Crawling Baby dream

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      I don’t recall a trigger for this dream, but know I continually ask for guidance for my calling.
      I dreamt I was sitting on the floor cross legged and to my left a baby about 6 or 7 months old crawled up to me with their head tipped upward and all I could see was the face. The child let me pick them up and I would set her down then scoop her up again and kept repeating several times, maybe 3 times. I am not sure if it was a boy or girl because the baby had no hair.

      If it was a girl baby it could represent expansion of a ministry that could become bigger and more influential and effective. If it was a boy baby it could be a renewal of a ministry or something new added to a ministry. In my spirit, I think I thought it was a girl. A positive symbol for moving left to right would be blessings, victory and deliverance which I have been praying for several family members and friends.
      I work in the nursery at my current church with very young children and am a retired teacher.

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      Bro. Jean

      Shalom, Here is the meaning of your dream by God’s Grace:

      You are a Christian and you believe in The Lord Jesus Christ. However God is telling you that you are still doing nothing about your calling. In your negligence, God sent you your gift, you tried to act upon your calling but again you stopped doing it.

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