Wrong Choices; Heaven Or Hell?

This week’s PRACTICAL DREAM ANALYSIS report is similar to the previous report. It is also about a person who is being prepared to carry out the work of God. There was a little problem preventing this man from stepping out into his calling. The dream he had was a confirmation from God that He is with this person and also that He is enabling him to overcome this hindrance.

Remember the analysis reports are part of our “Dreams and Visions Interpretation Course” program. These reports will be of tremendous value as it will slowly but surely train you and prepare you to master the gift of the “interpretation of dreams and visions”. You will eventually interpret dreams and visions correctly and according to Biblical principles. Of course it will get easier and quicker as you get more familiar with the different principles that govern dream and vision interpretation.

Although it is a gift, it is a gift that God gave all his children.

Although it is a gift, it does take time and practice. Apart from getting more and more familiar with all the different symbols, the principles and the different fundamental principles that govern dream analysis, it also cultivates a closer and more intimate relationship with Christ our Lord.

So, read all the reports as faithful as you can and stand up and be counted!


I was shown two lanes of people. One group were in the right lane and the others in the left lane. The lanes were divided by a narrow gulf.

As I observed them, I realized that the ones in the right lane were headed towards two huge doors. As they made their way I heard weeping and saw that their heads were bowed down and shoulders stooped. They put up no resistance but seemed resigned to what was about to happen. 

Whilst the ones in the left lane were walking upright and with a joy. 

Then I saw a man in a business suit in the right lane suddenly try to cross from the right lane to the left, but I saw an angel standing beside the left lane put out his hand and declare: “You cannot cross over to here nor can any cross from here to you!” The scripture came to my mind of the rich man and Lazarus and Abraham.  

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The man who seemed quite arrogant shouted to the angel: “Are you going to push these into the fire?” At this I saw the doors begin to open and saw what seemed to be another two doors that where opaque through which I could see a huge ball of billowing fire! I then realized I was seeing hell’s fire. 

This was where the people in the right lane were headed. I heard the angel reply to the man: “No, but you are!” I then understood in my spirit what the angel meant. It meant a double torment for this man, as he would be helping the people through the doors knowing that his turn was going to come. 

My eyes were drawn to two young men on the right, that walked weeping, whilst on their left in the left lane was an older women. I saw them turn to her and say: “Sorry mother”, and continued on. At this there was a flash of light over the women and I knew in my spirit she was made whole. I watched as those on the right went through the open doors into the flames. The doors closed and I heard what sounded like a skip being emptied. I knew then that those who had gone through the doors had been tipped into Hell. The doors opened again and more of the people in the right lane entered through the doors. 

I then was approached by an angel who placed what seemed to be a bowl of water at my feet and said: “Patrick, you need to place your foot in the water.”

I did so and saw Edith (my wife) kneeling beside me and had begun to splash the water over my foot. As she did so, she suddenly cried out: “Patrick, your foot’s healed, its whole!” I looked and my right foot was completely whole. Here the dream ended.

Dream Analysis: (As reported back to the person who had this dream)

I am briefly referring to different symbols in this analysis. It is important for you to check them out in the dictionary as well so that you have a better understanding of these symbols. It is also important to remember that certain circumstances leading up to a dream or certain questions asked before a dream or a person pondering on something specific before a dream really helps a lot in terms of interpreting the dream. In most cases such information ensures that the interpretation is totally accurate.


A lot of the symbols in this dream are self explanatory or literal. It is clear that God has a concern on his heart. People are going astray. The arrogant man was probably responsible for some of the situations in the lives of some of these people. God wants you to know about these problems. A lot of people on both sides are being hurt. The first part of the dream is an explanation of what is going on in this world. It speaks of people going astray without any hope of being redeemed unless they repent. The fact that the people going to hell are in the right lane speaks of them being deceived into believing that the choices they made in life were right and good. Normally “right” symbolizes the right choices or the right way in terms of situations and choices in our lives.

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In order for these people to repent they need to hear and to respond to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If they do not repent there will come a time when it will be too late as symbolized by the two sons telling their mother that they are sorry. God needs people to go out and to deliver people from their wicked ways. You need to play an important part in this. God wants you to go out and change the circumstances in some of these people’s lives. Up to now you have been hindered or prevented from going out to do God’s work effectively. A right foot speaks of actions. It speaks of going out to do what has been arranged or decided or planned for you. This was a problem in the past because of the foot being injured. In the latest edition of the Dreams Dictionary (which is not out yet), I discuss “physical injuries” in dreams which speaks of spiritual injuries or damage causing a person not functioning spiritually at full capacity. God healed this or He is in the process of healing it in your life so that you can go out to do what you were called to do. See “washing” or “basin” or “bathing”. Read the Chapter in the Bible about Jesus washing his disciples feet: “No,” said Peter, “you shall never wash my feet.” Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.” “Then, Lord,” Simon Peter replied, “not just my feet but my hands and my head as well!” Jesus answered, “Those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet; their whole body is clean. This part of the dream speaks of you walking in holiness and in righteousness without anything causing condemnation or feelings of guilt so that you can carry out the Lord’s work effectively.

You need to apply the word of God in order to receive your healing in this regard. Just the right foot speaks of repentance regarding your actions. Pouring water symbolizes applying the word of God onto the situation. Ephesians 5:26: That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word. Applying the word of God makes us holy and pure and obedient.


I need to make it clear that all we can do is helping people understanding their dreams and visions. We can help them with the basics. We help them with most of the interpretation but even after we have done that they still need to seek God’s face about the dream or the vision. They still need to deal with issues and they need to sort out their responsibilities, actions and reactions in terms of the relevant dream or vision.

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