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      Standing At the locker Of My Heart

      Someone did something noteworthy and so were announced over a loud speaker about their accomplishments as they drove slowly by. They drove by from right to left. Next scene. I am standing at my open locker in what appears to be a school. I found three or four assorted flavored fruit flavored hard candies and so I ate them. Next scene I am looking around the school for the group I am supposed to be with but cannot find them. I look in the indoor track area above the gym and there was a few people there jogging but they were not the ones I was looking for. The track area was quite obstructed with things stacked all over the floor in the entrance to the track and even out into the track a bit so that the joggers had to run over the top of the stuff. They were running from left to right.

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      Reward = ? In a negative sense it could be someone who looks to man for affirmation instead of God.

      Vehicle = symbolizes ministries, motivation (life’s journey), natural jobs, business situations and special movements and projects in life.

      Right to left = Positive speaks of a specific blessing of God being canceled. It speaks of an action or behavior or the lack of action or behavior that led to the cancellation of a promise or blessing. It is important to note what the symbol is to understand the reason for the cancellation.

      Locker = The human heart or soul

      Fruit flavored candy = ? symbolizes the spiritual fruit of the Spirit of God.

      School = a place of learning. It speaks of the spiritual school of the Holy Spirit and also of the school of life.

      Jogging = running = Running is a more advanced and effective way of moving than walking in the kingdom of God.

      Obstructions = speak of difficult situations and challenges in our lives.

      Movement left to right = A positive symbol moving from left to right confirms that blessings or victory or deliverance in a bad or undesired situation is imminent.


      God is telling me that I am in a time of learning and developing spiritually. During this time, it is important to figuratively stand for a while in front of my open heart and take a real look at what is going on there and what I am doing with what God has given me in terms of fruits of the Spirit. It is a warning to self examine my heart. If I am spiritually shallow and seek man’s accolades and conduct my life for what I can get from man, my blessings could be cancelled. On the other hand, God is also telling me that if what I find in my heart is good, I will find that even more blessings or victory or deliverance in a bad or undesired situation is imminent

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      Candy has almost the same meaning as cake and chocolate: A cake symbolizes the word of God presented to somebody as words of encouragement. For a better understanding of this symbol, read “Chocolate” first.

      Compared to the meaning of chocolate, a cake does have more nutritional value than chocolate. It is made of wheat which symbolizes the word of God. Ingredients are added (with not that much nutritional value) to make it sweet and more enjoyable to eat. This speaks of preaching the word of God or ministering unto people at a level or in a way that makes it a lot more encouraging and enjoyable for them than usual. Let’s face it, sometimes when we feel down we do need encouragement. That is when we need spiritual cake.

      In a negative sense, people craving a cake all the time are not balanced. We actually need real food (meat and bread) to grow spiritually. A cake also speaks of worship and thanksgiving. In this sense, people crave words of adoration and gratitude of people because they feel drained or unappreciated. Such words of gratitude will be very encouraging for people in this emotional condition.

      Candy has no nutritional value but people love it. This is the same for nice and kind words of appreciation and adoration or honor. This dream is all about this aspect. The other scene was about missing friends so there may be some connection here.

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      Thank you. So many times I come across symbols which I cannot find in the present iteration of the dictionary and so therefor try and come up with a meaning for the symbols on my own. Often times it may not be very accurate. I am looking forward gratefully to future releases of the dictionary.

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