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      The incident that triggered this dream was the full body baptism of my mother just a few days before.

      My mom dreamt that she was climbing a mountain 🏔 at night and senses othe people climbing around her too. She remembers slipping on stones that crumbled and fell beneath her feet, but continued to climb and did reach the top. as she looked down, she say a city lit up in lights. She said she wanted to go there, but in her spirit she didn’t feel she was supposed to go yet.
      Mountains: represent victory, promotions, and breakthroughs. People climbing mountains represent victory through their efforts and perseverance. The loose stones represent hardships and obstacles she overcame in her life.
      City: A city is a symbol of security and safety. It speaks of safety and permanency. Such is the city, which is the church of Christ. People find deliverance, refuge and safety in the church.
      Lights bright: a bright light shining in the darknesses represents the light of God and symbolizes the word of God. It symbolizes the person knowing the will and word of God.
      Night: symbolizes evil influences in a persons life

      I think God may have been showing my mom that she is victorious in HIM and protected by Him. Although she has been attacked by evil influences in her life, hearing the lies of the enemy; she is protected and victorious in God.

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