Heart Attack Dream

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      Trigger: Asking God if I should continue to work as a limited time employee in a large urban school district.
      Dream: I dreamt this several months ago and was able to interpret it after completing the dreams interpretation courses!
      I dreamt I was on the 3 rd floor of the building we sometimes hold meetings at and do professional development on. I had just walked off elevator and when I saw my boss, had a heart attack. Instantly as I blacked out I saw two paramedics run toward me to assist.

      elevator: speaks of supernatural promotion- up

      Heart attack: A heart attack speaks of a person about to leave or quit a specific situation. It speaks of a person – will and choice, not prepared to carry on with a specific situation and has nothing to do with a real heart attack.

      I believe God answered me in this dream, though at the time of receiving it did not interpret the symbols correctly. He was telling me I would leave the position and I did about 6 months later.

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