name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings…). Healing moves in a Westerly direction.

A destructive wind from the west (moving east) therefore speaks of another force moving into the opposite direction of the Son of God. This speaks of resistance. For this reason a destructive wind from the west speaks of evil forces coming against the church, a country and against God.

Apart from evil forces, there is also another negative element that comes from God from the East. A destructive wind coming from the east sometimes is the judgment wind of God. This is a terrible wind that dries up all blessings and provisions.


Whales have a never ending desire to consume as much food as it can. It is impossible for a whale to be satisfied in this regard. Their continuous appetite usually deprives other fish of food. People with such an attitude are always discontent. They can never get enough. It sometimes speaks of a very dominant businessman who never ceases “consuming” all the financial gains and deals that he can, even if it means depriving others.

Also see “Animals” and “Creatures (Of the sea)” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Whale (Black)

A black whale speaks of a person who never has enough money and never satisfied with what he possesses.

Also see “Animals” and “Creatures (Of the sea)” for a better understanding of this symbol.

Whale (White)

In a positive sense a white whale speaks of a person with a great desire for spiritual things. It can also symbolize a person or a church with a victorious financial situation.

Also see “Animals” and “Creatures (Of the sea)” for a better understanding of this symbol.


See “Grain (Wheat)”.


A wheelbarrow symbolizes a person with the ability to help people and the ministry of helps. It also speaks of a person to person ministry. Such a person removes weeds from relationships. It speaks of a weed-removing ministry and such a person is usually involved with marriage counseling.


A wheelchair speaks of a person who is spiritually passive. It speaks of such a person not using his legs to move in a spiritual sense. It speaks of such a person not willing to walk in authority or in faith. It might even be that such a person is theoretical equipped but failing to move into a position of power and authority. A person in a wheelchair wearing a false beard speaks of such a person hiding behind some fake reason not to move out in power and authority. See “Legs”. See “Beard (Fake)”.

Wheelchair (Person rising out of it)

A person rising up from a wheelchair speaks of a person who moves into a position of spiritual authority.

In another sense a person rising up from a wheelchair symbolizes a person whose previous ability or whose previous ministry which has been lying dormant has been restored.


See “Colors in dreams and visions”.


A Pastors wife symbolizes a church or a congregation.


Wind symbolizes the active moving power of the Holy Spirit. The stronger the wind in a dream or visions the stronger the moving power of the Holy Spirit.

In a negative sense wind also symbolizes the active power of Satan and his demons.


See “Wind pump”.

Wind pump

A wind pump speaks of a call to pray in tongues so that God can provide supernaturally. The wind speaks of the power of the Holy Spirit while the turning wheel and pump which transfer or pumps the water into a tank speaks of our efforts in terms of prayer. Water speaks of provision. In this case God provides for us but we need to do our part by praying in tongues. There is therefore a little bit of effort needed from our side. The blessings and provisions that we receive in this case are generated by the power of the Holy Spirit (wind).


A witch speak of an evil force of rebellion. It speaks of a dangerous and destructive force or situation involving people who speak strong or bitter or negative or rebellious words. Remember that rebellion is birthed out of bitterness. It is for this reason that people are easily attracted to satanism and witchcraft where everybody involved treats each other with hate, bitterness and envy. I have heard that witches often attack each other by putting spells and curses onto each other. In the ugly world of satanism and witchcraft these people can wreck havoc in each others lives. These spells and curses have a devastating effect on them. They have willfully entered a world or a realm where they exposed themselves by opening a lot of doors for evil spirits to exploit. Demonic influences run rampant among these people.

Fortunately for Christians and even unsaved people who are not involved in this realm or in these kind of activities, witches and evil spirits cannot harm them at all. They would like you to believe that they can harm you by casting spells onto you or by cursing you but, I am glad to say, these things have no affect on people outside their “jurisdiction”, as long as you know that and believe that.

