Previous Dream Analysis Reports

Previous Dream Analysis Reports

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Please click on the links below to download your “Dream Analysis Reports” in case you recently subscribed and you want to catch up. These tutorials are conveniently forwarded to you by email if you are subscribed to take part in the “Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course” which is absolutely FREE by the way. Subscribe on this page if you haven’t yet.

The “Dream Analysis Reports” make up the practical side (exercises) of our “Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course”. These tutorials will slowly but surely enable you to interpret dreams and visions correctly according to Biblical principles. Try to interpret the dreams and visions yourself before you read  the interpretation done by ASR Martins.

For our theoretical tutorials, click on the link below:

Previous Dream Analysis Reports


Dream Analysis Report 1

Dream Analysis Report 2

Dream Analysis Report 3

Dream Analysis Report 4

Dream Analysis Report 5

Dream Analysis Report 6

Dream Analysis Report 7

Dream Analysis Report 8

Dream Analysis Report 9

Dream Analysis Report 10

Dream Analysis Report 11

Dream Analysis Report 12

Dream Analysis Report 13

Dream Analysis Report 14

Dream Analysis Report 15

Dream Analysis Report 16

Dream Analysis Report 17

Dream Analysis Report 18

 Dream Analysis Report 19

Dream Analysis Report 20

Dream Analysis Report 21

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