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      Arrows Shooting At Me

      I was in a very large house and there was a party or something going on in this house I was outside the front door and the front door opened up and people began shooting arrows at me from just outside the front door but I was able to dodge them easily. I then began flying higher and higher above them. When I was high above them I began singing praises and worship songs to the Lord. It was very loud as if I was using a microphone though I was not. My singing was resonating all over the whole area and filling the area with the sound of my praises.

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      House = symbolizes the human heart or the condition of the soul of a specific person. the front yard the present or future life. The whole yard symbolizes a person’s personal life situations (past, present, and future)

      party = symbolizes a celebration in the Lord Jesus Christ. When it is about singing and dancing it speaks of us celebrating God for who He is. It is about thanksgiving, praising and worshiping God.

      Front Door = A door symbolizes a new opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ or to minister the word of God. or a new way to operate or a new way to function. “Front door” may posibly mean that this may apply to either present or future but not the past

      Bow and arrows = A bow is a symbol of judgment. When we dream of a person shooting at another person with a bow and arrow it speaks of a person judging another person.

      Flying = is when a person victoriously rises above earthly or natural laws or natural ways of life. This is when a person experiences life supernaturally. Things supernaturally achieved in faith falls under this category.

      Singing = ?

      Praise and worship = ?

      Microphone = ? Amplifies one’s voice, spiritual authority, influence


      Since I am not the one shooting the arrows but instead are the target of the arrows, It looks like the Lord is saying that there will be people that will be judgemental of me. The loudness of my voice in praise singing as if using a microphone, along with the flying above the attackers indicates that I will move into spiritual realms of the supernatural with much authority and influence. There will be new opportunities of ministering.

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      You interpreted this dream correctly. It appears that the Lord is warning you and preparing you to address or deal with persecution in general or a specific incident where you will be judged and criticized. “Praise and worship” is exactly the right spiritual warfare tool that you can use.

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