Dream Interpretation Development for Counselors

For ages, professional Counselors, irrespective of whether they were Christian or non-Christian, irrespective of whether they were fulfilling an important role as a professional counselor in the church, or in the corporate world, have desired to understand dream interpretation.

Through the years, they knew that dreams played an important role in the lives of people. They knew that people dream for a reason. They knew that if they understood dream interpretation correctly, they would be able to help people.

Many books were written about this aspect. Many assumptions and were made. Many methods were utilized to interpret dreams correctly. Many people fervently researched this aspect which is such an integral part of man. It was not long before Psychologists and Professional Counselors started to utilize this tool during their counseling sessions.

Well, it was always clear that all these people were walking in new territory that made no or very little sense to them. Through the years, it was obvious to many people that almost all these professional counselors were all in the dark. They all attempted to do something that they did not understand. Most of the time, they could not help people by listening to their dreams.

The good news is, this changed during recent years. God raised ministers, some of whom were in the prophetic ministry, who have made quite a few breakthroughs in this regard. They managed to unlock this mystery by identifying the principles in the Bible, that govern dreams and visions interpretation.

They soon realized that dreams are from God. They realized that God gave the interpretation of symbols to the church. It belongs to Christians, and just as King Nebuchadnezzar had to find a man of God to reveal to him what he dreamed about, so, even today, people have to find a man or a woman of God to reveal to them what their dreams and visions mean.

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It was only recently that such ministers discovered that even emotional restoration dreams have meaning and that they should be interpreted. For many years, messages from God were considered to be interpreted, but, as soon as the counselor identified a dream as an “emotional restoration dream”, the practice was that the meanings of the symbols should not be interpreted and just be ignored. That was a huge mistake. All dreams have meaning and all dreams should be interpreted.

ASR Martins was a student of many of these ministers, of whom many are retired or not with us anymore. What he has learned from them, has been documented by him a few years ago. He wrote a book, he compiled a symbols dictionary, he wrote a dream interpretation course manual, and he compiled and created an internationally accredited Dream Interpretation Course, which was specifically adapted to develop the skills and abilities of professional counselors and Dreams and Visions Interpreters.

Dream Interpretation Development for Counselors

Ever wished that you could utilize the interpretation of dreams during your counseling sessions? This is now a wonderful reality!

This is done through the internationally accredited Dreams Interpretation Development Membership Program.

Did you know that by far, the majority of dreams are emotional restoration dreams? Along with many Dreams and Visions Interpreters, now, Professional Counselors can also benefit from the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program.

Bachelor’s degree of Biblical Studies:  – Dream Interpretation Course

The professional counselor will benefit a lot more from the Bachelor’s Degree. Both the counseling process in general, and the correct and professional way of incorporating dreams and visions are both covered extensively with the Bachelor’s Degree. So not only the incorporation of dream interpretation is covered, it is an extensive counseling course in itself.

The prophet will benefit a lot with the Bachelor’s Degree. Both the ministry of the prophet and the principles that govern the office of the Prophet are covered extensively. Of course, the incorporation of dreams and visions is covered extensively to ensure that you as a prophet are equipped to function in your ministry properly as God intended. So not only the incorporation of dream and vision interpretation is covered, it is an extensive prophetic course in itself. The ministry of the prophet is hindered or limited in the church today because most modern-day prophets do not understand the language of symbols. The Bachelor’s Degree will address this shortcoming in the church.

Limited Paperback Edition - Dreams Dictionary

Bachelor's Degree Courses Dream Interpretation

(BD Session 1: Counseling Through Dreams Interpretation)

Dream Interpretation Counseling Course

(BD Session 2: Dreams and Visions Interpretation and the Prophet)

Dream Interpretation and the Prophet

Dream Interpretation Ministry? Professional Counselor? You will receive your International Accredited Certificate as an approved and qualified Dreams and Visions Interpreter.






As a Member, you will have access to all the materials that you need to be trained and developed to interpret dreams and visions effectively and successfully for your patients.


The Dream Interpretation Course was specifically adapted to include valuable information and methods to help counselors to understand emotional restoration dreams, how to identify and interpret the symbols in these dreams, and how to counsel patients based on this information. This element of professional counseling has just become a lot more reliable and Counselors can now utilize this boldly and with confidence.

What’s great about the Dream Interpretation Course, is that you can complete the whole course in a matter of months without breaking a sweat, as long as you stay active on the Dream Interpretation Community Forum after that, where you will pick up a lot of experience in a practical way, which will ensure that you complete the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program successfully. The real development happens on the Forum, but it cannot happen if you are not equipped yet. The Forum is FREE to use as long as you want, and you should, if you want to make sure you are thoroughly equipped. The Course equips and empowers you whilst the Dream Interpretation Community Forum develops you.

Get the Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program Today!

Change your patients’ nightmares into healing! Now you can understand dream interpretation, specifically emotion restoration dreams and nightmares. This knowledge, skills, and abilities become a primary source of crucial information and successful counseling.

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