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      There was a group of us employees who made the decision to “buy” our meal from a missions group who was conducting a fund raiser. So I was listening to one of the missions group men tell me how they do what they do. He said that they look over at the left room wall at images of Volkswagen beetles and they look over at the right room wall at something else, (don’t remember what) and then he repeated for the third time, “remember there are no look alikes.”

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      Buy = it means that we proactively put our faith in action to get what we believe God for.

      Volkswagen = vehicle (car) It symbolizes a person’s personal ministry or motivation (life) or natural job or business situation.

      “Remember there are no look alikes.


      It appears that God may be confirming that I will have a small ministry. It will be a ministry that will require faith or will be a ministry of faith and that everyone of the people who will be touched by the ministry will be important to to God. No one is considered a “look alike”. Each individual stands alone as a unique person with a tremendous value. There is no one else quite like anyone else in God’s eyes

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      A Volkswagen Beetle was known for being very popular (many of them) and trustworthy. This speaks of these vehicles (ministries) being quite common. Therefore, it speaks of something that appears to be common as indicated by being displayed on the “left” wall. However, another dimension (whatever is on the right wall) has an influence on these vehicles (on the ministries of all these people), and that (sometimes obscure or not known to us) makes a big difference. It indicates that nothing is common about all these ministries (no look-alike) because of whatever is on the right wall.

      My opinion is that God and the Holy Spirit is the “factor” that changes everything.

      So yes, I think you have it spot-on if this dream is about you and your ministry and not the ministries of Christians in general.

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