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      I dreamt I was riding my bike to a house and it was raining ☔️ outside. I went into a very large home in the kitchen. The kitchen was huge and people were walking around. I noticed a white truck parked inside the kitchen. A man said he was serving veal. He served 5 squares an inch each, on a rectangular white plate. I ate 4/5 pieces that tasted like 🎂 cake, very light, sweet and fluffy texture.
      Then suddenly I was outside looking at a small boy 👦 as if I was observing him watching a parade. I noticed he had blond hair and clean 🤚 and fingernails.

      Interpretation: kitchen stands for preparation for a ministry and the truck symbolizes a ministry that is beyond a local church. The size was like a cube van and because it was white represents victory and authority in Christ in our ministries. It may represent motivation in the natural too.

      The squares were white that I ate and that shape means knowledge or revelation knowledge and it’s interesting I ate 4out of 5 of the squares. The number 4 can represent a square as in the breadth, depth, length and height of his love. We need to know the Love that God has for us.
      I rode a bike over to the one level home in the rain which means I used my own personal strength and personal prayer life to get to the house, which may mean I need to be more spirit led for prayer at times. The rain represents spiritual or physical blessings from God. It’s interesting I went on a bike but then it disappeared. The child at the end of the Dream represents immature Christians that need to be protected by mature Christians. God maybe trying to tell me I’ll have some type of ministry around working with new Christians.

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