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      Dream Terry had on Feb. 26, 2023
      My husband and I were throwing sticks into a river. Suddenly our neighbor walked into the river because an animal was tangled beneath one of the sticks. As she tried to help free the animal a snake 🐍 wrapped itself around her and pulled her under to drown her. We watched in horror then suddenly the snake released her on the opposite bank of the river only to rewind itself around her a second time and pull her under again. The snake originally was a large python but the second time a much smaller snake. This time my husband rushed into the river to assist her.

      I believe the husband represented Jesus and I as the helper were throwing wood sticks into the river as people who were spiritually dead. The river represents the Holy Spirit. The neighbor went in but was listening to lies of an evil spirit perhaps a person that is an unbeliever as represented by the snake and python. After she struggled, my husband representing Jesus, saved her in the river🙏 Through the Holy Spirit.

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