Gold Turns To Rocks

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      Charles had permission from a daughter of a mine owner to metal detect for gold. He found three or four gold nuggets. Tne mine owner showed up and told him he had to leave. In the next scene I was dumping garbage out of a paper sack into a burn barrel and the garbage was burning. I suddenly realized the nuggets had been in the sack as well and had fallen into the fire. I quickly kicked the fire loose and kicked the “nuggets” out of the fire. However there were no nuggets. All I could find was rocks. The gold had evidently turned to rocks when they went through the fire. The next scene It was getting late to catch a bus so I ran inside our house from the burn barrel and grabbed a nice clean shirt and then ran outside to catch the bus. Some people were just driving into the driveway and I thought that might be the bus but it was not. Another man was already there and waiting. He said the bus had not been there yet but he wasn’t sure if the bus could come because some disaster or catastrophe had occurred. We all knew in the dream what the disaster was but outside the dream I do not.

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      Charles = free man

      Daughter = speaks of spiritual growth or expansion and spiritual fruitfulness

      Gold = symbolizes pure holiness and purified steadfast faith.
      Just as with gold, true holiness and true faith also need to be purified and refined by fire.

      Gold mine = ? Source for discovering great reserves of faith and holiness. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the (rhema) word of God. So a mine may be symbolic of the Holy Spirit who can teach us revelatory “nuggets” of truth.

      Man or mine owner = symbolizes a messenger from God with a message from God. This might be a real person.

      Garbage = ? Rejected, judged, sin, religious works

      Rocks = A rock symbolizes steadfastness in the Lord Jesus Christ. A revelation of God (who and what He is) brings steadfastness in our faith-walk with Him. In a negative sense, a rock symbolizes a stumbling block which is a rock of offense. It symbolizes obstacles.

      Run = It makes you advance faster and it achieves spiritual results a lot faster than usual.

      House = symbolizes the human heart or the condition of the soul of a specific person

      Clean shirt = symbolizes our spiritual preparation for ministry and/or for life. It represents what we are doing or busy with.

      Bus = speaks of the whole church or congregation or the global ministry of a congregation.

      Car = symbolizes a person’s personal ministry or motivation (life) or natural job or business situation

      Disaster = calamities in dreams and visions symbolize substandard spiritual conditions in the lives of people. It speaks of them being sick in a spiritual sense and not living according to the will of God. It speaks of them being sinful and


      I may be a member of a local church body but I am a free man who God says am responsible for my own faith and holiness. The church is not responsible for my spiritual growth and fruitfulness and in fact may be the very cause of stunted faith and holiness for some if relied on for spiritual sustenance. That is the kind that gets burned away to nothing but a stumbling block for self as well as others. I have been given “nuggets” from the Holy Spirit. Will they be burned away when a purifying takes place? They will be if they amount to no more than religious works. God has allowed a purifying to take place in my heart and it is time now for running in the spirit and putting on new clean spotless clothes. It is time for rapid spiritual growth in my life. No longer rely on or expect the church to help me grow spiritually since they are often times spiritually sick and experiencing a spiritual disaster themselves. From now on, my “nuggets” are to come directly from the source where there are spiritual riches untold, much of what yet remains to be discovered. The nuggets are hidden and will have to be searched for and dug up by myself personally but the payoff will be well worth the effort

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      Basie Martins

      Hi Woodsman,

      I think your interpretation is spot-on. Well done.

      I used to be very critical of the church for I came to the same conclusions that you did. However, in spite of God keeping me away from and protecting me from the religious system of the traditional church, He asked me not to despise or harm the church because the church belongs to Him.

      I was in prayer one day when I heard God the Father asking Jesus a question about me. He asked Jesus but Jesus did not answer. The question was for my ears and I immediately understood what Father meant when He asked Jesus this question. The question was; “Did you appoint a man of Solidarity?”
      (Solidarity: Unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.)

      I knew that even if God did not want me to work with the church (at that stage of my life I was already 30 years outside the organized church) and although God still only allows me to work with the church if the conditions are right, He still wanted me to treat them with love and respect as my spiritual brothers. So for many years, even today, I am not part of the organized church although I am working with them, under the headship of Christ, and not under the headship of the church leaders of the denomination or congregation.

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      I agree with your assessment of much of the established church. I live in a very rural location. The only church anywhere around here is a church that was founded by a cessationist. I do not agree with a lot of their beliefs but the Lord still has me attending the church because they are still born again brothers and sisters of mine.

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