How To Deal With Colors in Dreams and Visions

How To Apply The Meanings of Colors in Dreams and Visions?

What are the underlying rules and principles when it comes to applying the meanings of colors in dreams and visions?

Many people are confused when it comes to this aspect of dreams and visions interpretation. The reason for the confusion is because the meanings of colors need to be ignored in certain scenarios or circumstances in dreams and visions and not in others. In some cases, we do not apply the meanings of the different colors but we apply the natural characteristics or abilities of the objects.

Nobody can deny that colors play a very important role in dreams and visions. The meanings of countless dreams and visions are influenced by the colors of the different objects in these dreams or visions. So colors are important and I did mention many times before that there is no insignificant detail in dreams and visions. Every symbol (everything that you see or observe in a dream or a vision) is important and always have to be taken into consideration.

These statements that I made above may sound contradictory but as soon as you understand this principle, you will be able to deal with colors successfully.

When do we apply the meaning of colors in dreams and visions and when not?

Take note of the following statement: All objects (symbols) in its natural state symbolize or represent something particular irrespective of its color. For instance, in certain situations, a lion in dreams and visions symbolize Jesus Christ. So when we see a natural lion in a dream (when the lion symbolizes Jesus Christ) the color of the lion should not be regarded. A lion is usually sandy-brown or orange-brown or yellowish-brown. As we all know, these colors do not have positive meanings.

The color brown relates to the fleshly colors yellow, orphanage and red. The color brown in dreams and visions, therefore, symbolizes selfish ambitions or fleshly desires or striving or sin.

The color orange in dreams and visions symbolizes emotions like sorrow, resentment, irritation, and people being indignant.

The color yellow in dreams and visions symbolizes hatred or jealousy. Christians can also experience jealousy and hate in their lives because of the flesh (fleshly emotions) in our hearts.

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Yellow also symbolizes blasphemy or rebellion against God or the Holy Spirit and Christians. The yellow color of a leopard’s spots is closely related to this. Leopards symbolize blasphemy and rebellion against the Holy Spirit and God’s children.

So although the color of a lion in dreams has negative meanings, these meanings need to be ignored when the lion, in its natural state in the dream or vision represents Jesus Christ. The reason for this is because of this principle: “Natural objects in its natural state in dreams and visions may represent something with the emphasis on it’s characteristics and natural abilities irrespective of it’s color.” It means that the characteristics and the ability of such a symbol need to be taken into the equation and not it’s color.

Another example is the sun. We know that the sun symbolizes God the Father. We know that orange or yellow has negative meanings but when the sun represents God the father, the meanings of these colors need to be ignored. This means that the object itself represents something important irrespective it’s color. It is usually its nature or its power or its abilities that define its meaning in such cases. Not it’s color. There are numerous examples of such objects or symbols in nature.

However, the meanings of such an object should be applied in some cases. For instance, I once had a dream of the sun positioned at about 15:00 in the afternoon. In the dream, I looked up at the sun. At that stage in the dream, the sun was completely natural (representing God the Father) but then it suddenly changed to a bright sapphire-blue color and it looked a lot like the light of a huge traffic light. When that happened in the dream, that blue light changed the meaning of the sun. Although it still represented God the father, it brought two other aspects into the equation, “light” and the color “blue”

The color “blue” in dreams and visions (the color of a sapphire stone) is a symbol of Heaven and the authority of God. It symbolizes divine authority and revelation knowledge.

“Light” in dreams and visions symbolizes God, Jesus Christ and the believers (the church). God is light, He gave that light to us (it shines in our hearts) and we can, therefore, be a light in this world just like Jesus is. Light is all over this world because of the saints. We possess light. It is our inheritance and one of our spiritual belongings (light is life).

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In another sense, light symbolizes the word of God. It shines on our path so that we do not have to walk in darkness.

So in my dream, God emphasized these two aspects about himself in the particular situation that triggered that dream on that particular night.

The same happened to me regarding the symbol of a lion. I once had a dream of a particularly golden lion and I instantly knew that the color “gold” needed to be taken into consideration.

This does not mean that lions in its natural state does not represent something else like demons. I have noticed that when natural lions are darkish in color in dreams and visions they do represent demons.

So it is usually better to ignore the colors of objects in its natural state unless you are convinced that it needs to be taken into consideration.

This principle is easy to understand when we see natural or God-created objects in dreams and visions. This includes animals, insects, plants, water, the sea, mountains and the rest of nature.

However, man-made objects are different. When we see vehicles and clothes and balloons and buildings and bicycles and almost anything that we can imagine, the meanings of colors almost always need to be taken into consideration. I cannot think of a situation when it is not to be taken into consideration.

I hope that this information was helpful. I think it does clear up some confusion in this regard.

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3 thoughts on “How To Deal With Colors in Dreams and Visions”

  1. Yes I can confirm your dream of God being the Sun & then a blue orb as that is what I filmed as Sirius or the blue Kachina signifying God’s return in Nov 2016.

    • Hi Christine, please do not forget that the language of symbols is all about the messages that we receive from God through a dream or a vision. The symbols in dreams and visions represent something or it symbolizes something and when we apply the meanings of symbols in the right context we understand what God is saying to us. However, objects in real life have nothing to do with this language of God. Whenever we see a real object in real life we cannot consider that object to mean something. All objects have symbolic meaning only when it is observed in a dream or a vision. Many people treat real-life situations or incidents, which are merely meaningless incidents as if it is a message from God. This is simply not true. People who are regarding real-life situations to be symbolic are in error. There is no Scriptures or anything else which suggest that we should treat anything else but dreams and visions to be symbolic. Just imagine the dangers and confusion if people could decide which incident in real life is a message from God and not just a random occurrence. Dreams and visions, on the other hand, are clear undeniable proof that the incident and the objects should be regarded as symbolic. After all, God said that we shall dream dreams and that we will see visions. Nowhere did He tell us to watch out for or to look for symbolic meanings in real-life incidents and occurrences. This practice in the church is not from God.

    • Somebody told me the following: “You’d better tell that to all those seeing numbers everywhere!”
      My answer: One thing that I have learned in life is not to argue about Biblical doctrines, so, I will not argue with those people. I know that they cannot give me any Scripture to support what they are doing. I will ask them though to show me an example of anybody in both the Old Testament or the New Testament that considered any real-life occurrence being symbolic. So if there is no Scripture and no example in the Bible, where does this practice come from?

      I can show them Scriptures and examples in both Old and New Testaments that proofs that symbols are only found in dreams and visions. Even the prophecies of Daniel and John about the end times came through dreams and visions. So, yes they practice this new thing but I do not doubt in my mind that they err.

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