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When a non-Christian dream he or she is, in fact, receiving a message from God just like a Christian. Just like us, they also have “emotional restoration dreams” But, they need the Holy Spirit and the word (Bible) of the living God to assist them to interpret the dream or vision. The problem is that they do not have the Holy Spirit. It is quite difficult for an unbeliever to find the meaning or the interpretation of a dream or a vision. It is thus impossible for them to interpret dreams and visions correctly. A Biblical example of such a person was Nebuchadnezzar. He searched for a person who could assist him in interpreting the dream that he had. His own pagan interpreters could not interpret the dream for him. Fortunately for him, he did find a man of God. He found Daniel and he succeeded in finding the true meaning of his dream. Apart from Nebuchadnezzar, other Biblical heathens like King Abimelech (Gen 20), The Midian Army (Judges 7:13-14), Pharaoh’s butler and baker (Gen.40:5), Pharaoh (Gen 41:1,5), Pilot’s Wife (Matthew 27:19) and the Wise Men who visited the baby Jesus (Matthew 2:12) all had divine dreams which needed interpretation.

When a person ponders on certain issues God will reveal these issues to them irrespective if such a person is a Christian or not. That is what happened to Nebuchadnezzar and it also happened to Pharaoh. It is still happening today. That is why we must always take note of what we were pondering on the day before the dream or the vision. It is also important to remember what our needs were just before the dream. Sometimes we ponder on a certain need or a certain person or even a certain situation. God reveals many aspects of these things to us. Also, remember the people you had contact with just before the dream or the vision. Sometimes the dream is not about you but about another person that crossed your path. Sometimes God wants you to minister unto such a person (Message or word from God for such a person).

Many times this assisted me a lot to correctly interpret the dream or vision that I received from God. Sometimes people speak to God about a certain problem or a certain situation. They forget about this and when God answers them they are confused, just because they forgot praying about or pondering on the problem or situation before the dream or the vision.

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Why does God reveal certain things to unbelievers? I do not know. What I do know is that nobody will have any excuse one day when it comes to spiritual things. As nature reveals to us that there is a God in order for us to search for this God, so even dreams and visions reveal to us that there is a God. Even if non-believers pursue the meanings of dreams and visions they will find it, just as Christians do. Our God is a God of grace and mercy. He answers to nobody and He does what He wants. We cannot question Him!

The greatest danger for an unbeliever and a Christian for that matter is to consult a pagan dictionary. Would you go to a fortune teller or a soothsayer to interpret the dreams that God gave you? Nebuchadnezzar attempted to do that without any success:

Daniel 2:2

Then the king commanded to call the magicians, and the astrologers, and the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans, for to shew the king his dreams. So they came and stood before the king.

Whatever you read in a pagan dictionary will not be anything other than lies. Consulting these dictionaries will lead to deceit

Occupied minds

Sometimes people are dreaming about things purely because their minds are excessively occupied by those things. This is actually an unhealthy or undesirable situation which causes emotional restoration dreams. People are very emotional when they are obsessive.

For instance, when a person is constantly frightened or scared of something he may dream about exactly what scares him. Some people are so preoccupied with their careers and ambitions resulting in them dreaming about those things. Some people can be so jealous for, about or of other people and some can be so suspicious about things resulting in them dreaming exactly what they are jealous or suspicious about. This can be a bit confusing when interpreting a dream. These are classified as carnal dreams. With the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, these types of dreams can be identified and dealt with. Preoccupied people and people displaying an unhealthy obsession with certain things and certain people should be counseled in this regard. Recurring dreams of this nature should be identified and dealt with.

This is what John E. Thomas has to say about this kind of fleshly dreams:

A young lady once told me a dream in which her boyfriend proposed to her. I asked her if they had been together for a while and if she thought it was past time for them to be engaged. She confirmed both of these things were true. The source of the dream became apparent to me, and I gently told her she wanted to be married so much that she had caused herself to dream about it.

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The most common soul dreams involve a coming marriage, promotion, ministry or season of popularity. When we interpret dreams at film and music festivals, it is amazing how many musicians tell us dreams in which they are finally discovered!

The prophet Jeremiah warned about dreamers who dreamed dreams they caused themselves to dream (Jer. 29:8–9). Not all soul dreams come because someone is a false prophet, like the people Jeremiah was condemning, sometimes we just desire something so strongly that we dream about it.

– John E. Thomas

Please take note that when we interpret dreams and visions incorrectly we will have the same or similar dreams over and over again until we interpret them correctly.

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Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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