The most common reason why we dream about witches is when we counsel or pray for people. In this sense it speaks of people who are kept in bondage (involved with) the false doctrines called “generational curses” and “spiritual warfare”. Although the Scriptures are very clear about generational curses and the correct methods and ways of true Biblical warfare, many people are still kept in bondage because of the institutional churches false teachings on both these subjects. Read my book, “The Truth About Spiritual Warfare” which discuss both these doctrines. People are actually kept in bondage because they believe these false doctrines. They need to understand that real deliverance is through accepting Christ and his word.

We also dream of witches or see witches in visions specifically to pray for them or to deliver them from demonic oppression. God loves them and He wants us to cast the demons out of them. He also wants us to deliver them through counseling by means of the word of God.


A wolf often symbolizes a person with the character or attitude of a Pharisee. These people are false, hypocritical and evil. They are evil because they can cause great deal of harm in the church of Christ. They are like wolfs among sheep. Sometimes they hide among the sheep pretending to be a sheep. God sometimes exposes the nature of such a person in churches and congregations in a dream.

A wolf also symbolizes a person who sees himself as a prophet but who is actually like a Pharisee.

Some of them are part of the church for financial or other benefits and they do not care hurting the sheep. Some of them will lead the sheep astray because they do not really care for the well-being of the “sheep” of God. Some will even cause disunity. They are only there for their own benefit, they are greedy and they do not care being a bad influence on a congregation.

Also see “Animals” and “Creatures (Of the land)” for a better understanding of this symbol.


A woman often symbolizes the church or a congregation. Pastors dreaming of their wives speaks of them dreaming of their congregations. A woman in dreams who is the bride in a wedding sometimes represents the bride of Christ and the groom Christ Himself. In a more personal (spiritual) sense the bride may speak of the condition of the local congregation pertaining to her preparation in her faith-walk with Christ.

Woman (Black)

A black woman in dreams sometimes speaks of a church or a congregation who is false, promiscuous and harlotrous. Please see “Comments” section at the bottom of this page.

Woman (White)

A white woman in dreams speaks of a church or congregation who is true and faithful to Christ.

Woman (Pregnant)

A vision of a pregnant woman can be literal or spiritual. If literal the woman will become pregnant with a baby. If spiritual a new ministry is about to be birthed.


Trees symbolize people. Wood symbolizes dead people. A friend of mine had a dream explaining this symbol. This is just a short excerpt from that dream: …I eventually entered a wood manufacturer (almost like a sawmill) on my way home but I turned around. I found myself in mud with both my legs and one hand full of mud. I then moved forward and saw water in front of me. I washed the mud from my hands and feet. The next moment I saw a pit full of wood and mud and and all sorts of weeds all mingled together. A strong wind blew me slowly but surely into the pit. I just could not fight or resist this wind. It was too strong for me. I knew that I should not fall into that dreadful pit. Just before I fell into this pit I called out to God to help me. I then saw a stone which looked like a loaf of bread broke into two pieces supernaturally preventing me from falling into the pit.

This dream was a warning. The world or the spirit of the world is the sawmill which manufacturers dead trees (wood). Mud represents wrong relationships and sins and muddy legs represents a person walking in sin (wrong relationships). Muddy hands represents a person organizing or arranging a life of sin. Moving forward symbolizes spiritual progress. That is why water was found. Water represents the Holy Spirit. Christians are all born of the Spirit of God. Washing off the mud represents washing away sins. The pit represents hell. The wood speak of dead people. The weeds are sins and unrighteousness in people’s lives. Mud is sins and wrong relationships. The wind represents the active and evil power of the devil. The stone symbolizes the rock of Christ but also the bread of life because of it’s appearance as a loaf of bread. It was broken symbolizing the death of Christ which ensured salvation for us. That is why the breaking of the bread/rock supernaturally prevented my friend from falling into the pit of hell. First he washed away his sins and unrighteousness and then he called onto God to save him.

Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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