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What is the Dream Interpretation Development Gold Membership Program all about?

Before you read this, check out our Dream Interpretation Development Membership Program, to familiarize yourself with everything it entails.

It is important to take note that the Gold Membership takes the program further.

By purchasing the Gold Membership, you become a gold member of the complete Dream Interpretation Development Program for life!

How does it differ from the Primary Membership Program?

With the Gold Membership, you enjoy everything that the Primary Membership offers. In addition to that, you are automatically enrolled in the Dream Interpretation Bachelor’s Degree and you get free access to all books in the entire ASR Martins Ministries Store. Take note that the Dream Interpretation Symbols Dictionary and the Course Manual are not included in this deal and have to be purchased. All other books are included in the gold membership deal.

Gold Membership

Dream Interpretation Development Gold Membership Program

Coming on 1 Sept 2021!

Bachelor’s degree of Biblical Studies: – Dream Interpretation Course

The professional counselor will benefit a lot more from the Bachelor’s Degree. Both the counseling process in general, and the correct and professional way of incorporating dreams and visions are both covered extensively with the Bachelor’s Degree. So not only the incorporation of dream interpretation is covered, it is an extensive counseling course in itself.

The prophet will benefit a lot with the Bachelor’s Degree. Both the ministry of the prophet and the principles that govern the office of the Prophet are covered extensively. Of course, the incorporation of dreams and visions is covered extensively to ensure that you as a prophet are equipped to function in your ministry properly as God intended. So not only the incorporation of dream and vision interpretation is covered, it is an extensive prophetic course in itself. The ministry of the prophet is hindered or limited in the church today because most modern-day prophets do not understand the language of symbols. The Bachelor’s Degree will address this shortcoming in the church.


Bachelor's Degree Courses Dream Interpretation

(BD Session 1: Counseling Through Dreams Interpretation)

Dream Interpretation Counseling Course

(BD Session 2: Dreams and Visions Interpretation and the Prophet)

Dream Interpretation and the Prophet

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