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      Basie Martins

      Hi there, everybody is invited to post their dreams and everybody is invited to interpret it for each other. ASR Martins will keep an eye on the interpretations, he will comment on the interpretations and he will make suggestions.
      Do not forget about the most important aspect of dream interpretation: The Golden Key.

      Also, do not forget to include all symbols and aspects in your dream as required. If you omit information your dream will not be interpreted correctly. Read more about this at the link below: Important Details Interpreting Dreams

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      Hi there, thank you for creating this community forum. This will help us to improve our dreams interpretation skills. Much appreciated.

      May we ask the meanings of symbols which is not in the free online dictionary?

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      Basie Martins

      Thanks, go ahead.

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      Interpretation-toilet dream

      I was in a store and needed to use the bathroom. The label on door was unclear, I was uncertain whether it said men or women, but a lady came out so I assumed it was safe for me to enter. The room was not pristine but I was in a hurry. I didn’t make it to the toilet and passed some solid stool in a shower stall near the toilet, then I was seated and passed more solid stool. I noticed a handicapped man sitting just inside the door but I ignored him. I got up, found tissue and thought to myself that I would like to have a glove to clean up the stool from the floor of the stall  but I proceeded to get it with the tissue and deposited it in the toilet. As I was flushing, another lady came in and I apologized for her having to see this. The handicapped man, with great effort stood and opened the door for me as I left the room.
      Golden Key—at this time, my grandson is being sought by the law for a drug charge. He has been warned to turn himself in but he refuses.

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      Hi Kathy, unfortunately you replied to a topic. You should create a new topic. Copy your dream, click on the link below and create a new topic. (Interpreters won’t see your interpretation request because of this)

      Thank You

      Moderator: David

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      Thanks.. sorry I don’t know how to delete the reply. Please feel free to do so.

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      Dream Interpretation: Scuba Diving

      What would Scuba Diving in a dream represent?

      My long standing friend Miranda and I Sandy were inside a building standing and facing a large window room where we could see people Scuba Diving inside that water room.
      As I was waiting my turn, I noticed my friend Miranda already went inside but wasn’t comfortable scuba diving so she did the hot tub. As I’m not the best swimmer, I thought I would do the same when I went inside the water room.

      What does scuba diving represent?
      Thank you in advance for your answers.

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      I don’t know the golden key, what prompted this dream but in general, Water represents the spiritual realm and diving in may be a leap of faith, into a deeper depth of the Spirit. Preferring the hot tub could mean fear of stepping out and choosing to stay where you are comfortable and there is no risk. Breathing underwater implies trusting God to keep you and provide for you. Realize there are beautiful things to see and treasures lie underneath the surface that you cannot obtain without diving in.

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      Hi I had a dream about this guy I like who is a man of God who I work with. I ask God if this man liked me because he was showing signs that he does. Like making longer than usual eye contact and sometimes sounding a little shaky in his voice when talking to me. So in the dream we were at work and I was showing him something and he got so close to me that I could feel his body heat and his body next to me then he laid his head on my shoulder. The dream felt real because I could feel what was happening in the dream. I think I know what it mean when he got closer but don’t know what the placing his head on my shoulder means.

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