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      Tunnel dream by Terry
      On 11-21-22
      I dreamt I Was going through a dark tunnel for only a few seconds then at the end of the tunnel was a bright pond with colorful flowers growing and thick woods with many 🌲 trees. I was standing knee high in the water and I effortlessly picked up a fish out of the clear clean water. It began to vibrate and change into a solid silver 🐟 fish the same size and shape as the original live one.
      The tunnel represents a difficult time in my life, where someone close to me had just betrayed me. Also, I had just left a church and was seeking God to lead me to a new church. The pond represents the Holy Spirit and the trees represent the church praising God and Led by the Spirit of God. I had just started going to a new church.
      The flowers represent those who are in Christ, born again believers that worship and praise God first. The silver fish represented souls being won for the Kingdom of God.

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