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      I was working near to a house that I had helped to build. That house was holding an open house to try to sell it. I walked on a road and made a right turn into that house’s driveway. I asked the man in charge of the open house if I could use the restroom. He gave me a big long explanation about how I could go about using it and it ended up being toomuch of a bother to make it worth using it. I was naked and uncomfortable about being so. There were people outside next to the house sitting under trees at tables. A man there had recognized me as I had first walked up to the house and greeted me by name. I decided that my best option was to fly across the road and up the hill to see if I could find a private location to relieve myself. As I flew over the summit I found that the summit had a flat top in a triangle shape that could not be seen from anywhere and offered me what I was looking for.

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      Road = Roads speak of spiritual direction and the circumstances that we experience in our spiritual journeys (walking or driving). It speaks of the spiritual conditions on the way ahead in our lives.

      Right turn = In a general sense, taking a right turn or moving to the right in dreams and visions symbolizes a good decision. It speaks of a positive or a right or a good decision or movement with good consequences which leads to deliverance or victory or benefits in a specific situation.

      New house = the outside condition of a house tells us what is in the heart of the person it represents. It tells us what the condition of the soul is.

      Need to urinate = A person urinating in a dream symbolizes repentance. It speaks of the confession of a particular sin in the life of a person. A person who cannot find a private place to urinate and therefore struggling to release himself speaks of a person who is struggling with a particular sin in private all on his own

      Naked = exposure. Nakedness is symbolic of how God sees us. Our clothes cannot cover our sins He sees everything.

      Man recognizing me = God knows me on a personal level.

      Flying = All sorts of flying (a person vertically or horizontal – not in an aircraft but in the body) is when a person victoriously rises above earthly or natural laws or natural ways of life. This is when a person experiences life supernaturally. Things supernaturally achieved in faith falls under this category.

      Hill = Hills in dreams and visions symbolizes elevation or spiritual promotion or a position of strength.

      Triangle = The number “3” is associated with a triangle (3 sides). A triangle, therefore, symbolizes harmony and unity


      On my walk yesterday evening, I asked the Lord to search my heart and see if there is any wicked thing in me. I asked Him that if I needed to be made aware of anything that needed addressing in my life, to go ahead and expose it to me.


      God is telling me that He knows me and knows that I have a need to relieve myself of sin. He is saying that He approves of my desire to be cleansed from sin and that I have made a good choice. He values my repentant attitude and because of my choice of offering up any sins I may have I will victoriously rise above them and enter into a place of harmony and unity with Him. He is saying that my heart is in good condition overall spiritually (new house) but that there is still sin that needs to be addressed. (Need to urinate)
      If I confess my sins before Him and continue to strive for a pure heart, I will continue to be promoted and strengthened spiritually.
      I was not aware of any sin in my life and had some difficulty discovering what He may be pointing out to me. But I believe He may be speaking of an unhealthy pride

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      I think your interpretation is spot-on. Believe me, I had a few dreams like this one in my life. We all do.

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