The Authenticity Of Dream Dictionaries Created By Psychologists

Dream dictionaries created by psychologist are as unreliable as those created by pagan “religionists” and fortune tellers. When it comes to the natural characteristics of objects like plants and animals these dictionaries may be partially correct. The fact that God did not stick to natural traits and characteristics causes these dictionaries to be full of error. These people and even psychologists were not appointed by the Dream Giver to interpret dreams and visions. That honor belongs to the Holy Spirit. Yes, the five-fold ministry and other Christians, like Daniel, may be instrumental in teaching and assisting people to interpret dreams and visions correctly but still, the Holy Spirit plays a major part in the interpretation of dreams and visions. This aspect of man belongs to the church of God. It is part of the work of the ministry. Psychologists have no right to enter this aspect of humanity. This is what Dr. Henry W. Wright, a medical doctor, has to say about this:

I think, and I say this very carefully, God is ticked off at the psychologists being the pastors of America (or any country). If there are any psychologists reading this, I love you man, I love you woman. But I do think you have taken some things away from the pastors that are rightfully theirs to deal with. Under Old-Testament law, if anyone had leprosy, to be considered cured, to whom did they go show themselves? The priest. In the New-Testament, it goes a little further. James say:

Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the Name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sin, they shall be forgiven him. (James 4:14-15)

– Dr. Henry W. Wright

What Dr. Wright means is that healing belongs to the church and that includes mental healing. God gave specific instructions on how a person needs to be healed and where such a person should go to receive healing. A psychologist is simply not able to heal emotionally sick or mentally sick people. The methods that they use, from prescription drugs, which they prescribe through a psychiatrist or a medical doctor, to counseling which includes the interpretation of dreams, are just not effective. In fact, it is actually dangerous! Not only do prescription drugs cause sickness and diseases, it actually kills people. Even the counseling and dreams interpretation that they carry out are far from trustworthy and effective.

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Even Christian medical doctors believe that true healing is a ministry of the church. This is what Dr. MK Strydom has to say about this:

According to the Word, God is not interested in disease management, He is interested in disease eradication and disease prevention. Where health-care is concerned today, there is really no such thing – they should be calling it disease management. Disease management means, for example, prescribing drugs for a diabetic or a person with high blood pressure for the rest of his or her life. The person is artificially maintained and manipulated by these drugs but the underlying problem that initially caused the disease is not dealt with. I am not saying that it is wrong to take medical drugs, it is sometimes very necessary. For example, if I have a patient come in with a blood pressure of 200/110, I have got to give the person medication to get that blood pressure down before he has a stroke and dies. It is an emergency, there is no time to sit down and deal with the issues in his life that lead to perpetual thoughts of fear, anxiety, stress and worry about the future (which is the cause of high blood pressure).

Similarly, if I have a patient that I diagnose with hyperthyroidism, I’ve got to put him on medication as this condition is potentially life-threatening. But is that the ultimate solution? It is in science. However, that is not scriptural. We think that disease management is a cure – no, if you were cured you wouldn’t need disease management. Disease management is another form of bondage. Disease management means you’re not free – you are not healed of your disease. But the Bible says that he whom the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8 v 36).

I personally will only prescribe medication in the short term to save a person’s life or to get the person into a place of safety so that he or she has time to go and deal with the root of the problem that is causing the disease. Prescribing drugs as a single act is fine but the problem comes in when a person stays on those drugs permanently without the underlying problem behind the disease being dealt with. To those of you who are on chronic medication, I would like to inform you that God does not want you artificially maintained and chemically manipulated by medical drugs for the rest of your life. He wants to heal you and set you free of that disease permanently. But you also have a responsibility before God to get sin out of your life and to line yourself up with his Word and his conditions for healing.

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– Dr. MK Strydom

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Again, this is what the Bible commands us to do when we are sick:

James 5:14-15

Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing Psalm. Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

Even for mental healing, we need to follow God’s instructions. Psychologists just do not have the knowledge or the divine understanding of the fundamentals and principles that dreams, visions and the interpretations of dreams and visions entail. They need the Holy Spirit and they need to know the true and authentic Biblical language of symbols. Then they need to be called by God. That makes them a minister of God. That makes them part of the five-fold ministry. That makes them Christian believers and thus part of the church of God.

Dreams and visions are dealing with the spiritual aspect of the human being. It is not only a psychological aspect. to heal a human being, God, or a minister of God need to address problems within the complex make-up of a human being on a spiritual level. Psychologist deal with man on a psychological level which is completely situated in the soul dimension of man. This is trying to deal with the soul of man by bypassing the spiritual. It simply does not work that way. By applying intellectual knowledge to a spiritual problem is like gluing the broken pieces of a vase together with mud. The absence of the Holy Spirit is devastating in dealing with the emotional, psychological and physical issues and problems of all human beings.

It is very important to emphasize this once again, “Dreams, visions and the interpretation of dreams and visions belong to God and the church.” It is a spiritual thing. Anybody receiving a dream or a vision needs to go to God or to the church (a Christian who is trained in interpreting dreams and visions) to find the correct interpretation of their dreams and visions. Even natural dreams are in fact spiritual. This has nothing to do with pagan “religionists”, fortune tellers and even psychologists.

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Under normal circumstances, a natural dream in itself is enough to restore one’s emotional condition to face the challenges that life brings our way. It releases anxiety and emotional tensions in our souls which built up during the day. Disappointments, anger, frustration, undesired occurrences, conflict, anxiety, and fear all take its toll on the human soul. Emotional restoration dreams are basically an “offloading” process while we are sleeping. This process restores us emotionally.

In more serious cases we need to interpret reoccurring dreams to identify certain problem areas. Sometimes reoccurring dreams indicate that we either did not understand the dream or vision the first time or we did not apply the purpose of the dream and vision in our lives the first time. In such cases, the offloading or the releasing of tension could not restore us completely. Sometimes certain dreams and visions will reoccur until we understand it or until we take the necessary action. We do not need psychologists or anyone else to deal with emotional issues. If we understand the language of symbols we can help ourselves.

We need to learn the Biblical language of dreams and visions exactly the same way we learn any other language. When we have learned this Biblical language, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we know how to interpret dreams and visions.

As soon as we identified problem areas in our faith walk we need to submit these problems or issues to God. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to assist us in dealing with these problems. In very serious cases we need to follow the instructions given us in James 5:12-15. That is when we need a minister of God to pray for us and with us. In more serious cases, we may need a minister of God to counsel us. It is important that you go to the right minister. Only a Holy Spirit led, Spirit-filled man or woman of God can counsel you effectively and successfully. Other counselors will counsel you intellectually. This method of counseling is not effective enough. “Professional” counselors counsel people based on their experience or what they have learned in a college or a university. Although there is some value in this type of counseling, it is very limited. True and effective counseling is done by a Spirit-filled worker of God. If he or she also knows how to interpret dreams and visions, this type of counseling will be very effective. This kind of counseling leads to deliverance and restoration.

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Please take note, in order to learn the Biblical language of symbols, you need to read this information: How to interpret dreams and visions symbols correctly

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