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      I was working in a school building. The school interior was being tore up in preparation for remodeling and much of it already was. It was to have the original exterior structure left intact but everything interior was being upgraded. I was to empty a rectangular shaped industrial device smaller than a small dumpster that had refuse consisting of empty cans of corn that did not cover the bottom. There was some kernels of corn scattered around as well but not much. There was also occasionally gold nuggets as well that others had found in the past who had done this job before me but I did not find any this time. As I left that room, I realized the time was later than I had thought it was and was in a hurry. I was running as hard as I could but my mom easily caught up with me. She had been in a different area of the school. She had a package that she was going to give someone. I told her that I was glad she was giving him para? ( not positive what this first word was) and paraclete. We needed to get to another school quickly and it was time or almost past time to leave as it was end of shift.

      NOTE. I was not for sure after I woke up if the first word was “para” but the second word was definitely paraclete.

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      School = speaks of a place of learning. It speaks of the spiritual school of the Holy Spirit and also of the school of life.

      Remodeling = spiritually getting rid of the old worn out and broken down spiritual condition and upgrading to spiritually strong, reliable new spiritual blessings

      Corn = symbolize blessings, harvest and increase.
      It is all about the provision of God.

      Gold = gold symbolizes pure holiness and purified steadfast faith.

      Rectangle container = ? The number “4” is associated with a square (4 sides). Scriptures also reveal that true Biblical knowledge is fourfold; that you may understand the length and width and height and depth of God’s love. A square in dreams and visions, symbolizes a knowledge or revelation knowledge.

      Running = Running is a more advanced and ef f ective way of moving than walking in the kingdom of God. It makes you advance faster and it achieves spiritual results a lot faster than usual.


      God may be saying that there is/will be an outpouring of His Holy Spirit on me (mother, paraclete, gold). The outpouring of the Holy Spirit will/is bringing about total change, a spiritual remodeling. There will be increased blessings and abundance (empty corn cans). There being only a little corn still left as in a scattered few kernals indicates not much blessing and abundance will be withheld. Almost the entire contents of the “cans of corn” except a few scattered kernels were used. The rectangular object indicates that the Lord will be/is blessing me through His Spirit with revelatory knowledge. This sounds to me like Holy Spirt gifting of the revelatory gift/s such as words of knowledge and or the gift of prophecy. It appears that my spiritual growth will occur at an accelerated pace

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      The meaning of a rectangle shape is “door”. It speaks of “the way through” or “access” and “opportunity”. This symbol was already added to the updated dictionary that is released at the end of January.

      Your interpretation is correct. The dream speaks of spiritual breakthroughs and restoration and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God is putting things in place and preparing you to carry out great work in the body of Christ. There will be financial and spiritual blessings in the lives of people and in the body of Christ.

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